Black Supremacy – Obama suggests Blacks are the ‘Chosen People’

Obama celebrates Passover
in the White House

In his famous speech on race relations, “A more Perfect Union,” Obama made reference to supremacist black nationalist belief that blacks are the real Jews, the Chosen People. White supremacists, such as the Christian Identity movement have a similar race-based gnostic concept that whites are the biblical “Chosen People” and inherited the Jews’ covenant with God. This quote is excerpted from the text of the speech that you can read here.

In my first book, Dreams From My Father, I described the experience of my first service at Trinity:

“People began to shout, to rise from their seats and clap and cry out, a forceful wind carrying the reverend’s voice up into the rafters….And in that single note – hope! – I heard something else; at the foot of that cross, inside the thousands of churches across the city, I imagined the stories of ordinary black people merging with the stories of David and Goliath, Moses and Pharaoh, the Christians in the lion’s den, Ezekiel’s field of dry bones. Those stories – of survival, and freedom, and hope – became our story, my story; the blood that had spilled was our blood, the tears our tears; until this black church, on this bright day, seemed once more a vessel carrying the story of a people into future generations and into a larger world. Our trials and triumphs became at once unique and universal, black and more than black; in chronicling our journey, the stories and songs gave us a means to reclaim memories that we didn’t need to feel shame about…memories that all people might study and cherish – and with which we could start to rebuild.”

Supremacist Cult Religion
Blacks are the divine, Chosen Race

A couple of hundred years ago, some black slaves in America began to identify intensely with the suffering of the Jews of the Old Testament and the captivity of the Jews in Babylon and in Egypt. The idea has been transformed into the basic belief of the the black nationalist cult religious movement. There are a number of black nationalist sects and various groups identify themselves as Muslims, Jews or Christians, but they are really not any of these and have more in common with each other than they do with the religions to which they claim to belong. Black nationalists maintain that they are “the real Jews” and that “white” Jews are apostate. They revile traditional Christianity as a religion designed to keep blacks (and other non-whites) enslaved and oppressed. It is not a church, but an anti-church.

That is what Obama refers to above. The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s sect under Jeremiah Wright explicitly states that blacks are the “Chosen People” and that whites and America will face retribution for slavery. The following quote is from Black Theology and Black Power” by James H. Cone (1969), page 151, his first book on Black Liberation Theology.

Therefore, God’s Word of recon­ciliation means that we can only be justified by becoming black. Reconciliation makes us all black. Through this radical change, we become identified totally with the suffering of the black masses. It is this fact that makes all white churches anti-Christian in their essence. To be Christian is to be one of those whom God has chosen. God has chosen black people!

Obama prays to the God of Black Supremacy
Obama prays to the God of Black Supremacy
Furthermore, Black Liberation Theology teaches that white society is the Antichrist and America’s democratic institutions, such as the Constitution, are the demonic tool of the “Antichrist,” used by the Antichrist to hold the non-white peoples of the world in oppression and servitude. This quote is taken from “Black Theology and Black Power” by James H. Cone (1969), page 135.

Because Black Theology is biblical theology seeking to create new value-perspectives for the oppressed, it is revolutionary theology. It is a theology which confronts white society as the racist Antichrist, communicating to the oppressor that nothing will be spared in the fight for freedom. It is this attitude which distinguishes it from white American theology and identifies it with the religionists of the Third World.

Black Liberation Theology, like the broader theology of black nationalism, is a bizarre, supremacist, cult religious belief system and Americans need to learn more about it, in order to understand Obama’s motivations. Obama often reveals his black nationalist beliefs in his actions as well as his words. Traditional Christianity was not taught at Trinity United Church of Christ and that is the only church that Obama ever joined.

This is a clip of a group of Black Hebrew Israelites, who have similar beliefs to the Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s pseudo-Christian sect, but are much more public about it. These doctrines teach that evil white people can be redeemed only by submitting to black will, such as the white in this clip, or by being eliminated completely. This belief justifies Obama’s own urge to dictate in order the destroy the system of black oppression.

If the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology by James H. Cone are compared to the doctrine of the broader black nationalist movement, you can see that Black Liberation Theology is just a more sophisticated version of the theology of the broader black nationalist movement. The books by Elijah Muhammad, available on Amazon, are probably the best description of the black identity theology of black nationalism. Read some of the books by or about Elijah Muhammad and compare the basic beliefs that the black race is God and the white race the devil to the basic beliefs of Black Liberation Theology, the doctrine of Obama’s black nationalist sect in Chicago.

Some have suggested that Obama is a psychopathic Narcissist, a psychological disorder endemic to politicians and cult leaders. Such people are attracted to cult doctrines like the religious doctrine of black racial nationalism, because it justifies their megalomaniacal feelings of having a divine mission in the world.

Obama: I’m Jewish in my soul.

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  1. Told you they always gonna reply with hate…. Never Intellectual…. Why are we cult members and idiots?……. Why did you say cult though?….. Cause we study Hebrew…. ? Like we translate from English, from Latin, from Greek, from…………. Hebrew right?.. So have you studied The Names of God before?…… Why we gotta we a Occult?.. Why you gotta hate….. Oooooh i forgot… Its in your nature….. I was trying to stand down… I was trying a cease fire…. But answer… Why we idiots and why occult?…… Cause we know Jesus is Black?….. I’ve learned that White people cant handle that fact and they never give a Intellectual answer but only hate…. @ Faq

  2. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that African Americans are Jewish 5 years ago when I walked through the Heavenlies. However, the white Jews are too Jewish people who have the phenotype of the land of their exile. Jesus, said his people are those who do the will of his father. Also, black Jews suffer because they still don’t know how to gain the Covenant. I gained it by praying to Mary a holy Rosary daily, repentance and rebuking my culture or the culture of death. Also I was obedient to the Lord. I was put to the test and rebuked the evil and unclean spirits as I went through the Heavenlies. Don’t be carnal or natural but spiritual an ask mother Mary to help you get purified with the blood of Jesus.

  3. Now…….. Where in scripture it says ” Pray to The Mother Mary ” or ” Mary ” for The remission of sins?…….. Im courious where?….. I’ve read That Jesus is though……..

    1. Why did the kkk burn the cross. Cus a ni**er hung on it. I’m so sick of y’all racist Edomites,Cananite, and Ishmaelites. Either join Yahweh or burn. Don’t let ur hate send u to hell. One day I will shake my head at many folks. You will know it’s me.

      1. Mike, Yeshua saves, Yeshua is not a color, and God is spirit and demands SPIRITUAL worshipers, don’t let the things of this world destroy you, the foolishness of mankind with their vain//prideful philosophies, LOVE is the only answer and without it, you won’t get in, you will be assigned to a place of “DARKNESS”, where the LIGHT does not enter, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, USE THE SCRIPTURES TO INTERPRET THE WORLD, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND,

        FOOLS in the kkk are no different than any other “outsane” ideology,,, that’s fulla nonsense and ignorance, which equals FOOLISHNESS,,,,,,,,,,,

