Using Meetup for Organizing

This page discusses the pros and cons of organizing with a couple of different kinds of social media. This is just a start, will be adding to it later. Many people do not like to use FaceBook and FaceBook users are notoriously unreliable. Hundreds will sometimes RSVP for an event and only a few with turn out. An alternative to FaceBook is:


A good number of Meetup groups are already participating in Impeach Obama overpass demos. An example of a group that organizes on Meetup is Stop Obama Now, San Diego.

Meetup is not much more than a webpage with an email list and a way to schedule events. FaceBook is a great way to connect with a LOT of people across the country, but it is difficult to motivate FaceBook users to turn out. You probably would not want to use Meetup to organize a nation-wide campaign, but some prefer Meetup for local organizing.

If people register for your group in Meetup, you can be sure they are a little more committed and you can email them directly, but it is more difficult to attract members to Meetup. If you have a list of e-mail addresses of interested people, an admin on Meetup can invite them to join using their e-mail addresses.

Meetup cost $77 for six months and you get the right to configure up to three Meetup groups for that cost. Some use “Ning” instead of Meetup. Ning is free and more flexible in configuration, but significantly more difficult to use. It is more for the whiz. An example of a group that uses Ning is Ventura County Tea Party.


Another way to attract members is to configure a paid ad on Google that will show up for searches with keywords, such as “Impeach Obama” within a certain radius of your location.


You can invite people to the group, whose e-mail address you have by selecting the following menu options near the top of the Meetup page:

“More”, then
“Invite friends to this Meetup group” and then select
“Or, e-mail directly.”


Under “We’re about” more key words should be listed, like “Tea Party”, “Oath Keepers,” “Ron Paul”, “Anonymous”, “Libertarian, etc., because meetup shows other users the site, based on these keywords.


Uploading a photo from one of your demos as a background, would make it look more interesting.

Always having a next event configured to show the site is active is helpful, also.

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