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Mayor Attacks Concerned Citizen Over Unvetted Refugee Resettlement in Lemon Grove

Progressive Mayor Mary Sessom of Lemon Grove,Ca made unsubstantiated charges against this speaker, even before he could begin to speak against the national scheme by Obama to get cities, counties and states to sign up for un-vetted, dangerous refugee resettlement … Continue reading

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Video: Citizens Oppose City Welcoming Un-Vetted “Refugees” And Win

Mayor Dedina of Imperial Beach proclaimed it to be a Welcoming City, which puts it in the network of Welcoming Communities around the country, who are inviting questionable refugees, asylees and immigrants to move to their city. The Citizens of … Continue reading

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Protest ‘Welcoming City’ Proclamation by Imperial Beach, Inviting Un-screened ‘Refugees’

At the next City Council meeting, citizens will speak out against the resettlement of large numbers of largely un-screened pseudo-refugees from the the Middle East and Central America into Imperial Beach, a suburb of San Diego. This issue has already … Continue reading

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Protest Against Sanctuary Cities At Pelosi Talk In Claremont, California

Activists protested for the end of sanctuary cities at a talk by Nancy Pelosi at Scripps College on February 18, 2016. The protest was organized by We The People Rising. The protesters held signs produced by the Remembrance Project with … Continue reading

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Protest Pelosi Visit to Claremont, Ca – Feb. 18

Nancy Pelosi will be in Claremont on Feb 18th.  A protest is planned against Sanctuary Cities by We The People Rising. The organizers are looking for volunteers to hold parts of the quilt as shown in the image. For more … Continue reading

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Obama / ISIS Protest in San Bernardino (Video)

It is bizarre that Obama can meet with families of ISIS terror victims without shame, since he is largely responsible for the rise of ISIS. ISIS grew out of his funding and support of Jihadist rebels in Syria, which included … Continue reading

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Protest Obama Visit to San Bernardino

Obama is expected to be in San Bernardino on Friday for a private meeting with families of the victims of the terrorist attack. We are organizing a protest. The details will be posted here when available. Keep checking back in … Continue reading

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