Obama and the Gnostic Occult

Obama is often Portrayed
as a God and Messiah. Here, aptly,
as Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds
The “occult” basis of the Obama movement is reviewed on this page. Americans need to realize what the occult is and to be able to recognize it, especially when politicians show signs of having an occult belief system. The occult does not always correspond to popular stereotypes.

The Gnostic occult often portrays itself as Christianity and Gnostic religions often blend characteristics of multiple other religions. The Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s church is an occult belief system that portrays itself as Christianity. This is why Jeremiah Wright said in an interview that his church made it possible for Obama to consider himself a Muslim and a Christian at the same time.

The Gnostic occult is related to the Christian concept of “Luciferianism.” In the Bible Lucifer wanted to be worshiped like God (Isaiah 14:12) and boasted that his throne would be “above the stars of God.” Self-worship and exaltation of man as God is therefore fundamental to the concept of Luciferianism. It is a religion for megalomaniacs and their followers.

Many will ridicule this idea, especially fans of the occult, but the psychology of humans has not changed and we still have a powerful instinct to self-exalt ourselves. The famous psychologist, C.G. Jung, a student of Freud’s, wrote that even, if people had no formal religion, human psychology would follow the same patterns. People can subconsciously conform to this cult psychology, but with Obama and his cohorts, it appears to be a conscious strategy for manipulation of the masses.

Gnostic occultism is several hundred years older than Christianity. Occultism is often discussed in the context of orthodox Christian beliefs and implying that it can only be understood in opposition to Christianity. This often puts off those who do not identify themselves as Christian.

It is important to be able to explain the concept to non-Christians in a way that they can understand. Since Gnosticism is older than Christianity and a separate belief system in its own right, non-Christians can understand the belief — without assuming that they accept Christianity — and how can be a big risk for a high politician to have a Gnostic belief system that man can self-exalt himself to “God” status.

The basic beliefs are:

——• Self Exaltation and Self Worship – „„Man can be perfected to divinity by self-exaltation. One can obtain mystical higher powers via a special relationship with God or that man is God or can actually become God. Every man has a spark of divinity within, which can be developed by some secret knowledge of self to Godhood. Luciferian messianic movements, lead by a self-exalted charismatic leader, have occurred throughout ancient times, though the Middle Ages to the present. A good reference for more information is “The Pursuit of the Millennium” by Norman Cohn. Some have proposed that movements such as Nazism and Communism are just modern day instantiations of messianic movements, as occurred in the Middle Ages.

World transformation into Utopia – The perfection of man to divinity is expected to transform the world into a perfect utopian society, a kind of occult theocracy, the physical and political version the biblical kingdom on earth. Occultists often use the bible interpreted in their own occult context.

Designation of the “Enemy” The enemy is a physical entity, which can be another segment of society, another group, nation, race or the “system.” Demonization of an enemy helps in exalting your own “chosen” people. Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s gnostic sect in Chicago teaches that blacks are the chosen people and the manifestation of God on Earth. It equates whites to the Antichrist.

Some other characteristics of Gnosticism are the following:

Esoteric belief System – The Gnostic occult is based on the ancient mystery religions, such as the Egyptian and Babylonian state religions. Gnostic groups often assumes the same form, having a exoteric belief that is presented to the public and an esoteric (hidden) belief that only the inner circle of the group is intended to know. Obama claims to be a regular Christian in public (exoteric doctrine), but when you read the literature of Black Liberation Theology of his church, it has a (esoteric) doctrine based on hate and black supremacy, not Christianity.

Based on Human instinct – Man has an instinct to self-exalt himself and/or follow a great leader. Ultimately the occult is based on the concepts of tribal religions, in which the chief was often worshiped as a God and the tribe was exalted as the chosen people. Because it is based on human instinct, there will always be many people with this kind of belief system.

Very Adaptable – Gnosticism comes in many different wrappers and can present itself as Christianity. Gnostic texts were excluded from the Bible, when it was canonized. You can tell that it is Gnosticism by the basic beliefs, if they are known, or the actions of the members, which may imply Gnostic belief.