        I’m being serious, this time we live in is beyond fragile,

        “he will honor a god unknown to his forefathers, a god of fortresses and towers, who he will honor with much gold and priceless jewels”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        imagine making the error of casting your ballot for that kind of foolishness, and then being cast out,

        be wary of traps,

    1. Cathy…… Yushua in Hebrew or Jesus in Greek or Jesus’ in Espanol is a Blackman not Middle Eastern…. Even if he is Middle Eastern or mixed with Black…. The Black DNA is dominate…. He is the Ancestor of Ham…. Ham begot Cannan and The Cannanite is Cannan kids…. Although The Hebrews was told not to mingle with them they still did….. Can you say Mercy and Grace here……. And The Cannanittes was black descedents of Ham… And Rahab The Harlot was a Cannanite and she is in The Geonology of Jesus…. She is Boaz Son…. Grand Daddy of King David himself who is The Father of Solomon who had kids by Queen Sheba of Ethiopia…… Nope…….. Jesus is Black…. Check his ancestor roots…. The Virgin Mary is a descedent of KING DAVID….. So…… I mean Cathy if Jesus was Black ” you already know”… Would us spirit filled people still worship in Spirit and in Truth then?……. We didn’t trip on The blonde hair and blue eyed Jesus but now we can prove he’s black… I can through Ham Noahs Son all day long…. Some can prove he’s Black through Noahs Son Shem….. None can through Japheth scriptualy cause it aint written… Revalation gives us a description of white as wool and feet as brass…. Where it says Middle Eastern?….. The Hebrews are written in hieroglyphics as Brown cause brown is black and BLACK is BLACK but the one question after we all say it doesn’t matter what color Christ is… One question must be answer…… Would a devoted Christian still worship Christ in Spirit and in Truth if you found out that he is Black?…… Billion dollar question huh?….. It checks a person heart out huh?…… What if The Blessed Holy Spirit was misinterpreted and he was a She?…. That sensitively embrace was motherly…… Im not saying that but what if?…… What if God was a Black man and The Holy Spirit was Gods Wife and The Word or Jesus was their Son?….. Could this planet handle that info?…. Adam is The First Man…. Made in his image?…. The Middle Eastern Man came on the scene when Hagar… “The Egyptian” who is Descendent of Mizraim… Hams 3rd Son is The Father and founder of Egypt after Cush other son founded The Kingdom of Ethiopia… So Ishmael Mom is Egyptian.. Descedent of Mizraim…Son of Ham…. So if Ishmael Mom is Egyptian” Black ” And Abraham son would be Black… I can do this all day long….. But Cathy many will say Abraham is a Descendent of Shem.. And they will say Shem was Black too….. So Ishmael was Black too then…. So Middle Eastern folks are Black… They’ll meaning ” Them ” will declassify your ethnicity cause Middle Eastern folks to Middle Eastern cause in 1859 …. ” them “..,.. Decided to reshape Africa to create the middle east…. Asked yourself who Called The Middle Eastern folks Middle Eastern?….. “Them”… So we know about The thuggin and banging and baby daddy and momas dramas….but yall love it…. Love our flava, style, men, women, and our shapes butts like us and muscles like us… Athleticism and every music genre we dominate and yall kids go buy it, remember our walks talks and at the end of the day… They want to be like us… Love You in Christ but Christ is Black…

      1. This controversy was created by Satan….why?? Bcuz the anti-christ is black. Yes I believe Obama is he but no one can know this. He fits the description perfectly. Satan wants to mimic Jesus,therefore will draw a lot of people to believe the great lie.meaning…Jesus was a man of color when he walked the earth but generation after generation the truth has been twisted. So when a black man of power steps in n takes control over every nation,not just the U.S. how many of God’s chosen people,men of color,will fall for the GREAT LIE all bcuz they want retribution….no man can give this!!! No man can give you the Promised land.

      2. He is an ancestor of shem. Shem was black. He was a negro. The Zondervan bible dictionary. HAM born about 96 years before the flood was the progenitor of the dark races BUT NOT THE NEGRO. But the Egyptians, Canaanites, lybians and Ethiopians. Negros are semetic from the seed of shem. Eber was from the line of shem and Abraham cam from that line. Ish mael, and Issac came from that line. Issac was given the promis. Jacob and esau came through issac but Jacob was to bring out the promis. From Jacob Judah was born. From Judah came David from David cam Joseph and Christ Yashaya. He was a negro not arab, not african, a negro he was a semite.

  4. We are the Chosen People…We don’t exclude anyone who follow the Most High and learn His True Name…We ran into what They named Africa in 70 AD to flee from from Roman Persecution. ..and Yes we were found and carried in the Kharzarian Slave Ships to the Kharzarian ports of America…We are Not African, We are God’s Chosen People..of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…Esau, the white child of Black parents Isaac and Rebekah, Esau’s twin Brother Jacob received the Promises and by default all Israel shall be blessed who follow the True Doctrine of Yashaya who you call Jesus…The world right now today is in the biggest Spiritual Battle ever in His Story…Esau, wants the pro.ises that as the first born son was his…But Esau SOLD HIS BIRTHRIGHT TO HIS BROTHER JACOB FOR A BOWL OF BLOODY STEW…
    Anyway the Most High chose Jacob the younger of the Twin to receive the promises…
    Esau, would be ruling in the last days and Jacob is the Kingdom that followeth… go to GOCC ON YOUTUBE AND WATCH WHO IS ISRAEL…The more militant of Israelites, haven’t come to the realization of Yashaya Christ and that He is The Truth, The Light and The Way…GATHERING OF CHRIST’S CHURCH IF YOU ARE TRULY SEEKING TRUTH GO THERE… by the way Esau became so angry with the Most High and his brother Jacob, that he intermingled with Nephilim blood, the Serpents seed…Hence when Lady Diana called the Monarchy Lizards in there true form, she wasn’t delusional on the contrary, she knew EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS SPEAKING OF. ..


      1. I Am White..Yes it is true that Jesus n others from the Bible are of color or black. There was only 2 types of people…Hebrew/Israelites aka jews and Gentiles which is everyone else. JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR ALL. We all came from Noah’s kids. We were spread out all over the earth. The geographical location has a bit to do with skin color. You don’t see any dark skin people from Alaska. Now if you read what Obama said….it’s the same thing Hitler was trying to do. He is trying to divide us by the color of our skin. We are all children of God n we all came from the dirt but our spirit is from God. White devil??? There can be white devils,black devils,Brown devils. It’s all up to you n who you decide to serve….God almighty or Satan the devil….no middle ground,no gray area.Don’t get it twisted we are all servants…even if u don’t believe in God,he believes in you..

  5. I agree… The Devil wants confusion among the races….. For Satan is The Author of Confusion as The Bible Says…

  6. To even say there is a “chosen people” based solely off race is AGAINST the real teachings of Jesus Christ… JESUS DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE!!! Regular men did when they created the bible, and it was multiple people who wrote it and interpreted it in their own way… Jesus was neither white or black but was middle eastern!!! Y’all are in some petty shit, remember Jesus and God are listening and judging you, God is about love not labels of race

    1. Christ was not middle eastern they are Ismaelites. Christ is a semite. Christ was what you call a negro. His skin was like brass being burned that is a black man sorry.

      1. what blood type was he? UNIVERSAL, read the scriptures, don’t interpret them by the world, USE THE SCRIPTURES TO INTERPRET THE WORLD, and in the end, only LOVE can save, HIS, and you better be fulla love, as the person without love, cannot enter in,

  7. Blacks is Egypt .house slavery and Sodom and you can’t take it away .Was blacks who killed and robbed the world when they ruled the world and enslaved the world and God sent Moses to free his people .What was in beginning of time be at end .Shout your guts out Egypt you fallen serpent seed of Satan .My family went threw doors of no return and slaves under King Solomon and Babylon and strangers to the land not you .whites on one side and black on king sandals was forever enemies until.Moses came and king broke his own law said Moses name and forgave Hus enemies was no more .Since black America taken over you say Exodus didn’t happen or Noah’s flood and you cursed and hell bound .

  8. We are lawless??? We do most of the crimes??? We are morally decrepit??? For years, we were not even able to read without being beaten almost to death. The Bible says that when a slave is set free, his master should give him means to support himself. Slaves here in the US were given a piece of corn bread and a slab of fat back, and told to go and make a life. That is a sin against what God said. We were held back from EVERYTHING for years, and now, with drugs flooding our (ghetto) neighborhoods, and jobs gone, we are looked upon as ANIMALS!! Where did the drugs come from??? Where did all the jobs go??? When there are limited resources, and a large number of people competing for those resources, yes, there is going to be violence. What disappoints me most is that we blacks do not stick together as we once did. We get TNT ( The Nigger Treatment) almost every day. If you are not black, you do not know what this means. We are shut out of almost everything. Even today, blacks cannot go into certain areas without being called a nigger. Even now!! Yet, you say we are the problem. You don’t know that the problem is YOU!!! But, He does. The Equalizer is coming soon! Hate all you want, you will answer for it, and it won’t be long. Did you forget the lynchings??? All the beatings??? Castrations??? Yet, now, your hands are clean. God judges people on what their ancestors did, too, unless you stop it, and repent. Whites can’t do that, to do so would be to admit guilt. Also, why aren’t more white preachers crying out against the murders of blacks??? They think we deserve it!! That’s crazy, and I bet Jesus thinks so, too. We’ll see. Love to all, in His name. See you on the good side!

