Farrakhan visits White House

According to the visitor log on the White House website, a certain “Louis E. Farrakhan” paid a visit last October, which is a lot like the Grand dragon of the KKK being invited to the White House. See link:

White House Visitor Log – Farrakhan Search

My congresswoman Susan Davis tried to tell me that it was “some other Louis E. Farrakhan” not the famous Farrakhan and cited an ABC report that just accepted the White House denial at face value.

White House Denies Farrakhan Visit

I searched for “Louis Farrakhan” at:


There are at least three men in the US named Louis Farrakhan:

Louis E. Farrakhan, born in 1933, residence Illinois/Arizona
Louis E. Farrakhan, Jr., born in 1975, his son, residence Illinois/Arizona

There is also a

Louis Farrakhan, born in 1944, Residence, New Jersey

The one in New Jersey is too old to be a son. Could be a nephew or NOI member that took the same name.

The one that visited the White House was recorded as “Louis E. Farrakhan.” That is the legal name of the famous, senior Farrakahn. So, I believe that you can assume that it was the head of the Nation of Islam that visited the White House, unless someone gives us better proof that it was someone else. You can assume that security at the White House looks at an ID and writes down the legal name.

Proof that it was someone else would be to identify and interview the person that actually visited on that day. We should not have to take Obama’s word for it.

Please keep writing your representatives and senators to complain about this outrage. If they try to say that it was someone else, then ask them to provide real proof and not just a statement from the White House. We know already that Obama is a practiced and talented liar.

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