Colorado River / Cocopah Reservation Border-Gap Tour

A detailed tour of the gaps in the border fence on the Colorado River and the Cocopah Indian Reservation near Yuma, Arizona. There are six miles of open border at the reservation and several small gaps elsewhere. Photos represent the state of the border fence as of May, 2021.

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Biden/Harris Complicit In Mass Border Crimes

If the open borders radicals hold the Border Patrol/CBP responsible for holding illegal border crosses in “cages”, why should not Biden be held responsible for the crimes committed by the cartels who smuggle them across them border, since it was Biden’s policies that led to the current border crisis? Open borders advocates hypocritically claim that they are motivated by humanitarian reasons, as Kamala Harris says in the video.

It does not seem like much of a stretch to say the crimes being promoted and aggravated by the policies of Biden / Harris are crimes against humanity. It is systematic criminal action against a class of people being done to advance a “progressive” political agenda.

Bitchute Video: Biden/Harris Complicit In Horrible Mass Crimes At the Border

Kamala Harris went to Guatemala to investigate the root causes, but DHS has done hundreds of thousands of interviews already with people who come seeking asylum. They should know why they come already.

The truth is the root cause of those coming to the border to cross illegally is that their homeland is poor and lacking in opportunity and Biden is offering rewards to entice them to come, quick release into the U.S. social benefits, better paying jobs, etc. Progressives believe, no doubt correctly, that illegal immigration will result in more progressive voters in the long run. So, they are promoting organized crime, death and suffering just to further their political agenda of progressive transformation (destruction) of America.

This is another previously posted video about a kidnapping of illegal border crossers. They were probably kidnapped and held for ransom, because they had not paid the local cartel for crossing. These and other kinds of crimes are commonplace in this huge industry for trafficking illegal immigrants to the US.

Bitchute Video: Cartel Kidnap-Torture Video Of Illegal Border Crossers

This is a translation of an article about the 206 would be illegal immigrants that were rescued in Juarez from the cartel, mentioned in the first video. They paid $12K to come to Juarez and be crammed together in a tiny space like chickens in a coop, waiting to cross.

206 Overcrowded Migrants Rescued – El Diario de Juarez
(They were found in inhumane conditions.)

Ciudad Juárez— “Hector” left Guatemala with the hope of finding a better life for himself and his family in the United States, but he never imagined that the network of human traffickers that he contacted to achieve the so-called “American dream” would make him live Hell on this border.

For a month Hector, whose name was changed for security reasons, lived with up to 206 people in a small wooden room measuring 5×5 square meters, where he only ate four tortillas a day, he was frequently threatened not to speak and when he was lucky. He could sleep on his knees.

Hector is one of the more than 200 migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico (Zacatecas and Veracruz), who were rescued yesterday in a room and a house in the Felipe Angeles Expansion and Border Expansion colonies. Juarez City.

“Yes they fed us, but they didn’t bring us a plate, they fed us two tortillas at around 2 in the afternoon and they brought us two more at around 9:00 at night. They sold us the water, one of those bottles they charged us at 20 pesos, ‘said the 32-year-old Central American, pointing to an empty 500-milliliter plastic bottle.

He lived in Guatemala with his parents, where he assured that there is no work, so he decided to travel to the United States to send them money. The coyote that he hired would charge him 95 thousand quetzals (242 thousand 772.48 Mexican pesos — about $12,000) , he only got 30 thousand (76 thousand 664.99 pesos — about $3,800 ) and the rest would be given to him when he arrived in the neighboring country.

‘But I never imagined what I was going to live here, if they told you what you were going to suffer, you would not leave your country,’ confessed the Central American who after traveling for 15 days from Guatemala to Ciudad Juárez, remained 30 more days on this border, where the temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius. (100F) yesterday.

‘We were all piled up, like chickens,’ said another of the migrants rescued yesterday in the Colonia Ampliacion Felipe Angeles.

With crystalline eyes when narrating what he had lived during the last month of his life, in the presence of elements of the different authorities and with the uncertainty of not knowing what would happen to them, Hector affirmed what his companion said. .

‘Yes (they were like chickens), when it was full we slept one standing after another, but people came in and out, and when they took people we could sleep on our knees … then they kept putting more and more and we no longer fit,’ he recalled.

