Proposed Election Reforms

This page lists several proposals that have been made for reform of the American election system. The purpose is to reduce corruption, return power to the states and provide more choice in presidential candidates. The page is a draft that will be passed around FaceBook and the Internet for discussion. After the upcoming 2012 election it seems likely that there will be considerable demand for election reform so that the events of the last three years do not recur. The proposals listed are just straw man proposals and can be changed depending on the feedback received.

Election reform may not get as much attention as some other issues, but it is a more fundamental issue and is the underlying problem that aggravates a whole host of other issues, from illegal immigration to out-of-control deficit spending.

TERM LIMITS Term limits have already been implemented in about half the states by referendum or state law. A Constitutional Amendment has been proposed but was not able to pass. Two-thirds majority votes are needed in the House and the Senate.

Term limits in the United States

REFORM THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM Propose that the President be elected by popular vote and the balloting be done by the Instant Run-Off System. This would allow voters to vote for third-party candidates without the guilt of possibly throwing to the election to another candidate that they do not support. The voter votes for the candidates in the order his preference. If no candidate receives a majority, the votes are recounted for the top two candidates and whoever receives a majority is the winner.

REPEAL THE 17TH AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION Senators were originally appointed by state governments to give the states representation in the national government. The 17th amendment changes the law, so that Senators are elected by popular vote. This defeats the original intent of the writers of the Constitution and concentrates power in the national government. Propose that the 17th amendment be repealed and the election of senators be returned to state governments, as the Founders intended.

Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution


According to J. Christian Adams, the DoJ attorney that prosecuted the two Black Panthers in the voter suppression case of 2008, the CRD has become politically corrupt and radicalized. The attorneys often come from leftist civil rights organizations and have political and/or racial agendas. The CRD has enormous control over elections. It does not mean the civil rights laws and election laws would not be enforced. Just that they would be enforced by more professional attorneys in other areas of the DoJ, who would be less likely to have a political agenda of some kind.

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Injustice by J. Christian Adams

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