    1. we all have been oppressed at times, it’s humanity, it’s how one man or group men, treat another in a fashion that is against His Will, that’s what it’s about,

      1. anyone can repent,

        my ancestors, are from russia,,,,

        we never had slaves,

        we didn’t believe in it,

        but even among them were slaves,

        who thought they were free,

        where did their ancestors come from,

        from those ancestors, are we all from,

        from all angles towards that garden,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        it’s a shame, the hate,

        once the land was one mass,

        not split and divided like mankind’s heart and soul,

        IT WAS YOU,



        the lust for power,

        some men desire,

        which drives them crazy,

        a lust to be chosen

        to be special,

        their idea of being special and “chosen”,

        destroys them,

        because the chosen are as wise as serpents,

        but innocent as doves,

        my sins are cleansed, my conscience clean,

        He heals me, He gives me my everything i need to sustain me,

        no one can take Him away from me, or me from HIm,

        He is my everything, the only thing worth living for

        MY LIFE FOR HIM!

        He is the only one i can hear, listen to, and follow,

        if you tell me otherwise, YOU are a liar and a serpent,

        an antiChrist,

  9. I get so sick & tired of both blacks & latino’s claiming any type of discrimination. They only tho know themselves. I give each of them very jealous of the average white person & their inber being & uneducated words show it. Why not keep your big mouths shut. None of you are being discriminated against … Those days are gone.

    Blacks & Latino’s in general are supremists. My cire values are very strong – as I watch women & men of both black & Latino backgrounds.

    I am a white female – I have been discriminated against a lot for jobs – as EEO needs to meet quotas for hiring a black or a Latino.

    I believe people like The Obama’s & Opeah Winfrey hate most white people. I have seen it in first hand.

    And you all are saying white’s are biased & judgemental & against bigots ?

    It is REVERSED. Look at what Latino’s & Blacks do & say.

    I personally have watched this transpire & turns my stomach.

    What happened to everyone working together for the greater good regardless of skin color.

    But oooooh no – I gave seen in person & on television how blacks & latino’s slam whites and are very biased & speak as tho they are by far superior.

    It’s disgusting.

    What’s wrong with equality!!!???

    Think about EQUALITY for everyone !!!

  10. I honestly feel kind of stupid after reading this. You preach man made doctrine over the word of God. You talk of things that were made by man that have to do with The Bible but not once did you actually pull up the scriptures. Shameful. God loves us all the same, he blessed us with free will so you have the opportunity to go against your creator if you so please. No sin is worse than another and we all sin rather you like to admit it at the end of the day or not. Your goal as a Christian should be salvation. Not to judge others. Mathew 7:1

  11. The bible kjv 1611 edition clearly states who the most high’ chosen people are. This isn’t rocket science but clear non constestable fact. The most high said who he hates, God loved Jacob, he hated Esau. One day the true Messiah will return and the world will be astonished. Prepare urself, he is standing at the door. We are NOT EQUAL.

  12. Why should we black people continue to let ourselves be defined by others? And their God?surely we are all loved by the God that created us… No race is superior and another inferior, we are all people with red blood, same anatomy our lives mean a lot to those that love us/ family. No human being has a right to degrade, oppress and humiliate another person. There’s no religion higher or better than others, as long as the belief of those people serves them that is what matters. #diversity and unity #Ubuntu

  13. Just saw new classifications of race. When I was a child Time/Life said we had Five Races.
    Caucation, Negroid, Mongaloid, Capoid that was Pacific People’s title, and Australoid.
    Now we have Ethnic Groupings they say they want to start using them instead, over 85 different ones. Decide to divide us up more to conquer and control. Talk about eugenics, it came from Russia to US and then to India and back to US again as a New Age type religion (meditation, Spiritalism). Abortion is part of Eugenics program, Bill Gate’s at TED said population control thru Vacinations? Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation …

  14. Obama is only 50% black & one of the few African/Americans. Most blacks in America are plain Americans with varying shades of black skin. Once Americans have a common enemy once again, we ALL will be Americans with no hyphenation like it should be according to our laws of equality.

  15. How stupid do you sound? If he was white nor black well then who are those white people over in Israel today? They’re as white as any other white person I’ve ever seen! Jesus as you who are in power now call him was black and the Bible proves it! It proves he was black along with all of the 12 tribes! Read it and it tells you that Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s home in Egypt, a ancient black nation and he married a black woman. He turned his skin white! Come on man! What’s so amazing about a white person turning white compared to a black person turning white? Yea I know! Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian and several times the Hebrews were compared to Ethiopians in the description! Jesuswas compared to a Jasper stone and also hair like wool and feet like BURNT brass! BURNT brass people!!!! Come on now! This along with countless other description prove my case. These Jews today are converts from Khazaria and are no different from the average white person in Georgia with European descent! Oh yea I forgot about the curses placed upon the true hebrews! Those white conversation seem to be doing pretty well for themselves but the Bible says they would be doing horribly! They never went into slavery on ships but my people did and we are living a nightmare in these dayz like the Bible said we would! Also can has proven the Igbo people to be descended Aaron and guess what? A lot of my people were kidnapped from the same tribe! Yea I know, don’t take my word. Research everything I said then come back and deny it with a straight face! You won’t be able to do it homie! Shalom!

  16. The bible says that they will be the lowest of all nations. To hate blacks or any other race is NOT of our heavenly father. To think of yourself as being more than another is not of the father. Satan has done well with making some races think that they are better. I am so sad to know that on Judgement day, so many people have not and will not make it into heaven. This is only because they were filled with pride and the thought that they were better because of the color of their skin. Just as I don’t think Hitler made it into heaven, all the racist people won’t make it either. Humble yourself and love one another as Christ loves us.

  17. God is not black or white or any color, HASHEM IS SPIRIT, and in Yeshua is neither male nor female, because Yeshua is God come in the flesh, did blacks crucify and kill Yeshua, as they were the real jews? no, men did, they crucified him, and His Blood saves, WAKE UP before it’s too late,

    there is one human race,

    8 blood types,

    but only ONE BLOOD SAVES,,,,, Yeshua’s,

  18. Its hard to swollow…but the truth is truth…. The definition of Nethradahl is Non-African……. Now play with that thought…. The Gramaldi man was found in Italy or Belguim… Not Africa… So now do the math and science… Whats older… The shocker is The Gramaldi man is a Black Man…. Now think… Who is the oldest?…. The Neanderthal is a Caucasian…but through The Science of Eugenics we was told that we all was Neanderthals but look at the definition though vrs from what what we was told…
    Think….. Its hard to swollow huh?…. Now Caucasians are descendents of Japheth.. Most of them went into the caucus mountains or the old world Armenia& Europa or aka Europe… But according to the bible Ham was the oldest.. Ham was black who begot sons name Cannan, Cush, Mizraim and Put… Black Sons…. Observe scripture… Cush begot Nimrod…. Nimrod was black right?… Cush in Scripture is Ethiopia in Hebrew… Did you know that?…. But look at his other black son name Mizraim who i believe his otNoticeme is Amenhotep in Egyptology…. They get Liz Taylor to play Cleopatra with Liz Brunette hair and stuff….. How could the Egyptians be white or Arabs then?… Do the math… Cause Mizraim was black if his daddy was black right?… Now go to Shem.. Who begot Arphxad who begot Abram… Why God added “Ham to his name” to Abraham?… Watch this…. Shem begot Arphxad, he begot Abram watch this… Abraham and “Hagar The Egyptian” the bible calls her …. Begot Ishmael who is The Father of Arabs….. Then what is Hagar The Egyptians the… White? Arab? She is Black… Descendent of Mizraim.. The father of Egypt was black… But not arab cause they come from Ishmael who comes from Hagar and Abraham…. So how was The Pharaohs white? Or Arabs? They where black cause they came from Ham…. The Mother of Arabs is a black women name Hagar The Egyptian who was called Egyptian first in scripture before Ishmael…. Egyptian…. Think…
    We aint weird we just believe that The American Blacks are descendents of Israel not Africa… We aint Africans… Dont insult us nor our intelligence… We are Israeli and every African and Arab knows this but not here in the USA…..
    WE are The Tribes of Timbuktu, Maui, and Songhalia Tribe of West Africa…. We are the settlers who left Israel….remember what you saw in the original Roots… O.J. chasing Kunta Kente….? That’s it…. A Egyptian chasing a Hebrew….. Real Talk.. We don’t even know each other nor met but how we know that Black people in America is The Hebrew…. See….. There is a huge cover up…. Let me guess the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer?….what they say aint real is real and what they say is real is not real….. Its called the system… The blackman aint Nethradahls nor Gentiles….. White people are…….

