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Nonprofits and the Effort to Impeach Obama

When it became evident that our Republic was under grave threat of destruction from would-be dictator Obama and his subversive minions, many brave conservative leaders rose to the occasion and said, “I think I can use this crisis to cash … Continue reading

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ALIPAC & OfA Warn of ‘Fake’ Amnesty Protests

Two kings of over-hyped protests, William Gheen and James Neighbors, have issued this advisory about over-hyped protests by another would-be organizer, trying to steal their glory. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up, two pots calling the kettle black. No … Continue reading

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Impeach Obama Protest Organizer Threatened

Brandy Mason is a former national organizer of the Overpasses for America group. She reportedly received this abusive and intimidating message from the Founder of the group, James Neighbors, threatening to sue her. James Neighbors has threatened multiple times to … Continue reading

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Organizers Claim James Neighbors Is Abusive To Women

Several female organizers for Overpasses for America have claimed recently that the Founder, James Neighbors, bullies, berates and abuses the state organizers, especially, if they are women. This is a statement posted by Erica Lampley on her Facebook page. See … Continue reading

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More Infighting at Overpasses for America

Another state administrator quit Overpasses for America, Brandy Mason. She was apparently the admin for Maryland and Delaware. It has been reported by multiple people that Neighbors is sometimes abusive towards admins. The following story has been posted on the … Continue reading

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How Impeach-Obama Overpass Protests Started

The Impeach-Obama overpass protests started in southern California. These articles below provide background. The news of this protest in Carlsbad, California went viral on the Internet. β€˜Impeach Obama’ Demonstration on I-5 Overpass Snarls Southbound Traffic. Several dozen blogs posted articles … Continue reading

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Overpasses for America is Now for Sale

A state administrator admits that the former “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” had to drop “Impeach Obama” from their name in order to become a 527 non-profit. Since then they are known as “Overpasses for America.” This non-profit status allows the … Continue reading

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