My Christmas Wish – Obama Impeached

All we want for Christmas is for The Great Usurper to be removed from office. The idea is just to find a busy overpass or intersection near a shopping center and have an Impeach Obama protest. You can do it anytime during the busiest shopping days before Christmas. Wear Christmas attire and ring a bell like the Salvation Army, if you have these accessories. Don’t forget to take photos and/or video and upload them to YouTube or FaceBook. Santa says, impeach the Grinch.


2 Responses to My Christmas Wish – Obama Impeached

  1. Keep up the great work. Looks like our congress is in bed with Obama and is not going to help us remove the communist from office. I can not understand the Republicans not trying to get Obama out of office. Are they afraid of him or on the take politically and do not want to stop their gravy train?.

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