Obama – America Bamboozled!!

Spike Lee's 'Bamboozled'

Black Liberation Theology is fundamentally about world revolution against America and the white man and their destruction. Obama is applying this crackpot revolutionary religious doctrine to the US and the world from the Oval Office. There is a serious issue of separation of church and state, as well as this being a very grave threat to our national security. It is high time that people learned exactly what Black Liberation Theology is all about and begin interpreting Obama’s actions according the this perverse, cult-like belief system.

In black American culture there is a very long history of presenting a happy face to the unwitting white man while being subversive behind his back, whether it is just to steal a chicken for dinner or allowing the the massa’s house down as alluded to once by Malcolm X. Americans are being bamboozled! Obama is burning America’s house down, right in front of your eyes, while presenting a nice demeanor and happy face to the public. Most Americans do not have a clue what he is doing or what his true motivations are, or maybe better do not want to know, because they might have to do something about it, if they did.

Many are not able to criticize Obama, because they have misplaced guilt feelings about things that happened in the past for which they have no responsibility at all. Obama exploits these inappropriate guilt feelings of foolish Americans to achieve his anti-American agenda.

When a president’s religion teaches that the black race has a divine mission to destroy America, it is well justified to criticize that perverse religion and to hold him accountable for it. Obama was never required to admit that these are the fundamental principles of Black Liberation Theology and to repudiate this crackpot, pseudo-Christian belief system. The media and opposition politicians just allowed him to blame it all on Jeremiah Wright. They still allow Obama to tell the “big lie” about being a Christian without challenging him and explaining what Black Liberation Theology is really about, the divine religious mission of destruction of America, white society and traditional Christianity by the black race. This is evidently his intended transformation of America — and the world — that he promised.

Click here to view a website with many shocking, hateful quotes from James H. Cone’s foundation books on Black Liberation Theology.

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