  19. If its in scripture then its in scripture… Easy right…… Dig this….. Its math time
    … For 400 yrs we as black people been taught through the education system in America that ” The Blackman ” has no history until slavery but that was a lie cause ” The Blackman ” is all in The Bible… So how we dont have no history… But they get mad when we say that Jesus aint blond with blue eyes… Push. The facts away by saying The Fatha has no color which is true… Then call us occult cause we have the Revalation but God ain’t gave it to yall cause he dont wont our real identity to be known cause although we are in Babylon The America…. Not The USA…. THE USA isnt the problem its America with Lucifer in drag as The Statue of Liberty in which the Statue has 7 points crown and holding the light both give out clues that its Lucifer ” The Light Bearer ” talking about give me your poor and tired…. The statue is a replica of The Babylonian Sun God… ” Light Bearer “Research it…. Mr. Eiffel built The Statue of Liberty as a black woman but cause its was 2 yrs since The Civil War America not ” The USA ” decline the gift and instead paid for the Lady Liberty in The Harbor til this day….. Mr. Efiel smelling a big payday went to Egypt for inspiration but he didnt go Egyptology way but Babylonian… For that Lady Liberty is Lucifer in drag maaaaan….. Research it…. The cover up……. Every 15 yrs the education system vote what goes in the books and come out of the books.. All a person needs is money and power to alter these votes to swang a favorable way for a group to mulipate.. The American people dont have a say in it what so over cause we dont really know ” The Agenda ” of what been voted in or tooken out… I call it game…. Eraseing and tampering witj history is evil but thats how the rich get richer and the poorer gets poorer… Cause of how the education curriculum is being taught… Depend on your zip code…. Messed up huh?…. Lastly look…. Rahab The Harlot begot, Boaz, Boaz begot Jessie, Jessie Begot David and David begot Solomon and The house of David which will be known as The Tribe of Judah later in which The Virgin Mary is from then came Jesus….. How do i say this…… Rahab The Harlot was a Cannanite… She hid The Hebrew Spys… And said I know that God gave you our land so i will help you is a ………. Descendent….. Drum roll please…….. Ham…. Cause Ham begot Cannan and God cursed Cannan not Ham and Them Black people went would settle on what will be known as The Promise Land…. Was The descdents of The Blackman Ham… That makes him Rahab The Harlots great great great great great great great etc grand daughter… So her kids gonna be black right…do the math.. Jesus would be black right?…. Or look at this… Solomon and Queen Sheba of Ethiopia would fall in love and have kids….. So if she is Ethiopian then she too is a Descendent of Ham…. Rahab The Harlot is too so The Jesus bloodline goes through Ham from The Book of Genesis right…. Jesus or Yeshua being black or white is gonna get anybody in heaven but for group of people who been told that we have no history all i need to do is go to The Word of God and boom there is black history…. See if Sheba was Ethiopian then she is a Descendent of CUSH who is Hams 2 son…. They black.. I dont know what else to say that I’m glad that The Fatha Hid Black people. In America our true Identity… Our Israeli Identity… Hid or Hebrew Identity and our Tribe of Judah Identity….. Cause its in his Will……like for The DNA to be dominate… I can continue but I’ll wait for some comments… Im sorry but they lied to is all in order to keep us in confusion so people wont think he is The Messiah but its ok if hes blond and blue eyed but if he’s black then its not ok then…… I think thats a false image cause The Scripture says hair white as wool and feet as brass…. Brass is brown and wool is nappy….. Like a Airfro Wool.. In The book of Revalations… Where it says blond hair and blue eyes…? Where….

  20. The Zondarian Bible and The NIV Bible is not a ” Holy Source “…. Mess me up when I found that out…. Hold your breath…. I’ve always noticed it in The NIV BIBLE HOW certain ” covenant words of The Kingdom of God is tooken out…. My Mom in 2001 peeped the Game…. As I begin to Start my Hebrew lessons i was lead by the Zondarian Bible and I read that it started to feel like i was reading from The NIV BIBLE Again….. So since i work for the media i know how to research heavey…. Then 4 days later i found out that the same publishing company who publish the Zondarian Bible and The NIV Bible or published by SATANIST…. Or Devil Worshippers… This is True…. Research it yourself…. Those 2 bibles are not holy… Because of Certain “Covenant Words” been tooken out to remove Yahweh Holyiness to make him more appealing instead of Holy… Research ” Is The Publishing Company of The Zondarian Bible and NIV Bible published by Devil Worshippers?” watch the info flow…. But study from whatever source…. I prefer The Old School King James Version cause. “Covenant Words” are not gone so… The Jacobite King James ” The Black English King hooked up with The Black William Shakespeare and they Came with The King James Version…… What I discovered from The King James Version is That Japheth is The Father of The White Race and will begot Gog And Magog… The starters of World War 3 as in Ezekiel38 & 39… Shem is Brown Man…. Who begot Arphax, Father Abraham, Pulig, and Joktan who will begin The Tribe of Judah, and we already know that through Ham ypu get 5 of The Ancient Empires who David Phropisied to The Blackman Nebacanazer The Babylonian King… The. Hitties, The Egyptions, The Babylonians. The other two i want take it there right now…. Here is what I learned from The King James Version is That Brown. Is black and black is black…. But they would be angry when i say that white is black too… All Humans and Science, Mathematics, Literature, Cosmetology, Arts are from The Blackman cause The Nethradahls stayed in The European Cold Caves and didnt Migrate no where…. The Negroids migrated out of Africa and made moves….. But How the Blackman learned this technology though? Not from Nethradahls…. They will come out of There European Caves and will study War, and Eugenics, colonization, population control, and slavery like they do today… Its bitter sweet cause The Blackman is the d father of Science, Astrology, and etc but who taught them? Who taught The Nethradahls to War and start slavery? Fallen Angels taught this to Mankind… To Anger God…. Really Though cause God is Holy… Period….. See There was another race of humans on earth…. Its all in The Word of God…. ” For The Sons of God saw The Daughters of Man to be fair” there it is right there Fallen Angels 2.5 and then when God is about to Deal with Cain, Cain say ” Dont send me away for somebody will Kill me ” so God put a mark on him and sent him away…. Who else is on the earth to kill Cain? Cain already Killed Abel and Seth aint born yet….. So who is ” somebody ” to kill Cain? Who Adam and Eve?…. This is where we get to The pre adamic race that every Pastor or Teacher knows its in there but dont have the ” anointing ” to teach it…. I do.. Its simple some ” peoples” tampered with History….. Thats really obvious by now but world leaders knows this shiiiit maaaan….. They know the prophesy of Jesus and The Rapture is true… The Govt Of The World are ready… The chip is in place, Russia is Magog he is in place in Syria to crank up Ezekiel 38 and 39…. Isis is Psalms 83 or 89…. So anyways… Brown is Black and Black is Black… Noah had to Black Sons and a White Son… ” The Man ” taught us differentially from Kingdom Teaching and replace it with Public Schools… So The Asian man, came from Ham cause Cannan begot SIIN un Hebrew its pronounced as Chin…. The Chineese Govt acknowledge through dna that they come from Ham 2 yrs ago…. The Latino Man comes from The Brown Man Shem who is A Blackman… Through this Brown blood you’ll get arabs, Latinos, and Semoians, but some people aint figured out that brown is black and black is black. Thats why the “classifications” of races is the card and yes fallen angels are still in play to get black to hate white…. Noah had two sons that was black… Shem was Brown and Ham is black cause brown is black and black is black but the classifed The Latinos cause they dont want The Latinos know that The Latinos are Gods choosen people too cause they are the tribe of Mannesah or Ephraim in The 12 tribes of Israel…. Like the Cuban people and the peurto ricans… This is true…for some reason….. White people are not in ” The original Tribe of Israel cause The Whiteman stayed in The Nethradahls caves… Nethradahl means non african….. Through the mis education of The Negro they lied… History has neen tampered with by white people in power to keep the rich richer and the poor gets poorer…. Its the game of Satan to decieve the world but white people cant swallow that 80% of The Bible is Black History and Christ is black but if we think like that we wrong cause they want us to think all is white…. But now i unde understand” The Switch”….. Wooow all these Latinos dont know that they are black but if you’ve ever been to Mexico City its amazing…. I was on assignment … I want say who i work for in terms of The Media Outlet but in Mexico City i saw with my own eyes blue eyed Black Mexicans… I mean black like wassup my nigga black lets see get the slab bleeding and kick it in the cut type black with blue eyes…. In Mexici City i realized i needed a Map so i looked at one and noticed for myself that South America and Mexico and The USA will fit perfect to Africa like a jigsaw puzzle… Look at it for yourself for Shem sons name is Pulig which in Hebrew means ” When God Divided the earth”…. So yall….. History has been tampered with By The Europeans for Imperialism, To Colonization, To Slavery and this is White People… White people back in the day did some real evil thangs with the tampering of History… Research The 30 Yrs War of Europe that nobody wants to talk to about cause that was a race war…. Black Nobles of Germany, Britain, Finland against White People Nobles then after this war in which the whitman will win will creat Imperialism, Colonization, Then Slavery…. And know that white is white and brown is black and black is black so…… Yeah…. The Latino man is a Black Man cause brown is black.

