Obama and Apocalypse Culture

The goal of many occultists is to produce anarchy in society so that the old system will collapse and a new occult order can be achieved. Occult-fascinated individuals in the media, entertainers and even politicians attempt to promote this anarchy, often from afar in order to contribute to this revolutionary world transformation. No direct connection is necessary, because there are numerous unstable persons in society, who will act without a direct command to public signal from a variety of sources. Many people instigate this mode in society, so that no one person can be blamed directly for anything that happens. It’s not a conspiracy but a large occult movement that has been building for decades and has well infiltrated the entertainment industry and the media, an Apocalypse Culture, as some have called it.

Apocalypse Culture
Apocalypse Culture

Now an occultist has been elected president. Obama has often been presented as an occult Messiah by the media and by his followers. He openly supported the Occupy Movement, which had anarchist, occult and communist aspects to it. Having an occult Messiah as president may not be the only contribution to violence in society, but it adds to the occult excitement of unstable occultists across America, who are fascinated with the idea of occult world transformation, as has even been promised publicly by Obama.

Many mass murderers have been fascinated with the occult. In so far as these killings have been carried out to produce some transformation in society and the world, they can be considered to be modern examples of human sacrifice, whether formal ritual is done or not.

Adam Lanza, the shooter in the recent mass murder in Connecticut is reported to have been fascinated with the occult.

The Aurora shooing of 2012 was done at a theater during the showing of a film, Dark Knight Rising, with and apocalyptic occult theme.

The Columbine shooters were fascinated with the violent film, “Natural Born Killer,” which was full of occult and Nazi symbolism.

Below is the death-head shrine found at the home of Jared Loughner, the shooter of Congresswoman Gabriela Gifford and 18 others in Tucson, Arizona in January, 2011. Six people died in the shootings.

Jared Loughner;s Occult Altar
Jared Loughner’s Occult Altar
Tucson Shooter

Ekhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey’s occult guru, explains that the meaning of his book, “The New Earth” is the collapse of the current order and creation of a new order on earth. Tolle is only one of many teaching these occult concepts of world transformation to the public. None of them can be held responsible for any specific act by others, but they all contribute to the atmosphere of occult excitement over the prospect of world transformation.


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