Impeach Obama Tea Party #1 – San Diego

These are links to blogs and clips of the first Impeach Obama Tea Party dedicated to impeaching the usurper, Barack Obama held in San Diego, August 28, 2010. It may be the first in the nation, as far as we have heard. May there be many more, until the usurper is removed from the White House. Sponsored by Stop Obama Now Group. The location is in front of the San Diego County Administration building on North Harbor Drive, near Downtown.

YouTube clip that I made of the event. This clip has gone viral.

Posts on blogs and forums. – Impeach Obama Rally in San Diego

Free Republic – San Diego Tea Party Impeach Obama Rally Pictures

Hollylamb’s Blog – Impeach Obama Rally

Impeach Obama Campaign Website – Impeach Obama Rally in San Diego

Marooned in Marin – Photos from “Impeach Obama” Rally in San Diego

Patriot Update – Impeach Obama Rally in San Diego

Ventura County Tea Party Blog – IMPEACH OBAMA Street Protest—8-28-10, San Diego

Protest, January 2011

2 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Tea Party #1 – San Diego”

  1. lets get rid of another Castro, I know, I was hungry, and we had nothing, they took away everything, my father had worked for, he is a bastard.

  2. Let’s get rid of that long-legged macdaddy, before he starts a race war in this wonderful God-fearing country!

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