Conan Exposes MSM’s Robot-like News Reporting (Funny)

Conan shows that the mainstream media is often reading fluffy stories from a nation-wide script. You may skip over a couple of these clips, but don’t miss the last one, which shows the media’s reaction to Conan.

Conan Segment Reveals Mainstream Media’s scripted Talking Points
Gas Prices (2/24/13)

Media Reacts: Salty Campaign Final Days Edition CONAN on TBS (11/6/12)

Media Reacts: Hostess Twinkies Are In Trouble!
Conan on TBS (1/11/12)

Media Reacts: The End Of E-mail Overload?
CONAN on TBS (3/7/12)

Media Reacts: I Scream, You Scream Edition
CONAN on TBS (7/17/12)

Media Reacts: A Child’s Happiness Edition(8/16/13)

Media Reacts: The Easter Bunny’s Springless Steps
CONAN on TBS (3/26/13)

Media Reacts: Yeah, Baby Edition (10/18/13)

Media Reacts: Where Can You Enjoy Cyber Monday Sales?
CONAN on TBS (11/27/12)

Is It Time For Dogs To Have A Social Network Of Their Own?
CONAN on TBS (5/9/12)

Media Reacts: A Christmas Present Or Two Or Ten Edition (12/16/13)

“Independent” Media Reacts To Conan” (11/8/11)


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