Among the 206 people who were rescued yesterday by elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM), thanks to a call to the 911 Emergency number, there were 11 minors and 12 women, including two pregnant women, who came to Fainting due to high temperatures and lack of water and food, he said.

According to Hector’s narration, the coyotes never went to the place where the small wooden room was located, they only sent a manager to bring them food and sell them water, who also threatened them not to speak and be discovered by The neighbors with the noise, so they could not go out at any time of the day to the patio of the place.

They had to pay to return

Hector wanted to return to his country, but could not because for this he had to pay the coyotes 35 thousand pesos, 20 thousand pesos ($1,000) for their payment and 15 thousand pesos ($750) more for the transfer, in addition to expressing their interest in returning they had to pay for their food in the room they stayed in.

‘One comes to be able to gather to buy a little piece of land … in Guatemala it is not enough and we have to pay rent, it is not enough, there is hardly enough for food,’ said 28-year-old Juan Cruz Velázquez with a broken voice, who left In his country to his wife and four children with the promise of coming to the United States to give them a better life.

Jesus Alberto and Juan Tomas traveled from Nicaragua to Ciudad Juarez because Juan Tomas’s mother is ill and Jesus Alberto was left without a job.

‘We came without money … there is no work and we thought about coming to work,’ said Jesus Alberto as his eyes turned red and tears rolled down his face when he saw his dream of reaching the United States frustrated.

When rescuing them, elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) distributed water and energy drinks, pens, face masks and antibacterial gel.

Two paramedics from Municipal Rescue checked the two pregnant women and the minors, among whom they only found havoc due to the lack of food and hydration.

‘There are 206 people in an inhuman condition,’ lamented the head of the SSPM, Raul Avila, who stressed that the Inter-institutional Operations Bases work to stop human trafficking in Ciudad Juarez, made up of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), National Guard (GN), the State Security Commission, the Attorney General’s Office (FGE), the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and the Municipal Police.

Of the 206 people insured, 12 were transferred to the municipal gym ‘Kiki’ Romero, two Mexican and 10 with documentation to stay in Mexico, the rest stayed at the National Migration Institute (INM), where they refused to provide further information on The final destination of migrants.

The second migrant check-in was carried out in a home in the Ampliacion Fronteriza neighborhood, also thanks to a 911 call.

“This begins with a report of firearms discharge, the Interinstitutional Operational Bases and the corporations that make up, we arrived at the place looking for the people who made these detonations and a male was located, by direct pointing, and goes into a home where there are 58 people who are rescued in a humanitarian way, “he said.

Later it was learned that there were 66 undocumented people located in the second group. They came from Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador, but this time the INM staff never came, so in the absence of a response from the federal immigration authority responsible for the care of migrants, they were transferred aboard a transport truck. public and from an SSPM patrol to “Kiki” Romero, where, like the first group that arrived at those facilities, they were received by representatives of the National Human Rights Commission.

“This criminal phenomenon hurts the human conditions of the people, they are in deplorable conditions, crowded in very small spaces, dehydrating due to the temperatures of the city; in conditions that really hurt, “said Avila.

There are 5 detainees

Five more people who were in charge of caring for the migrants and giving them food were arrested at the site; the persons were identified as: Juan Manuel C. M., 57 years old; Lucia M. T. de 45; Yuliana Sarahi V. R. from 20; Alondra Magali C. M., 24, and a teenager, who was made available to the Civic Judge, the statement added.

Cartel Kidnap-Torture Video Of Illegal Border Crossers

Two men are kidnapped at the border and tortured in order to extract a ransom. The reporter says the first one has been expelled (from the US). He probably crossed the border and was expelled immediately, due to Covid restrictions. Maybe both have been have been expelled. Often the Border Patrol expels repeat crossers in another part of the border, so that they won’t cross so quickly again. The cartel in the new area may be different. If the person has not paid the local cartel and wants to cross without paying, they may kidnap him to extort money from his family. If they cannot collect, they will likely be killed.