  21. Truth hurts huh?,,,,,, I’ll go against any theologians, teacher, pastor or etc cause i know that im mostly accurate.. Its in The Bible read it…. Pick a word… What is the root word of that word? What its meaning in Latin, English, Greek then see what its meaning… Hebrew will always be accurate…. Hebrews are Gods choosen people and they are the brown man and Blackman. The Arab man dont come unto play until Abraham and Hagar ” The Egyptian ” begot Ishmael… Ishmael is The Father of The Muslim Man. But The Blackman was already building Empires but through the influence of Fallen Angels who taught mankind technology that makes man not depend on God…. White people really dont kick in until The whitman who is ” The Gentiles ” who will spread the gospel all over the world and this is true… No other race takes the gospel globally like the white race.. Like THE Word of God says ” My name will be great amongst the Gentiles” He also said ” My name will be defiled by the Gentiles too” so it is what it is…. Amazing huh? Take the blue pill and you’ll wake up and out of the matrix but take the red pill and nothin changes… The Blackman is hated all over the world is true but thats cause of 2 resons… The Deuteronomy curse and cause we are the The Tribe of Judah who ” The Despersia” is us… Notice the Fame of The Tribe of Judah and Notice Black People Fame… People wanna talk like us, dress like us, act like us, walk like us cause we cool….. Come on now keep it real…. Its call swag…. Whatever we touch we make it look cool huh? Our music…. Do i have to get into that? Movies or TV? Entertainment? How bout Sports? Must i take it there? Similar to The Tribe of Judah…. The world hates us cause they hate to love us…. This is true. Glad Christ said whorship him un spirit and truth. That way The real worshippers are genuine and Worshippers makes the best warriors…. This is True cause they will trust and depend on God.

  22. Look…. Non of us is saying that to get into heaven you gotta be black…. We saying that we are The Hebrews!!!! Its us in America. We are them… We aint african never was we are Hebrews and half of us was already here. We didnt stop our idol worship and god punished us… Yall was in caves….. Really.. We are Hebrews…. We not Jews… They white we black dont you get it yet… We are the people of The Great Diaspora… The Karzi’s are White Jews, They not Hebrew…. They are descendents of Japheth. May Hitler burn in hell for what he did to them but even that was prophesied…. Japheth.. Noahs other son but they are not in the seed of Abraham…. Where. Which is Islam argument and Louis Farrakhan argument but this is True They’re Jews but not The choosen people but the Hebrews We are Israeli… Not African. Japheth is not the seed of Abraham.. Only by The Spirit. They are and all are… But
    Black folks tooken from West Africa after we was exiled from Mother Israel like Bible Prophecy said… We are the ones tooken into Babylonian captivity it wasn’t Japheths descendents cause they went into the caucus mountains or Europa ” Europe ” so it aint them….. It aint The Arabs cause Abraham and Hagar The Egyptian begot Ishmael who is The Father of Arabs… Hagar is Black Descendent of Mizraim Hams 3 son is The Father of The Pharaohs…. Then look at Cannan Hams first son who was cursed by Noah… The are The Cannanite folks in scripture… They was black… Hams first born descendents…. The begot the Amorites, Hittites, Phoenicians, Jebusites ” Creaters of Jerusalem” google Jerusalem ancient name.., and all the other ites… That was us too… How… Cause they are the descendents of Ham……… Like 1 + 1 = 2….. Jesus is The Messiah… We know that too… No man goes to The father but through the son… We know that…. But we call him Yeshua his Hebrew name… At times Jesus which is his Greek name…. Which will be greatly known by The Gentiles…. Yall.
    Then scripture tells me It shall be greatly defiled by the Gentiles…. Look at it for yourself…. Yall still dont get it… While The Blackman was ruling The world until yall The Nethradahls came out yall European caves…. Nethradahl means non african…. The African is older…. Thats all we saying…. Yeshua is Lord!!

  23. Blacks are Jew’s. So don’t know why you are trying to disprove this fact that science and history is already agreeing with. Here is a fact. Every single person claiming to be a Jew has black DNA in them dating back to their origins. This means the “Jewish” populations originated from black Africans. An article in the Haaretz confirmed that the Jew’s living in the second temple era looked more like black Africans. The article was based off an Israeli anthropologist.

    So not sure why you are against blacks being Jew’s?

  24. I would like to also add that Ask yourself this question? Could this be why Massa never wanted the negroed to be educated… Let think and act negro instead of Hebrew… Never let him know his real identity… Miseducate them… Make them depend on us, keep the women seperate from the men and etc… Its called the system… And its Babylonian. It created 400 yrs of slavery…. And yet we remain those ” Peculiar” people.. Obama told the truth but all Presidents knew this and future presidents will be briefed on that immediately cause The Rapture is Americas greatest threat of national security cause how do you replace all the jobs and positions of The LORDS raptured up…? Thats why Fema camps was a disaster cause FEMA camps or really concentration camps for the christians left behind… Yeah Obama is right… Lol…. Every Arab, African, Jew, & Most Europens already know but in America…. Even Israel knows…. Especially America… There was another deal cut after world war 2… In 1949 when Israel became a Nation… It was The deal to keep us out and bring the Karzi’s or white jews in….. This is true…. The missing link…. But Israel will shock the world when Mother Israel would begin to Airlift ” The Ethiopian Jews ” in 1967.. Research it….. Israel Ethiopian Airlift…. But they are The Limba Tribe who is desdents of DAN.. Then over Americas outraged The airlifts stoped until this day…. On The cover of Time Mag The Prime minister of Israel said ” Mother Israel is bringin home her last sons.. The black Ethiopian Jews”… This is true…. It made the press globally in 67… So Sammy Davis was right when he was saying he was Jewish…. He meant Hebrew.

