Impeach Obama Protest – Veterans Day – San Diego Banner Flyover

USS Carl Vinson - Veterans Day Protest

On Veteran’s Day (11-11-11), Obama is expected to visit the USS Carl Vinson to watch a college basketball game to be played on her deck. The sailors are required to attend. It’s what the Navy calls a “mandatory fun day.”

Obama to attend Carrier Classic in San Diego Bay

A special “Impeach Obama” sky banner has been ordered for the occasion. The sky-banner will be flown in the morning (7-9AM), before airspace has been shut down. Montgomery Field says airspace is expected to be shut down from 3-8PM on Veterans Day. The banner is intended for the public to see, not for Obama. The banner will also have the time and place of the protest to be held later that day. The actual message will be the following:


“North Island” is short for the “North Island Naval Air Station.” The overflight cost is $1,058 and the order has now been placed. If you like and want to support the idea, make a contribution, even a small one is helpful. Your name or nick will be added to the list of contributors. Many smaller contributions from a lot of different people shows wider support. So, small contributions ARE appreciated.

Below is an image of the “IMPEACH OBAMA BANNER” flying over San Diego.

Impeach Obama Banner over San Diego on Veterans Day, 11-11-11

To make a contribution, go to this link below. Suggested contribution is $10-25 dollars. It is certainly okay, of course, if you want to pay a little more. Credit Cards are accepted.

Click here to contribute via PayPal

This is the list of contributors. Contributions will reduce the organizer’s cost, who initially purchased the Sky-banner. If you don’t want your full name listed, you can identify yourself by initials or a user nick. Just send a message to “” and let me know or leave a comment below.

    NAME                      AMOUNT       CITY           
1.  Roger Ogden (organizer)    $600       San Diego, Ca     
2.  Scott Rieker                $50       San Diego, Ca
3.  Catherine Paquette          $50       Capistrano Beach, Ca
4.  Andres Wong                $100       San Diego, Ca
5.  Armijo Sales                $15       Waterloo, Wi
6.  Ted de Reeder               $68       Long Island, NY       National Sky Ads, Inc.
7.  Michael/Pat Moss            $10       El Cajon, Ca
8.  Carl Luckner                $25       San Diego, Ca
9.  Rodney Nelson               $20       Los Lunas, NM
10. Pat and Don Turnbough       $15       Surprise, Az
11. Ms. Patriot                 $25       San Diego, Ca         Southern California Patriots Coalition
12. Joseph Shaber               $50       San Francisco, Ca
13. Patricia McCollum           $20       Kingman, Az
13. Richard Sansom              $10       West Fork, Ar

After the cost is paid, any additional contributions will be used to pay for future such sky-banners in other cities. If 1,000 people are willing to put up $20 each, we could fly similar banners over 20 cities.

A protest has been scheduled for 3PM at the entrance of the North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado.

Veterans’ Day Tea Party for Obama in Coronado / San Diego

Sponsoring organizations:

Impeach Obama Tea Party

Stop Obama Now – San Diego

National Sky Ads, Inc.

Airplane towing Impeach Obama Banner over San Diego on 11-11-11


City of Coronado tries to censor message.

The FAA reportedly ordered the plane to move out of the area, due to complaints from citizens of Coronada and the Sky-Ad broker received this intimidating message from the Coronado Homeowners Association threatening to file complaints to the FAA/DOT against the operators of the flights.

——– Original Message ——–

Ted Contact this Person:
Name: Jerry Toci
>Coronado Home Owners Association
Zip Code:
Event Date: 11/11/12
Telephone: 619-522-0510
Persons Contacting
>you is: Business
Advertising Budget: 75k+
Additional Information: Please
>contact me regarding the “Impeach Obama” banner towed over Coronado yesterday.
>We need to verify the persons responsible as well as the pilot’s name and
>certificate#. The Coronado Home Owners Association is filing formal complaints
>with the FAA/DOT. Help your case by advising which Coronado City official (if
>any) authorized your 11/11/11 banner towing.,Jerry Toci,President,Coronado Home
>Owners Association,901 Balboa Avenue,Coronado, CA 92118,(619)522-0510,email:

>This e-mail was generated from a form submission on your website:
> at 11/12/2011 11:30:28 AM

34 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Protest – Veterans Day – San Diego Banner Flyover”

    1. Thanks, Pat. We’re going to fly tomorrow unless the weather is bad or something else goes wrong. If the event generates interest, I may still receive enough donations to pay for the flight.

  1. You guys are the best……..IMPEACH OBAMA has been my motto for 3 years (one while he was campaigning and 2 in office). IMPEACH OBAMA AND DEPORT HIM AND GEORGE SOROS…..

  2. Sailors are not required to attend the game. Where do you get that from? Think of all the sailors that have to work on this day and you planning a protest outside the front gate? All you are achieving is making this veterans day more difficult for all the service members who are working on their day off. You should be ashamed!!

  3. What about OWS they have driven many out of business and left in their path nothing but filth and disease, post on that. These people are telling the truth about the Usurper in the WH and it does not even last over night. Get a life.

    1. Only about ten people showed up. It is difficult to get people to deal with their fear of speaking out publicly against Obama. Their instinct is to appease Obama and try to wait it out, hoping against hope that he will be voted out. One of the reasons for flying the banner is that you can make a statement, without having to get people to turn out for a street protest. The protest was just an afterthought and was not much promoted. The main protest WAS the sky-banner.

