“Remove Dictator Obama” Banner – Irwin Jacobs Home – La Jolla Fundraiser

Michelle Obama to be at Fundraiser in La Jolla
Michelle Obama will be the guest at a breakfast fundraiser in La Jolla on Friday, Oct 26.

Protesters will met at 7:00am at the intersection of Inverness Ct and Dunaway Dr, if they will let us come that close. If they will not, then we will meet at Torrey Pines Rd and Dunaway Dr.

Michelle Obama Heading to La Jolla

FaceBook Page – Obama Protest in La Jolla

We plan to fly an anti-Obama banner for an hour above La Jolla. The FAA does not order flight restrictions for Michelle Obama. So, we can fly the banner right by her.

Map to Irwin Jacobs Home in La Jolla

The event will be at Irwin Jacobs house at 2710 Inverness Ct. in La Jolla. Jacobs is the founder of Qualcomm. With net worth of about $1.5 billion, he is the 2nd wealthiest person in San Diego. He recently contributed $2 million to a pro-Obama SuperPac.

This is the banner that we flew for about an hour over the Irwin Jacobs Fundraiser.

Banner provided by National Sky-Ads

We pool our money to pay for these banners. To make a contribution, click on the button below. Suggested contribution is $10-100 dollars. It is certainly okay, of course, if you want to contribute more. Credit Cards are accepted. Any excess funds will be applied to the next event. 100% of the contributions is spent on flying banners.

Your money can be returned via PayPal or mail, if the flight does not happen as planned. In case of a problem such as bad weather, the ad-contract will specify that the flight will be flown at a later date. Will negotiate that with the ad-provider. If you don’t trust the organizer, you can always reverse the charge on your credit card. So, there is no risk of losing your money, if you pay with a credit card.

This is the list of contributors to date. Ordinary folks from all across the country are funding this event. If you don’t want your full name listed, you can identify yourself by initials or a user nick. Just send a message to “sonsandiego@gmail.com” and let us know.

1. Carryover from last event        $585              USA    
2. Patricia McCollom                 $35           Kingman, Az
3. Roger Ogden                      $100         San Diego, Ca
4. Clair van Aelstyn                 $30         San Diego, Ca
5. Betty Martin                      $25            Sussex, NJ
6. Micheal Brzoska                   $50            Warren, Mi
6. Jada                              $50          Temecula, Ca 
7. Gerald Kay                        $20           La Mesa, Ca
8. Tony Alsnauer                     $20           San Diego, Ca
9. Allyson Smith                     $20           San Diego, Ca 
Total                               $935        
*Paid by cash or check

If you send a contribution via PayPal or send your e-mail address with your contribution by snail mail, you will be added to our e-mail distribution list and receive updates about additional upcoming events. Anything paid in excess of our goal will be carried over to the next event.

This link describes the sky-banner that we flew on Veterans Day over the Rose Parade.

Rose Parade – Impeach Obama Sky-Banner

Banner that flew over the Rose Parade
Earlier Flight on July 3rd over Del Mar Fair in neighboring San Diego County


These groups and organizations publicized the event early-on or helped otherwise promote the event in some way.

Impeach Obama Tea Party

Stop Obama Now!! – San Diego

Boycott Oprah

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