Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners

To actually expose, impeach and remove Obama from office, it will take a massive effort by many cooperating, groups and interested parties. We are seeking partner groups, supporting websites and endorsements of this goal by prominent persons of our effort to impeach, convict and remove Obama from office. Please use the contact tab above.

Tentative list of groups with an organizer. Contact me via the tab at the top, if someone has been left out or wants to be added.

Watch us grow!

„● Impeach Obama Now! – Riverside, California
„● Impeach Obama Now!! – San Diego, California (Meetup Group)
„● Impeach Obama Now! – Simi Valley, California
„● Impeach Obama Now! – South Orange County, California
„● Impeach Obama Rallies – Jacksonville, Florida
● Impeach Obama Now! – Naples, Florida
„● Impeach Obama Now! – Reno, Nevada
„● Sons of Liberty Riders (nationwide)
„● Stand for Liberty (East Coast))
● We the People Rising (Orange County, California)*

* “We the People, Rising” focuses on illegal immigration, but were some of the first people protesting for impeachment.

● Give us Liberty (Blog)
„● Impeach Obama Now (Blog)
Also, state and local “Impeach Obama Now!” groups have been started across the nation and are listed in this directory. Join and help make them active.

Impeach Obama Now Coalition – Group Directory

8 Responses to Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners

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  3. Patricia Mark says:

    He brought Bergdahl home and traded him for the 5 worst humans on Planet Earth! Obama has committed yet another crime and that doesn’t include the many acts before and since this incident. The list goes on and on… He thinks he is a rock star dictator – he should be stopped now. Also, why not send OUR National Guard to OUR borders?? Hello???

  4. Marina says:

    Why are Americans not marching on Washington against Obama? The African Americans had no problem almost shutting down the country over police brutality. Obama is a real threat, why are people sitting on their hands? Start a march and I will be there. Small groups here and there are no help at all, too easy to control. Thousands of marching protesters will show solidarity, demanding that Obama be impeached now before more damage is done to our great country.

    • Admin says:

      So far, Americans have been too dumb to figure out that you have to organize at home, before you can do a march on Washington. In fact, if they organized in their local community, we probably would not need a march on Washington. Most people, like you, don’t want to do any of the hard work, but wait until someone else organizes it and then just show up. Americans have long forgotten how to do anything like this for themselves. On top of that nonprofits fear the IRS will take away their tax benefits and for that reason they generally will not help.

      • Marina says:

        Americans are not dumb, sounds like you are on Obama’s side. You would not have the courage to say that in public.

      • Admin says:

        It’s just the truth. People think that just posting a Facebook page calling for a march on DC is all it takes and 10 million people are magically going to show up without them having to go to any great effort and without any real publicity. What could be more stupid than that? Stop talking/acting dumb and I will stop calling it dumb. There was a march on DC last week and about 40 people showed up. Don’t suppose you were there, were you? Why keep calling for another epic failure in DC, when so few people will do squat in their own home town? Do something in your home town, if you are not just blustering.

  5. rhodag4 says:

    We – The American People Do Have the Power to Actually Remove Obama Now – We Must Form an Actual Coalition to ‘Remove Him.’ Congress Will Not do It. We as Americans Can Prove that Obama is a Narcissist and Psychopathic Schizophrenic! it can be done! We Must Come Together Now. Rhoda Gelman: See me on facebook.

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