  4. This is a war between Good and Evil. The battles are underway and both on the material and spiritual levels. All those who are supporters of obama are actually on the side of Satan, whether they realize it or not, but they have to admit that there is nothing about thier man that is christian. Most of these people hold the very idea of christianity in disdain and they would reject obama if he were to actually be practicing christianity. He says he is christian but ridicules the Bible, praises the qu’ran and also has made impassioned speeches against the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. In his autobiography he tells anyone who actually reads it, that he loathes the caucasion part of himself. That he has loathing for the middle class. He opens his mouth and from out of that black pit gushes pride, arrogance, lies and hatred. He is the Devil’s main man in the world at this time and everywhere he goes the Prince of Darkness sends legions of demons to mingle in the crowds to stir up the people. They are having a spiritual experience that is by no means from the Lord. Obama himself thinks that he is a messiah, but he is merely a tool of the Devil. There are many christian people who ignore the fact that obama preaches and practices all manner of evil and wickeness that are abomination to the Lord.(proverbs 6:16-19) The Lord is permitting obama to continue for a short time longer because America has become very wicked and He is using obama to chastize us for our sins. We, as a nation, deserve to have such an evil entity ruling over us. But for the sake of the few righteous, the Lord has not permitted obama to fulfill his agenda. To win this war? “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,and turn away from thier wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive thier sin, and will heal thier land.”2chronicles7:14.

  5. It was interesting that President Obama did not attend the SEAL Base graduation in Corondo in the AM 11-11-11, but took all the credit for disposing of binLaden? Also, O had an Air Force patch on his leather jacket at a NAVY event. Is that the same as the “finger”?

  6. I just got this message, I too (like the majority of America) am broke and only wish I could financially support this movement. Anyone have an update on how this went?


  8. to all those who say this national sky ad saying “impeach obama” on veterans day was bad taste,
    how about obama screwing the veterans of their benefits? and did he ever honor veterans in some parade some place that day? now that, obama worshippers, is bad taste!

  9. I know I’m late in making a comment here, however, just in case anyone else reads this I want to make a comment. This banner is not in bad taste. It is making a simple plain statement the 1st Amendment allows us to. Obama and the progressives believe they are in a war with us and we need to understand that. That means they will use whatever tactics will get the results they want. The greatest tactics are deception and negatively labeling the opposition to silence them and make them feel like they did something wrong. So, you see, if you think this was in bad taste then they have been successful and you lose. We are not radicals or out of line here. We are just simply making a negative statement about the President which we are entitled. In fact, there are many people who want our Congress to begin the impeachment process. In order for Congress to have enough guts to do this, they need to know they have a significant support base from WE THE PEOPLE. We have to understand the progressives are at war and act accordingly – not with hate or revenge, but with boldness to tell the truth and hold the line.

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  11. The Card Party Project to Impeach Obama and Defeat Obamacare
    Outrage is now being felt by millions of citizens now discovering the unaffordable premiums and even more unaffordable deductibles connected with 0-Care. The Card Party Project is designed to offer a slap in the face to the socialist communist muslim illegal coalition running our country.
    What is the Card Party?
    The Card Party is composed of unaffiliated groups and individuals whose purpose is the abolition of the so-called Obamacare law which has already driven the majority of the US working population into part-time and has caused explosive increases in health insurance premiums.
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    The impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama is key to 0-Care abolition because of his veto power over congressional action. The Card Party operates by placing small cards in public places for the purpose of rallying public opinion and giving hope and cheer to the victims of 0-Care.
    What does a typical Impeachment Card look like?
    I have attached Impeach.odt which can be opened in Office Suite X. The text simply states IMPEACH OBAMA healthcare screw job.
    The card size is 0.5 inch x 2.375 inch. The same message is printed on both sides.
    Where can one go to play cards?
    Stores: placement in or among merchandise.
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    Suggestion Boxes, Raffle Boxes, Ballot Boxes, Display Cases.
    Shove under doors or into door slots.
    The Opening Salvo
    The opening salvo of card playing will concentrate on…..URINALS !!! This where it is easiest to place cards discretely since all of the above play locations except automobiles have them. Although this will work in men’s rooms only, ladies could develop their own procedures.
    The card player simply drops a .5 X 2.375 inch card into each urinal. It immediately gets wet and gets peed upon.
    No one will reach down to retrieve it because its kind of an icky place.
    The cards for this application must be printed with waterproof ink on BOTH SIDES.
    In this location the card gives the patron the pleasure of peeing on Obama, while improving his aim, resulting in a cleaner floor, thereby reducing restroom maintainance costs. It will be seen by many of your peers (pun intended). You don’t even have to “go” in order to play.

    Most folks now have computers and printers. You can stay in your own community to have card parties with friends or solo. You don’t have to travel to protest rallies or spend needed funds. Take a few dozen cards with you wherever you go to take advantage of implantation opportunities that arise. After holding a card party the group can meet for coffee and refreshments.
    Let the Partying Begin !!!
    Send this on to other interested parties.
    Vic Misek
    Send me an email to get the impeachment.odt file for printing card party cards.

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