Roger Ogden, Worst White Supremacist In San Diego?

Some have called Roger Ogden (me) of San Diego the worst racist, Nazi, white supremacist, fascist ever to live in San Diego, California, someone who makes Tom Metzger look like a choir boy. Logically you can never prove a negative. I cannot prove that I am not an extraterrestrial, either? The burden of proof should be on the the accuser.

Many leftist radicals use slander and defamation campaigns to marginalize and intimidate their critics, put them on the defensive and shut them up. Every “critic” of their politics is called a white supremacist, even if they are not white. Many Leftists believe the American system is fundamentally racist and Nazi-like. Therefore anyone who is pro-American is a racist Nazi.

It is a standard tactic of theirs to inhibit the opposition. I generally do not even entertain the question or waste a lot of time trying to defend myself from that kind of attack, by trying to prove the negative. I do not want to give them the satisfaction of putting me on the defensive.

I will just explain to you why they launched this defamation campaign against me and let you decide. They never show me actually doing or saying anything racist. It is all innuendo. Political criticism of certain radical persons or radical groups, who may happen to be to be black or brown, is not racism, sorry.

They do it because I am a blogger who supports free speech, constitutional government and the rule of law and because I have been critical of antifa, the far Left and some of their allied, black and brown racial nationalist groups. I expose them by just posting video of their own behavior and interpreting it in a critical way. They hate that and retaliate by defaming and slandering me.

It started when I made a video in May 2017 that included a person assaulting Trump supporters in front of the Convention Center in San Diego where Trump was giving a speech. I did not know who he was at the time, but found out later he was Jesse Cannon, who was trying to start an antifa cell in San Diego. So, I began identifying him by name in the videos that I make about him.

Jesse Cannon, outside rally assaulted Trump supporter.

Antifa has been described by the U.S. Justice Department as a group that uses the tactics of domestic terrorism. So, certainly they have no qualms about carrying out a defamation/slander campaign against a critic.

Jesse Cannon has inspired a number of his fellow antifa and allies to join the defamation campaign against me. Below he explains why even skin color has nothing to do with racism. That is, blacks and browns can be racist, too, if they are not in agreement with his radical political views.

This is another video of Jesse and his friends driving a group of law enforcement trainees in plain clothes out of the Chicano Park. They were visiting the park as a field trip for diversity training. I believe this was a class for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Cops are the only kind of civil servant, who are required to endure a flood of obscenities, abuse and threats while performing their job. You can hear Jesse Cannon speaking, starting from about 2:16.

Chicano Park was occupied by radical Chicanos in 1970 and has historically been used for some of the most extreme leftist events in San Diego. This is a video of the march from Chicano Park to the Convention Center to attempt to shutdown a Trump campaign speech.

In September of 2017, I invited a group of people to go to Chicano Park to view the anti-American aspects of the murals there.

The leftists found out we were going (I believe it was Jesse Cannon or one of his cohorts) by snooping my email list and incited a mob of about 500 people to drive us out of the park, which would be a violation of our rights.

After they started to threaten us the composition of the small group of people that were going to the park changed. Some people dropped out and others decided to come. One lady and her young daughter were going to come, but I told her it was too dangerous for her daughter.

We knew a large mob would be there, but decided to go anyway to assert our right to be there and show how intolerant they were even of someone peacefully using a public park when those persons are critics of the Left and their allied groups, such and Chicano (brown) racial nationalism.

Chicano Park mural honoring communists,
Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

What a waste of time this was for these people and a waste of time and money for the City of San Diego. All we were going to do was have some pizza and take a little (critical) tour the murals, many of which are politically radical, representing themes of communism and Chicano racial nationalism. Jesse Cannon, no doubt, misrepresented to others what we had planned to do there.


Will post examples of the threats and abuse that I get here.

This phone message is from August 6, 2020, “F-U, you racist, Nazi pig”.

This threat was from someone named John Wells in November of 2019. From the images on his Facebook page he identifies as Antifa.


These threats I received around of the time of this Patriot Picnic September 3, 2017. If remember correctly, they were sent anonymously to my blog and that’s why there is no name or handle associated with them.

-Yeah there’s going to be a lot of shootings over this eventually people aren’t going to tolerate this shit if they let it get out of hand they better calm their asses down real fast or bullets will be flying I damn sure ain’t kissing no motherfuckers feet I don’t care what fucking color you are this is a world where everybody should be treated equal and if you want to keep throwing fire on fire because of what our ancestors did in the past or believe what a man-made book says when it’s been proven time and time again that man lies you’re a fucking idiot and you deserve to get shot if they had walked up to me I have a short fuse I’m the type of person you don’t see shit coming you definitely don’t walk up to me like this and say that kind of shit to me because I’m going to calmly walk away and then when you’re not looking I’m going to turn around and I’m going to shoot you in the fucking back of the head because you are a fucking idiot that’s what these people are is fucking idiots so easy to kill someone a blink of the eye without them even seeing it coming cuz I know I’m not the one dying

-There’s a lot of monsters in the world and you aren’t one of them but you keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to find them there’s monsters out there that are smarter and worse than Ted Bundy so if you people want to live another day to see your families I suggest you start treading lightly


These threats were received around the time of the Patriot II picnic February 3, 2018.

I attended and invited others, but was not a significant organizer of this event, which was intended to be a protest of the fact that patriots flying US flags are not allowed in the park. Some thought that I was the organizer, because I was there and I had organized “Patriot Picnic I”.

Danny boyy
These idiots think logan is theres (sic) hahaha. Chicanos Step up the pressure to these dumb nuts if takes violence.

I and retired and in my 60’s. I am not a street fighter and can assure you that I was not looking for a fight with hundreds of angry Chicanos. I was only expecting to exercise my right to assemble in a public area without harassment, abuse and threats of violence.

Winston WOLF503
Patriot Fire fuck you. You went there looking for a fight and several members of your group have associated with the TWP and other white nationalist groups. You deserve what happens to you. Your (sic) going to learn the hard way that you Racist white power disguised as “patriotism” is only going to get your ass beat.

I have never advocated white power, racial nationalism or racial identity. I am opposed to any such ideologies, no matter what the race. Caucasians have no monopoly on racial supremacy.

Chicano Park is a public park that promotes a Chicano racial nationalism and mestizo racial identity, as well as communism. I just believe all of these radical racial nationalist ideologies are bad, whether white, black brown or yellow. However, radical Leftists are allied with some non-white, racial nationalist groups, such as the brown racial nationalism represented by Chicano Park.

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