Obama promised
Utopian World Transformation
Mesmerization of Followers – Promise of a utopian world transformation, exaltation of the group of followers and demonization of their “enemy” can be used to mesmerize a public following and produce fanatic loyalty that does not respond to normal logical arguments against the goals of the group. This is a reason that Obama’s support does not fall below a certain level. A certain percentage of the population are true believers in the promise of world transformation by the Great Leader and nothing will change their minds. The Nazis were the first political group to intentionally use such techniques on a large scale in an election (1932).

Ritual not necessary – Contrary to popular belief, bizarre ritual is not required. A lot of stereotypes of Gnostic belief have come to us from the middle ages, such as the black mass, the wearing of robes, ritually kissing Satan’s butt, etc. Some may practice ritual and even practice the stereotypes, because that is what they belief the occult belief is. Anyone can have a Gnostic belief system, even if he looks ordinary as your next-door neighbor.

•„„ Use of Provocation – There is has been a grudge for two thousand years between Gnostic and Christians, since the Church excluded Gnostic texts from the Bible. Since Gnostic ideas figure into the Christian end times scenario, Gnostics love to provoke conservative Christians with symbolic reference to their occult belief to enthuse their own fans and to make Christians overreact and discredit themselves among the broader public. A similar kind of provocation and use of occult symbolism has long been used in Hollywood as a marketing technique to draw attention to a product. Occult groups have a strong influence in Hollywood and especially in rock bands. See the occult symbolism in Oliver Stone’s movie, Natural Born Killer, for example or the occult symbolism that those like Marilyn Manson and Lady Ga-ga use in their performances.


Obama’s Throne Of Satan (Alinsky-style Provocation)


Obama is a professional, Alinsky-style agitator and occult provocateur and having Obama in the White House is like having the political equivalent of Marilyn Manson in the White House. Manson was ordained minister in Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Alinsky did not dedicate his book, “Rule for Radicals” to Lucifer for no reason, which was consider to be the “Bible” for community agitators, like Obama, who taught Alinsky’s techniques of provocation to others.

Obama, depicted as Christ.
One of his provocations has been the reference to him as God and references to Satanism/Luciferianism. This provokes conservative Christians to think that he is the “Antichrist.” He can use this to make them look hysterical and foolish to his own supporters and more neutral observers. Here’s one example of many. At the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the stage was designed to look like the Pergamon Altar, which is mentioned in the book of Revelation as the “Throne of Satan.” The Pergamon Altar was also used as the basis for the design of Hitler’s stage at the infamous German national “Reichstag” rallies at Nuremberg.

One such incident could be a chance occurrence, but there has been much too many of these kinds of provocative references to dismiss them as random chance. It is provocation by design and we have never had a president, who was so contemptuous of the voters that he would use such references in his campaign, in order to manipulate the public by provocation and mass suggestion of this kind.


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    1. He was trying, but I think he is beginning to realize that he failed and is getting depressive instead of his usual megalomanic self.

  1. None of this surprises me one bit…..If you read in the Bible Genesis Chapter 11 we read about a Man called Nimrod, who wanted to build his tower to heaven with his followers. This is a typology of The United Nations to a great degree. Mankind in every culture has had ” Nimrod” these people reject the Biblical account of creation, of God, his Laws, etc.
    The Bible tells about a Man called ” The Beast” in Revelations. This man will come forth with such a Charismatic Spirit everybody will love him no matter what he says or does ( Sound Familiar)?

    Obama may not be the ” Beast” but fits this person…..

  2. This is scary and so much rings true of the way Obama is and has run this country into ruin the past 4 years – Christians need to keep praying and keep believing that God is IN control but we need do our part and VOTE in November!

  3. Your articles are very well written. I learned some things. I am adding one idea: The ones you call neutral observers are really lost sheep and very numerous and really not even in the game. The gnostics offer an instruction which is logically compelling and accompanied by what I suspect is the fake holy Spirit, which seems to fill the known void. The Christians, who are most alarmed, have the real Holy Spirit and they are few in number. The battle is between two hierarchies, the real one of God through Jesus Christ, and the many others through to Lucifer. Both are offering a solution to the sheep, who are choosing, daily, by what they allow themselves to think and feel and do, and where they place their attention. The so called neutral observers are in an inferior position, like stuck in a room with the floor sliding out from under them, and they do not yet know it.

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