  25. Now how did all this come about?…. The book of Genises… ” For The Sons of God saw The Daughters of Man to be fair”,,,,, Bingo…. Fallen Angels… But you dont believe that stuff?…. You dont believe that Zues, Osiris, Murdock, Allah, Athena and Amenhotep and Giants are real though?… And yes Unicorns… How many times does The Bible mention unicorns? Research it…. How many times it mentions Ethiopia? Research it…. All that stuff is True… Like for The “Fight for Middle Earth” Lords of The rings stuff is fake but thats true… Thats a taste of Man in The Days of Noah when The Giants ruled the Earth is True… For Fallen Angels taught The Blackman mathematics, science, art, chemistry and etc that’s why The Father of Civilization statesmen is True but was taught by Fallen Angels first then The Nethradahls second then influence the original race wars till this day….. For The Sons of God saw The Daughters of Man to be fair is Pre Adamic Race talk stuff that your pastor know about but dont think the congregation is ready for it…… Ask em

  26. I,ll try and make it simple, yes blacks were the true Israelites but they sinned and continue to sin today how? By following idols and Israelites had been warned about this many times and what will happen (they will become the tail). What is this idolatry? following a god other than YHWH, I am talking about the Greek/Roman invented god called jesus and any other belief not Torah. The whole world is being punished because of this. Israelites should set an example by their lifestyles to everyone else, not preaching or knocking on doors and everyone would be worshipping the true Creator.

  27. Marcion i will research…. Interesting but dig this…. God never said its ok to eat unclean thangs but The FDA said its ok… Eating ” Healthy ” is expensive for many. Eating Holy aint gonna get you into Heaven…. Although alot of Black people know and can prove Yeshua in Hebrew, Jesus in Greek, and Jesus´ in Latin is Black…. That Revalation cannot and never can manifest itself and exalt itself over Him and his word… Never….. Now…. The Blood….. Like you know the old testament….. So so you know that life is in the blood…. So sin must be ” Purged ” through a sacrifice as it was written…. God told Peter it is Good to eat unclean thangs while Peter sat on ” The Blackman ” Cornelius The Italian rooftop…. Told The Apostle Peter twice its Good To Eat…. Yah will not break his word but we see he can change his mind… He always said of a Human Sacrifice ” with out spot or blemish” and that sacrifice is Yeshua or Jesus or Jesus´ or The Son Of David, or Great Councillor or Friend, brother, etc is that one time sacrifice…. He’ll never do it again for on the cross he said ” Its Finished”…,, that was it…. I’ll this simple….. Real Spirit Filled Christians will die for Christianity or go through the trials and tribulations to follow our Lord….. Yall dont get it….. God said His Grace and Mercy is more then sufficient… Its covered by The Blood…. Nobody gets away with sin cause the wages of Sin is Death… Yah never changed that…. But he fulfilled phrophesy of Christ and sent in his ” Michael Jordan ” to win for The Kingdom and Jesus did just that in front of Humanity cause……… He didnt save himself…. With his power and glory could of just flew off the cross and wiped out all Romans and etc but he didnt… He sacrficed his life as it was written over and over and its in the last book of the old testament called Malaki too then the bible kicks in the new testament… The new testament is the old testament revealed and vice versa…. Nobody gets away with sin for the wages of Sin is Death but Grace covers us By The Blood over breaking the ten commandments. Nobody on earth is gonna keep em its impossible so in the old There was the animal sacrifice…. Not human cause the animal is innocent to the mankinds decision to sin…. See…… Yah Grace is Jesus….. See…. The Old Testament is featured Black People… What did we do we failed God and and got kicked out of Israel like it was written and spread all over The World as it was written.. But we was already Global through The Great ” Negroid migration into Asia where They became known as Asiatic…. The New Testament features The Whiteman…. For he is Gentile… Not Hebrew……. He can be Jewish cause Judaism is a spin off from Hebrew…. Ask any Jew are they the choosen people of The old testament in Israel most will say no… Blackman in America is…. Not The Blackman from Africa….. Except for The Ethiopians is too….. The Whiteman will take The Gospel globally as it was written… For my name shall be greatgreat among the Gentiles….. True…. No other race do more for The Kingdom of God then the Gentiles….. They will go where we wont go….. Where The Whiteman went wrong with Yah is through Imperialism, Colonization, and Slavery…. Why… Cause the Gentiles will greatly defiled his name for it was written…. So The Blackman is the Old Testament and The Whiteman is The New testament…. Simple … Both races are Brothers… Both are family… Both are kinfolk…. But for some reason The Devil dont want both races to unify cause The Kingdom will be divided… For it is written…. But ” Through Christ ” you get this reunification…… Called Christianity….. Im one…. Im not in The Hebrew movement im a spirit filled Christian that is a Black Hebrew through…. I know im from The Tribe of Judah since a lil boy….. I just knew inside for Jesus to allow Us to go through our ” Holocaust” called slavery where women was raped randolmy, and kids killed and a bunch of white people women, men , and children smiling in front of. A dead man hanging ” A dead lynched nigga ” and the Whiteman taking selfies and thangs… Everybody smile by the dead nigga was a abomination unto God by The Whiteman cause The Whiteman will use and mulipate The Word of God through Imperialism, Colonization, and Slavery to control the ” captured ” population….. True…. Very very true… As it was written…..But Jesus had a plan… He said worship him… And one must worship in spirit and true…. So it ends the ruckas…. Must come Holy to Yah… Only by The Blood of Christ… By His Holy Spirit through Christ and you’ll be in the presence…. Sing some worship songs to him then sit there in silence with your mind turned off……. Like that for 15 to 30 minutes and ” He ” will show up and share Secrets of Heaven, The Kingdom, His Glory, and his thoughts and will… Its called Through Revalations through The Holy Spirit to reveal the secrets of God….. And when he reveals, The Holy Spirit does that by a whisper…… Very very true…… See…… For in The last days there will be a great fall away from God…. Thats happening…. For it was written….. Russia being 1hr away from Jerusalem…. Russia is Magog…. Gog means ” Chancellor or King or President”…. Isnt That Putin?….. Russia is having military exercises for the very first time in northern africa ever!!! Northern Africa gets them a right flank on the map to take Jerusalem…. For it is written….. Israel gets hit first before Babylon The Great ” America “… And The world govt knows this is true that its written and they are preparing there Govts for World War 3…… True…. In Jan Coalition forces are going for Raqqa, Syria….. ISIS Caliphate….. In Jan… After They Mobb up Mosul, Iraq…. Yup…. Raqqa….. Yup…. We will have a new president soon… Hillary or The Donald…. Either will have to deal with this…. Cause when you go after Raqqa city…. Russia is gonna play that bully game with Israel at that time and Israel shoot down anything in thier airspace and boom World War 3… ISIS and Prez Assad will make a deal and Sunni And Shiite will unify with Gog And Magog and The Federation’s of Norhern Africa, Led by Germany, Italy, The Catholic Church, Iran, NORTH Korea, and China will all in meet in a Valley called Meggido…. In Israel …..only ” The Young Lions ” who is America, South America, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Spain, and The Portuguese being led by America will say no to this and will side with Israel and all will meet to war in the valley known as Meggido…. Then like a crack crack boom boom thunder and lightning Christ will come with his Saints and Angels to To Attack The ” Evil Fallen Angels” that influence Gog And Magog, and The Federation cause those demonic forces will be present in the spirit so there will be 2 wars going on this day… One in the heavens on earth and one at Meggido on this day for one last time God shall interfere with Mankind through War .. And Christ will intervene in between the Human War…. Michael will handle The Heavenly War and fight The Dragon… And Christ will appear @ Meggido on that day on a white horse with. Christ Image too… ” Hair White as Wool and feet as brass ” thats a Blackman… Not Blue Eyed and Blond… This too is where The Gentiles defiled his name…. For all this that i just stated is True…. For it is written………

  28. Brothers and sisters, I do not know all of you right now but I would like to talk to you, if it is Ok. So this is how it plays out for all of us. Please listen up. We all are Gods kids. I am now 64. I hear of all this black and white nonsense and to me it makes no sense. I just have never had thoughts of a difference between the races as all are called. Just silly to me. What on earth are different races of people? I see an imperfect world making it to complicated. To me it is simple. God made earth for us to have a place to live. Our home. Then he created the plants the fish the animals all here to feed us. He created rain to water the plants. To give drink to the animals and the sea for fish to live. and of course some animals only to love us and be our friends. He said live here for about 70 to 80 years. Some of you kids will die before that age. He said while you are on the earth you will make mistakes. I gave you the right to choose and therefore many times you just didn’t listen. It is not like I didn’t know. He then said kids I live in a perfect place you know it I told you so. So think about it. It is very simple to understand. Kids you cannot live here right now. Why? because you can’t bring the things you have done wrong. I made hevan where I live perfect and so you must be perfect to be here with me. So I also gave you a way to come here. I made Jesus and I gave him the right to get rid of the bad things you did there. It is so simple but some of you kids believe me some of you don’t. Just ask him to take away the bad things you have done there while on earth.This is the way I set this whole thing up. It is based on this one simple thing Ask Jesus who I sent to get you to take away the bad things you have done so you can come home and live with us in this place I made for all of us to live with joy and peace. Will you please just do this one thing I ask of you and come on home. Please, I love you. I always have I always will. Your father, I am waiting for you . I just can’t wait to see you. Please come, this is
    our place a good home for all of us.

