Print Your Own Magnetic Bumper Stickers

Print the files below on magnetic sheets to make your own magnetic bumper stickers. Office supply stores such as Staples sell 8.5×11 inch magnetic vinyl sheets. You can use these sheets in your inkjet printer to print out the files directly on the magnetic sheets and trim them to size with scissors.

A pack of four glossy white sheets cost about $12, that is $3 per sheet. You can make two bumper stickers from a single sheet or one side panel sticker per sheet. That is about $1.50 per bumper sticker. Make a batch of them and hand them out to like-minded friends or sell them at events, if you want.

The magnetic sheets that Staples sells are pretty thin and the bumper stickers made from them look a bit flimsy. However, they have been tested at speeds up to 75 mph on the freeway. They stay on well and are very visable.

You can also buy any bumper sticker on the internet and stick it on a piece of magnetic vinyl sheet to make it a magnetic sticker. Michael’s Arts and Craft stores sell thicker rolls of magnetic vinyl sheet that can be cut to size.

Suggestions for additional stickers will be considered for posting on this page. Send me photos of your these or other such bumper stickers on your vehicle and I will put them in the monthly report page.

Go to this link and see the “Bumper Sticker” directory for the latest uploads.

File Downloads

Click on the images below to download the files to your computer.

Click to print or download file.

Click to print or download file.

These images files are rasterized, so that photo paper is not required for printing. They are for that reason larger than the usual image files and may take a little longer to preview or download.

King Obama  Side panel sticker

King Obama
Side panel sticker

Obama bin Laden Side Panel Sticker

Obama bin Laden
Side panel sticker

This is how the stickers look in real life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When this car stopped at a gas station, one of the attendants became nearly jubilant and started snapping photos of the stickers to send to friends. He said he never saw anything like it. He sounded Iranian-born and is probably a refugee from the Mullahs, who does not like Obama giving them many billions of dollars in frozen assets and a path to a nuclear bomb.

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