Nazi / Fascist Parallels In The Trump Movement

This page is a collection of some some of the things that suggest that the Trump movement is Nazi, fascist or satanic. Some sects have been inspired by the power that he achieved without being rabidly anti-Semitic. I am just documented what I can find along these lines. The reader can make up their own mind if this is significant or not. I have been a pro-American activist and blogger since 2008. Don’t shoot them messenger, I am just posting what I find along these lines. You be the judge. This page is still being edited and more will be added.

The page is new and still under construction. If anyone knows of other examples or have constructive comments, please send them to me via the contact link above.


The first thing that came to light during the campaign was that Trump’s father had been arrested in 1927 on Memorial Day at a KKK rally in New York. Is a son responsible for what his father did? No, but fathers sometimes have some influence on how their children think. Fred Trump was not charged, but that doesn’t mean he was not a participate at the ralley.

The KKK used the America First slogan as the the Trump Movement does.

Pro-Nazi, German immigrant groups and pro-fascist groups, as well as other more benign groups, also used the America First slogan. The German immigrants wanted to keep America from getting involved in World War II on the side of Great Britain against the Nazis.

Trump makes his “America-first” decree.


Richard Spencer at an Alt Right meeting hails the election of Trump in 2016.

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Some Trump supporters worship Trump as an hero as German Nazis worshiped Hitler.

Hitler and Trump depicted as mythical heroes.


Profane Trump-supporting paramilitary march in the streets of Washington, D.C on the day of the so-called Million Man March. That Trump has his own “army” of paramilitary and militiamen is analogous to the situation before and during the Nazi takeover. They are not quite to the level of Brown Shirts, yet, but seem more like the earlier Freikorps. I am just calling attention to the parallels, not that it would led to the same result. The United States in 2020’s was not in nearly as desparate a situtation as the defeated Germany was in the 1920’s. As they say, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

In this scene, Trumper paramilitary attacks a supply van that is supporting Antifa in the area. Antifa often calls each other “comrade” and espouses Marxist and anarchist views. The are prototypical of the communists that battled the right-wing militias in the streets during the German Weimar Republic.

Before Hitler even came onto the scene that was a German paramilitary, called the “Freikorps”, that dressed in tactical gear and battled in the communists in the streets, much like the Proud Boys and other paramilitary or militia groups battle BLM and antifa in the streets today. The Freikorps were mainly WWI veterans and they were the predecessors of the Brown Shirts and SS. Some units were incorporated directly into the Brown Shirts.

When a vote was scheduled for the Reichtag (German Parlament) to approve a bill that would set aside parts of the German Constitution and allow Adolf Hitler to assume total power the building was surrounded by the Brown Shirts and SS to make sure the legislators voted the way Hitler wanted, an they did. Members of certain parties, simply left the Reichstag building, never to return (Gleichschaltung). This is similar to how Trump supporters surrounding Congress on January 6th, 2021 to intimidate them into taking action that would allow the election to be overturned in Trump’s favor.


Trump supporters had a torchlight parade in Charlottesville and chanted, “They will not replace us” and even “Jews will not replace us.” that was similar to Nazi parades in Nuremberg and Berlin, only not as orderly as the German Nazi parades. This was not a Trump event, but you can be pretty sure most were Trump supporters.

This is an original Nazi torchlight parade in Berlin.

This Qanon-related video contains a number of references to Nazism, as indicated below.

Hyperborea is another name for the mythical island of Atlantis which in Nazi mythology was the original homeland of the Aryans, a race of “gods”. This image appears at about 2:09 in the video above.

Just a few frames later a man dives into a figure that resembles a neo-Nazi symbol called the sonnenrad (solar wheel) or schwarze sonne (black sun).

The sonnenrad was a feature of the Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, used by Heinrich Himmler as a cult religious site for the Nazi SS. It is circular with 12 viking sieg runes. In recent years, it has also been used for satanic religious purposes, whcih is really how it was used at Himmler’s SS castle/SS Temple, because Nazism is a form of Satanism.

Nazi Black sun symbol in the SS cult temple of the Wewelsburg castle.

At 2:25 there are some maps, which shows Atlantis (aka Hyperborea), the homeland of the mythical Aryan race.

At 2:29 a screen appears that says, “Embrace your Hyperborean blood.” That’s is embrace your Aryan blood. At 2:34 a screen commands to “have white kids.”

Next the number 1488 is displayed. “14” symbolizes the neo-Nazi slogan, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” “88” stands for the eight letter of the alphabet “H” and is code for, “Heil Hitler”.

At about 8:22 a digital “88” is displayed and the the number count up to “8”, suggesting “Heil Hitler” again just before the Great Leader, Trump, makes a dramatic appearance on the screen.

At about 13:20 a noose is displayed with the word “soon”, which apparently means that Trump’s enemies with soon be executed. Trump issued an executive order in November 2020 that changed the regulations to permit executions by hanging and firing squad. Of course, a gallows with a noose was displayed in front of Congress on January 6th as a threat.

I won’t go into any more detail at this time, but the rest of the video glorifies Trump.

In this video, Dr. Jerome Corsi Discuses plans for a “legitimate” military coup by Trump and the setting up of military tribunals for “traitors”, such as Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. This video is apparently from the time of the first impeachment of Donald Trump.

A video promoting the concepts of Qanon that implies that Trump has (or had) a plan for Inauguration Day, 2021. Turns out his plan seems to have been moved up to January 6th. I believe this video was produced in December of 2020.

At about 01:00 Trump says, “Now we are calling for a great re-awakening.” An apocalyptic awakening is a principal theme for Qanon.

An Awakening was also a major concept for the Nazis. “Deutschland Erwache” (Germany, awake) was written on the standards that they carried, as shown in this image of the Nazi SS on the march.

This is another video glorifying the Great Leader. Some scenes in this video appear to have been inspired by the Rene Riefenstahl propaganda documentary of a Reichsparteitag in 1935 in Nuremberg, the annual national meeting of the Nazi Party. Especially the airplane flight to the rally and the dominate leader walking with determination far in front of his entourage is reminiscent of scenes from Riefenstahl’s film, but also just the overall, hyperbolic, manic spirit of the video.

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Yet another video deifying Trump.

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The Nazis made similar heroic video documentary of their Fuehrer. Here is an excerpt of the famous Nazi Propaganda film “Triumph of the Will”.


Trump draws a “Q” symbol in the air with his finger and makes a mysterious remark about this being the “calm before the storm.”

The storm is another primary theme of Qanon. I can’t say the idea cam from the Nazis, but the Nazi also used the same methaphor. At Josef Goebles famous Total War speech in 1943, the used the storm methaphor saying at the end of his speech:

Nun, Volk steh auf, und Sturm brich los! (Now People, stand up and let the storm break loose.)

This was after the German defeat at Stalingrad, where they lost about a million soldiers.

They quote Goebels as remarking afterwards, that if he had asked the audience to jump off a tall building they would have done it. That also seems like Trump saying that his followers wouldn’t mind, if he shot someone on 5th avenue. Trump’s true believers would follow him to our own destruction as a nation.


Trump meeting with the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jung-Un, would not in itself be very meaningful, except that it seems that Trump has an unhealthy fascination with dictators.


Is Trump maybe giving us a hint here about his own motivations?