  29. Im a African American and i agree white people are the devil that the bible speak of cause white people kill and rob and slave us for 400 years and still killing us and its alot of black men in prison who own and run and create laws in this country to enslave black people the white man when god return he will destroy all white people for the crimes they did on the earth

    1. This all really pisses me off. Before I comment I would like state a couple of facts. I am mixed European, Russian, and Native American. I believe in a spirit world but not fantasy characters like devils, “Satan,” talking snakes, world wide flood with boat carrying over 1,000 animals with food enough to feed them (the bacteria and smell of all of them going to the bathroom would probably kill everyone on board) and other things that only exist in an ancient book or can’t be heard, seen, felt, or smelled. Now that I’m older my skin is lighter and my hair is grey and chemotherapy caused it to come back curly. So basically, I have turned white. I am treated way more differently at this age, not because I’m lighter, but because of how differently women are treated. When I was young
      women were locked out of everything. The
      only jobs for 4-year-degree women were
      teacher and nurse. For high school educated
      it was all office work with little or no chance
      of promotion. In school there were no sports
      teams for girls; even tennis and golf were for
      boys only, even though women competed in
      these two things in the adult world, which
      really made me angry. But most of the anger is at myself and others for not speaking up,
      since what they did made no sense. BTW,
      women weren’t allowed to run in marathons
      either. Am I a man hater because of it? No,
      because the majority of men weren’t alive
      back then and don’t come close to thinking
      that way. And the older ones know what they
      did was wrong or are dead or senile. I just
      wish I could ask them why. That’s all I would
      want. Women were also insulted, made fun
      of, and disparaged everywhere; TV, radio,
      newspaper, by businesses, and even on the
      street by strangers. And by my family. I
      would be ignored when I spoke or asked
      “Who told you” as though I couldn’t even read. Women would always argue with what any other woman said, while if a man said it it was automatically the word of God. I do wonder if my straight black wiry hair may have played a part in this with the blond blue-eyed women. Black people back then (called colored) were spoken to quite respectfully, even though they were denied a lot of jobs and housing. The reason for the denial was hidden, while with women it was at times something like “We don’t want you here.” Am I angry about that? Not any more, because so many men weren’t born back then or were children, and the guilty ones are seeing that they didn’t win. Am I angry about the way Native Americans were treated? No, because those people are *all* dead. And they may have been reborn as Native Americans or something where they will learn a lesson.

  30. George Friedmann in his book, The End of the Jewish People, pointedly states that the Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more then “Hebrew speaking Gentiles.” The late president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, stated on television, “you (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black but came back white. We cannot except you!

  31. If you truly read your Bible, it describes Isreal. Yes, even Hitler knew and said that America has stolen God’s “Jew”elry and one of his soldiers asked “What do mean? “…Hitler said, “The Negro. The American Negros are the true Jews”….Now, if you study the real history, do your research, you will see where it leads. A lot of Jewish scholars are even admitting it. BUT, it does mean that Gentiles are not grafted in, or loved. We’re all brothers and sisters in Christ. Truth sets us free, sets us all free. It does not give us the “ok” to look down on those who have oppressed us. God is in control. Even Rome knows that Jesus is black. It’s all over their walls, etc. My concern is this, for years we’ve been given so many lies, but despite it all, the Negro loved the “white jesus”, now that truth is being revealed, can our Caucasian brothers and sisters love a Black Savior, Jesus? The Bible talks about a great falling away…will race be the reason, or at least one of the reasons….Please don’t be fooled…Don’t let the enemy use us against one another. We can do this…A revival is eminent! Revival is needed….

    1. Well then it’s a good thing for you, (God’s chosen) that my white forefathers introduced your black forefathers to the Bible. The slaves did not know anything about it. I think that whites are owed reparations as well for the Barbary slave Trade. You know, the one where black Muslims (because that was your forefathers religion) enslaved whites. They made them galley slaves, they cut off little boys pee pees and used them for their elders as sex slaves as well as the white women. Your forefathers actually crept in like a theif in the night and kidnapped as many whites from Europe as they possibly could. All of which was taking place during the same time free and longer as the ever so famous Trans Atlantic Slave trade. Our people didnt have us chained up and ready to go as yours did. You would think God’s chosen people would have kept some sort of record of actually being God’s chosen people. You know, like the white race did by being persecuted and put to death for centuries for holding onto their bible when it was banned. You see, I would lay down my life right now before I would ever adopt the heathens way of life and their Gods. Put on any rap song and your cultures god’s are all over it. Gold chains, pimping hoes, slangin crack, riding around in their Maybach and pulling up to their 25 bedroom mansions. I don’t know any country song where the artist gives a damn about any of that materialistic garbage. You see, the word says that you will know them by their fruits. It also says not to ever free your slaves or they will be a snare unto you.

      1. What a bunch of hateful garbage blended with slivers of truth. You misrepresent yourself if you claim to have any knowledge about the customs and practices of the previously enslaved Negro, who had a strong, though evidently misguided, sense of religion before they were taken. Recognize that Africa is a continent of ununified nations, thus those who enslaved the Negro were not “their people.” The Bible has also prophesied how the chosen nation would be living, what their curses would consist of, and what their redemption would be. If you truly care about your salvation I would advise you to discard your intellectual laziness as well as your base hatred of your neighbor and brother and continuously seek the truth and the Way. Any who spew such hatred are not of God and lack understanding. Shalom.

      2. You must read deaper boy you see all the perversions of the world from sex slaves beastiality cannobolism anything you can think of began in Europe after the conquering and colonization of the world the mixing of your pagan practices became the traditions of America. The Bible the book that has endless original descriptions of GODs chosen people that has been changed little by little over time to fit European philosophy and I only know this because the arrogance of your people who brag in written form of there works. You was saying what ??🥀

  32. Adolf Hitler And The Black Jews. – YouTube Adolph Hitler said real Jews are Black. “In order to be a Jew you have to be a swatza (Nigger)!”

  33. HERE IS A PROPHECY FOR: Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 5
    Then shall the righteous man stand in great boldness before the face of such as have afflicted him, and made no account of his labours.
    2 When they see it, they shall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall be amazed at the strangeness of his salvation, so far beyond all that they looked for.
    3 And they repenting and groaning for anguish of spirit shall say within themselves, This was he, whom we had sometimes in derision, and a proverb of reproach:
    4 We fools accounted his life madness, and his end to be without honour:
    5 How is he numbered among the children of God, and his lot is among the saints!
    6 Therefore have we erred from the way of truth, and the light of righteousness hath not shined unto us, and the sun of righteousness rose not upon us.
    7 We wearied ourselves in the way of wickedness and destruction: yea, we have gone through deserts, where there lay no way: but as for the way of the Lord, we have not known it.
    8 What hath pride profited us? or what good hath riches with our vaunting brought us?
    9 All those things are passed away like a shadow, and as a post that hasted by;
    10 And as a ship that passeth over the waves of the water, which when it is gone by, the trace thereof cannot be found, neither the pathway of the keel in the waves;
    11 Or as when a bird hath flown through the air, there is no token of her way to be found, but the light air being beaten with the stroke of her wings and parted with the violent noise and motion of them, is passed through, and therein afterwards no sign where she went is to be found;
    12 Or like as when an arrow is shot at a mark, it parteth the air, which immediately cometh together again, so that a man cannot know where it went through:
    13 Even so we in like manner, as soon as we were born, began to draw to our end, and had no sign of virtue to shew; but were consumed in our own wickedness.
    14 For the hope of the ungodly is like dust that is blown away with the wind; like a thin froth that is driven away with the storm; like as the smoke which is dispersed here and there with a tempest, and passeth away as the remembrance of a guest that tarrieth but a day.
    15 But the righteous live for evermore; their reward also is with the Lord, and the care of them is with the most High.
    16 Therefore shall they receive a glorious kingdom, and a beautiful crown from the Lord’s hand: for with his right hand shall he cover them, and with his arm shall he protect them.

