It’s the Theology, Stupid – Obama, Farrakhan & Black Liberation Theology

Learn how Black Liberation Theology is related to the Nation of Islam and see how Obama was completely familiar with this racist, seditious doctrine and talked about it often. This devastating documentary clip was posted in 2008 by Naked Emperor News, but disappeared from YouTube for some reason, probably due to copyright claims from the Nation of Islam.

Black Liberation Theology twists the meaning of the Bible to apply to the current black American situation. To understand why Obama and Michelle are so wasteful with taxpayer money when they go on vacation, listen from 19:00 in the clip, where Otis Moss III, the replacement of Jeremiah Wright, talks about moving into the enemy’s (whites’) camp, being blessed with his resources and having a “private party” at the expense of the enemy.


The same attitude applies to flash mob robberies. We now have a flash mob in the White House, consisting of Obama and his gang and they are looting the entire country. While dumbfounded citizens looked on, not knowing what to do or how to respond, a flash mob moved into the White House, They ignored the law and looted at will. They are throwing lavish parties and sparing no expense on luxurious vacations at taxpayer expense, while the country is suffering a severe economic crisis. They are still there and no one has the courage to throw them out or even confront them and speak up about the situation.

Black Nationalist doctrines, like Black Liberation theology teach that the system is illegitimate and past wrongs justify pretty much anything the black man wants to do. These ideas unfortunately have been spread widely in the black community by hate mongers, like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, and thus come ultimately from the same source as Obama’s own seditious and larcenous attitudes.


Watch the whole film to understand Black Liberation Theology (and learn why white people can’t be saved) It is not just Rev Wright, Barack Obama and Farrakhan use identical rhetoric over and over. (Not just sound bites but entire concepts) Obama in speeches to predominantly African American audiences covers every aspect of Black Liberation Theology even admitting in 2007 that Trinity is perceived as a separatist church James Cone, the founder of Black Liberation Theology, says white people cannot be Christians Reverend Otis Moss III, the new pastor at Obama’s church calls white people the enemy, and says Malcolm x is the greatest cultural icon of the twentieth century. Farrakhan calls Barack Obama the Messiah. Watch the whole film to understand why both Michelle and Barack Obama put down America as part of their theology. Once you see the whole film the connection between Wright, Obama and Farrakhan makes sense. Watch this entire movie to understand how a presidential candidate completely embraces Black Separatism, Black Power, and Nation of Islam, Black Liberation Theology and anti-American ideas Please pass this film on!!!! As alternative media, we are committed to stopping the pundits and news commentators from framing this as a “Pastor Disaster.” Barrack Obama completely understands and uses the words and concepts of Black Liberation Theology

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  1. Americans believe anything they hear on television.How about the idiots paying 35,000 a plate to eat with someone who hates their guts and wants to bankrupt the nation?

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