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Chicano Park Cop-Beater Found Dead in Jail – Background

Frederick Jefferson was found dead in jail during the night of August 31, 2018 in San Diego. He had just been sentenced to seven years in prison the previous day (August 31), for the beating and serious injury of a … Continue reading

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Ironic – America Haters Protest Fake “Hate” in San Diego

Haters of America, Trump and all of Western Civilization ironically march in protest of *hate* in San Diego. See the local anti-fa lead unveiled. Jesse Cannon has been doxed in videos by this blogger and seen by thousands already, who … Continue reading

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Proud Boys Humiliate Antifa at Impeach-Trump March in San Diego

Antifa had a miserable showing at the impeach-Trump protest and march in San Diego. The sometimes violent would-be Antifa lead was exposed as a local rapper, Jesse Cannon, originally from Imperial Beach, who goes by the handle of “Too Tall … Continue reading

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Video: Citizens Speak Out Against Sharia in San Diego Schools

Thanks to those, who contacted the school board (or will contact them). I do believe they are being inundated with questions, complaints and media inquiries about their policy of special treatment for Islam. This policy seems to be a unique, … Continue reading

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(Video) Patriots Assaulted By LA County Security for Opposing Aid to Illegal Aliens, Trying to Talk to County Supervisor

Patriots were assaulted when trying to meet with an LA County supervisor to express their opposition to a measure designed to defeat Trump’s expected enforcement of the immigration law in LA County. They want to make the borders open to … Continue reading

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Citizen Condemns Encinitas “Welcoming” Unvetted Refugees

Encinitas Council members, Tony Kranz, Lisa Shaffer and Catherine Blakespear passed a resolution last March, called a “Welcoming City” resolution for refugees and immigrants. This makes Encinitas part of a network of cities, which will be advertised as preferred destinations … Continue reading

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Lemon Grove Welcomes Terror and Drug Cartels (Videos)

Mayor Mary Sessom and the City Council of Lemon Grove passed on the sly a resolution, called a “Welcoming City” resolution for Refugees and Immigrants. This makes them part of a network of cities, which will be advertised as preferred … Continue reading

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Video: Citizens Oppose City Welcoming Un-Vetted “Refugees” And Win

Mayor Dedina of Imperial Beach proclaimed it to be a Welcoming City, which puts it in the network of Welcoming Communities around the country, who are inviting questionable refugees, asylees and immigrants to move to their city. The Citizens of … Continue reading

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Protest ‘Welcoming City’ Proclamation by Imperial Beach, Inviting Un-screened ‘Refugees’

At the next City Council meeting, citizens will speak out against the resettlement of large numbers of largely un-screened pseudo-refugees from the the Middle East and Central America into Imperial Beach, a suburb of San Diego. This issue has already … Continue reading

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Protest Against Sanctuary Cities At Pelosi Talk In Claremont, California

Activists protested for the end of sanctuary cities at a talk by Nancy Pelosi at Scripps College on February 18, 2016. The protest was organized by We The People Rising. The protesters held signs produced by the Remembrance Project with … Continue reading

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