How to Start a Group for Impeach Obama Overpass Demos

If you are a new start-up group, suggest you use a name such as “Impeach Obama Now – (your city/area)” that will be easy to find with a Google or FaceBook search.

• Keep track of interested people with an e-mail list or by starting a FaceBook group or Meetup group, etc. (Gmail allows you to create a very large e-mail list.)

To create a FaceBook group:

– Click on “Home” on the upper right

– Click on “Create group” under the “GROUPS” menu in the left margin

• Advertise your local group by sharing on FaceBook, inviting friends on FaceBook, Twitter, e-mail lists and by word-of-mouth. If you are in a hurry and don’t mind spending some money, FaceBook and/or Google ads may be an option to consider.

• Start making signs and having street demos at busy street corners or highway overpasses.

• Use Google maps “satellite view” and “street view” to scout for likely overpasses or protest sites. A good overpass has a fence, where signs can be hanged, slow traffic over the overpass (so it’s safe) parking/bathroom nearby and in a safe area of town. Pedestrian bridges can also be a good choice.

• After you find a site, visit it personally to make a site survey and make sure it looks okay.

• Make photos/video of the demos to share on the Internet. Optimally, videos should be about 2-3 minutes in length.

• Call the local news media and collect a list of the e-mail address of the tip-lines of media outlets in the area. See this link:

Tips on Media Coverage

• E-mail your local TV, Radio and newspaper tip-lines 1-2 days before the event to get on their schedule for news coverage

• Call the local police and highway patrol 2-3 days ahead of time to let them know about the demo. If the police know about the demo ahead of time, they may not be required to respond as an emergency, when some hostile O-bot calls 911 to report your demo and tells them you are throwing objects off the overpass. This can make your interaction with the police go a lot smoother.

• Permits are not needed for small freedom-of-speech demos, that is a few people displaying signs on public property, who are not interfering with others or traffic. The 1st Amendment is your permit! As long as you are not interfering with the rights of others, you should be okay with the police, although there have been a couple of exceptions of police harassment.

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