  34. Hitler said even in his death he will start World War 3.
    One of his soliders asked how?
    Hitler replied, “The day mankind finds out what I was trying to defend this nation, Germany, from then thats the day World War 3 will start.
    For on that day, mankind will learn that I was trying to save my Nation from The Free Masons, the Illuminati, the jews. For if the Americans wins the war, then they will conquer the world and forever be a slave to the jews and they will try to conquer God. Do you know who America has in its posession?
    NO,” the solider replied.
    Hitler said, “America has stolen the jews. The Jews of God. His jewelry. The negros. They are the true hebrews. What a foolish move and a direct challenge to God. And they plan on moving these false white jews into a state of Israel.

    America is desperate in its attempt to win this war using atom bombs on Japan. America will destroy the whole world in its attempt to conquer it.

    When America and its jewish slave masters conquer the world and the world realize I was right, then all nations will begin a third world war to dethrone America of its rule. Every nation will soon possess atom bombs of their own. It will be the end of most of the world as we know it.

    “Why will the jews control America?” the solider asked

    Hitler said, “because the white jews knows that the negros are the real children of Israel. And to keep Americas secret, the jews will blackmail America. The jews will extort America Their plan for world domination wont work if the negros knew who they were. The white citizens of America will be terrified to know that all this time they’ve been mistreating and discriminating and lynching the childen of Israel. They will fear God will destroy them as he destroyed Egypt for doing the same thing. So the elite, the Illuminati keeps this a secret at all cost.
    What If Eye Told You that White people whitened the laws, our “culture”, the Bible?
    Psalms 83:3-4″They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against the hidden ones”. {4} “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation: that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.

    We have come to the conclusion that African-Americans and descendents of negroid slaves in other countries from the slave trade are actually the true descendents of the Ancient Hebrew Israelites.  THAT MEANS THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE NOT AFRICANS BUT HEBREW.  Many people may say that the Jews are back in Israel(1948) just as scripture says, but there is absolute proof that those that call themselves Israelis or Jews are imposters.  We will get to that a little later so we can focus on the proofs of the Ancient Hebrews being a black or negroid race.

    What If Eye Told You that White people whitened the laws, our “culture”, the Bible?
    Psalms 83:3-4″They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against the hidden ones”. {4} “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation: that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.

    We have come to the conclusion that African-Americans and descendents of negroid slaves in other countries from the slave trade are actually the true descendents of the Ancient Hebrew Israelites.  THAT MEANS THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE NOT AFRICANS BUT HEBREW.  Many people may say that the Jews are back in Israel(1948) just as scripture says, but there is absolute proof that those that call themselves Israelis or Jews are imposters.  We will get to that a little later so we can focus on the proofs of the Ancient Hebrews being a black or negroid race.

    What If Eye Told You that White people whitened the laws, our “culture”, the Bible?
    Psalms 83:3-4″They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against the hidden ones”. {4} “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation: that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance”.

    We have come to the conclusion that African-Americans and descendents of negroid slaves in other countries from the slave trade are actually the true descendents of the Ancient Hebrew Israelites.  THAT MEANS THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE NOT AFRICANS BUT HEBREW.  Many people may say that the Jews are back in Israel(1948) just as scripture says, but there is absolute proof that those that call themselves Israelis or Jews are imposters.  We will get to that a little later so we can focus on the proofs of the Ancient Hebrews being a black or negroid race.

  35. I cant believe what I’m hearing here. God is no respector of persons. He doesnt choose or Love according to anyones skin color. He is going to be happiest with the persons that choose his son Jesus as their Savior, and those that decide to follow his commandments.

    Read the Bible…Pray…Get to know the God of the bible, and he will fill your Heart with Love, and then we can all forget about this fussin and fighting and concentrate on what’s really important. The most important thing in life is where will you go when this very short life is over ?
    Jesus said,
    “I am the Way the Truth and the Life”

    No one will go to Heaven without his forgiveness!

    1. Lady.. we are not saying we are a superior race simply that we are Hebrews… His chosen. Superior is a white culture word. Read Duetoronomy 28 and 29. It describes God’s people. You don’t even know your own history. Read Enoch it describes what the children of the angels look like.

    2. You have no understanding of the scriptures..the Bible clearly says thatcHed respected Israel …it also says that he has a people chosen above all people like it love it hate it believe it or not that’s what the scriptures says and until you show the proper respect to him by acknowledging and respecting his people for who they are you ate marked for death

  36. Caucasian amerikkkans 👨‍💼👨🏼‍🎤👩‍👩‍👦‍👦💇🏼‍♂️is well aware that the Hebrew Israelites 👦🏾are THE MOST HIGH AHAYAH’S 🌫CHOSEN PEOPLE 👩🏾👨🏾. The people in our land Israel are NOT AHAYAH’S CHOSEN people, they are. Imposters 👱👩👨‍💼 Pretending to be us they call themselves Jewish ( I know they WISH they were by blood but there NOT) they know they’re not the chosen people they know we are the fake Jews the Roman catholic church knows we are the chosen people the Hebrew Israelite

  37. Twelve tribes their are. DNA has linked Black Tribes in Sudan and South Africa to Jewish ancestry. DNA has linked the Eastern American tribes to Jewish. Columbus interpreter spoke Hebrew with the islanders when he arrived in western hemisphere. Just minor abnormal findings in world data. American Indian history is covered up and hidden. American Indians ranged from white to black with mongoloid features as well. The Mound Builders wiped out by germ war fare from European explorers. Rome stole Christain church Holy Roman Cathloc Church is run by Ceasers (Pope). Split Roman East (Europe) West (Constantinople). Some Indians in India are Jewish DNA carriers. I wonder if the reason the Oriental (Asians) use last name then first is because they were the military survivors of last super war? Most western knowledge come from Greeks, however many of them learned it in Egypt. Where are the 13 Pillars of Knowledge? Oh, right twelve, I don’t think the thirteenth ever made it.

  38. The so-called negro,African-American is indeed the”real jew” and the Scriptures are very clear about it.The only people not truly aware are the so-called negroes themselves.America knows they are at the mercy of The Almughty concerning this matter yet it continues to abuse HIS chosen.I am beginning to learn about all this knowledge that has been “hidden” about my people.This fact is Americas greatest and most perfectly kept secret,but the time is rapudly approaching that these things will be revealed to”all”.The scriptures say those nations and people who have harmed HIS chosen will be punished.This is why America will never admit her wrong doing for fear of Gods wrath.The truth WILL make America free if she admits and repents for her sins against HIS chosen.

  39. I don’t see the issue here, white or European people have subjected melinated people every they conquered it’s in the history its present and if a different mindset other than the European mindset and ideologies dont change it will be the norm in the future as it is today. It’s entertaining to here the overt speak out and up against the betterment of a race of people. The arrogance of such a person or people to feel threatened by the very same things that has been imposed on melinated people by melanin deficient people since the white race interterupted and entered the earth a mere 40k years ago. When they the black races been here much longer so again I don’t see an issue here !!!

  40. Well, the problem is everyone is biased, but it matters not for Armageddon still comes. The Muslem(Islamic) slave markets sold the slaves to British Slavers to sell to Southern States. The Great Mideastern War over the Jewish Homeland will involve all the Worlds Powers. Chosen or not chosen will be decided by Christ upon his return. Mans Religions will not save, he shall know his sheep by spirit.




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