“Mask-Free Friday” Protest Against Covid Dictates

Mask-less protests have been happening all over the country and internationally. More than 10-15 people here and there are needed. Thousands, tens of thousand, hundreds of thousands of people should be doing it regularly and pushing back on these authoritarian health orders. There are many millions of people who resent being ordered to wear a mask. To take this to a higher level, everyone going mask-less on the same day is proposed, a “Mask-Free Friday”, aka “Freedom Friday”. Make it a habit, but especially on Friday. Do it as a group or individually.

The idea is not necessarily to get into huge altercations with employees of businesses, or create a big disturbance. They are just doing their job and the business can be fined or closed if they do not attempt to enforce the draconian health dictates. Rather, an approach of more passive résistance to the Covid dictate is suggested.

Anyone can do more confrontational protests, if they want. However, this is to support also those who want to contribute to a protest but do not want to be so confrontational and or may not have time for organized protests.

The concept is the following:

  • Focus on one day of the week, Mask-Free Friday, to concentrate the impact.

  • Play rope-a-dope. Carry a mask with you and just put the mask on, when requested by an employee, but take it off again as soon as you are out of his range.

  • Can be done as an individual or a group, as in the video above.

  • Can be done during your normal routine.

  • The more people seen in public not wearing masks, the more others will be encouraged to do the same.

  • Also, of course, patronize stores that do not order you to wear a mask.

Anti-Mask Protest in Florida