Flying Impeach Obama Sky-Banners

Folks are looking for new ways to protest for Obama’s impeachment. Some may want to try flying sky-banners. “Stop Obama Now” in San Diego flew six sky-banners at different events around the country in 2011-2012.

The cost depends very much on the event. A 1-hour flyover over a small event, including R/T from the airport, may cost about $600-700. A flight over a major event could cost a couple thousand dollars.

You need a good camera with a telephoto lens to take decent photos and video for upload to the Internet.

You can raise money via the Internet. It is easier to collect money, of course, if you show the public just how much you raised and how you spent it.

From our experience, not all brokers and pilots will fly Impeach-Obama banners. One broker, who will work with you to find a pilot to fly such banners is:

National Sky-Ads, contact Ted at 1-888-Fly-Mine.

Skybanner flown at religious freedom rally in San Diego
Skybanner flown at religious freedom rally in San Diego

This is video of a banner flown at an Rally for Religious Freedom in San Diego

This is video of the launch of a banner that flew over the 2012 Rose Parade. 12-foot high letters were used vice the standard 7-foot high letters, because Homeland Defense requires that the plane stay at least 3,000 feet above the ground if the crowd numbers more than 30,000, compared to the normal 1,500 foot altitude for smaller crowds. For this reason it is not practical to fly over many large events, because banners using the standard letters are not very readable from 3,000 feet.

Skybanner pilots are most common on both coasts, where there are beaches, though there are a few in inland cities. Some good places to fly an impeach Obama skybanner are:

● Around the neighborhood of an Obama speech or visit, before he arrives and the FAA restricts flights

● Along a crowded beach

● Events with crowds having less than 30k people, such as political rallies/protests, state fairs, etc.

● Over a wealthy liberal neighborhood. Wealthy Obama supporters often think that they own the air space over their houses and will squeal like piggies, when you fly over.

Note: flight restrictions are not normally put in force, when Michelle Obama or an administration official makes an appearance. So, you may well be able to fly while they are in the area.

We flew a banner for an hour over a fundraiser hosted by Michelle Obama in the Fall of 2012. Unfortunately, she was late. Or, maybe they intentionally delayed her arrival until the banner left the area.

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