Watch on Bitchute

Many are not going to be too sympathetic to be plight of those who try to cross the border illegally. However, even if you have no sympathy for their suffering, it destroys the pretense of the open-borders radicals of being so morally superior. By encouraging people to cross illegally, they promote the the innumerable murders, violence, kidnapping, drug smuggling and other crime on both sides of the border, which victimizes Americans as well, as the illegal immigrants, and Mexican society in general. Biden is directly responsible for this latest surge.

The illegal crossers generally pay one cartel to be smuggled. If they fall into the hands of a different cartel, they may be held for ransom and tortured like this. Even the cartel that they originally pay to smuggle them across Mexico and the US border is very likely to abuse them severely. This kind of cruelty is what open borders encourages.

Irineo Mujica appears in this video. He is head of Pueblos Sin Frontiers, meaning Nations or a People without Borders, and he organizes and leads some of the large caravans that came to the border.

Fake Refugee ‘Children’ Boarding Plane Bound For Midland, TX

About 80 of Biden’s fake refugees boarding a plane bound for Midland, Texas. DHS has leased a fleet of dozens of Boeing 737 jets to distribute these fraudulent asylum seekers to all parts of the country. The great majority will never obtain asylum status from a court, but just disappear to live illegally in the US interior. San Diegans were told that it would initially be 5-12 year-old children. That seems just a ploy used so that the public would better accept them in the beginning, knowing that public attention is short-lived. At some point, when Biden lifts Covid restrictions, there will be thousands of entire families staying at these government shelters for illegal migrants. They use children as human shields and the vanguard of the attack on American sovereignty.

The Biden administration ordered up these children. When they announced that they would be allowing children and minors to stay, unscrupulous and immoral people in Central American put their children and minors in danger in the hands of the violent cartels to be trafficked across the border. It’s cause and effect, the Biden administration caused these children to be smuggled so that the families can gain a foothold or expand their foothold in the United States.

They talked about children so much that it misled local people into thinking they would all be “children”, though it was mentioned is some reports that it would initially only children. I don’t think it was ever mainly “children”, but mostly teens and young adults. If they have thrown away their ID and lie about their age and CBP can’t prove their real age, the law says just to accept their claim as their age.

The asylum system has been perverted by our Government as an illegal alternative to the normal immigration system. The government for whatever reasons – political, financial corruption, etc. — wants more illegal immigrants from Central America and all over the world to come into the United States. This misuse of the asylum system was designed and started during the Obama administration and is being greatly expanded under Biden.

It will be chain migration, but now it’s expansion of the illegal population by chain migration. The Government is now actively bringing in illegal aliens whom they actually reunite with equally illegal family members already living in the U.S. The hosts may not even be family members, but unrelated cartel associates. This is the ultimate corruption of our border security system, thanks to presidents Obama and Biden.

These fake refugees were taken to Midland, Texas, which has been designated as a major dumping ground for fraudulent refugees. As many as 3,000 are expected to be held there. There was a holding station built for them in March. It seems that the government used the same ploy in Midland/Odessa to placate local residents, bringing in younger children at first, to placate local citizens.

Here are some links about how the illegal migrant dumping ground in Midland was created.

Buses of young migrants arrive at Midland County holding facility overnight

This is video from the above link of the first busloads of illegal migrants being deposited in Midland in mid April.

Midland leaders blindsided by arrival of migrants at holding facility

Angry Texas residents tell how the Biden administration is housing over 500 migrant youths at an all-inclusive $33m ‘man camp’

Lateral Expulsions Of Illegal Aliens Back to Mexico Stopped

The daily flights from Brownsville to San Diego of families and single men stopped recently. The were flying about 100 of them every day to San Diego to be expelled immediately back to Mexico, due to Covid19 restrictions, per Title 42, the Health Public Safety law. Presumably, they were doing the same at other border locations, if so they have also been stopped.

These flights from one part of the border to another for expulsion are called “lateral flights”. If they deport the illegal crosses in South Texas, they can try to cross again immediately. They have already paid the coyote the cartel toll and they can try multiple times. When they are pushed back across in another part of the border, like San Diego, there is a different cartel there which has not been paid for the trip from Central America or to cross the border.

This is a video of Senator Josh Hawley jousting with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as to why these lateral flights were stopped. ACLU apparently filed a lawsuit to have them stopped. Senator Hawley accuses Mayorkas of engaging in “friendly litigation” with the ACLU to stop the lateral expulsions back to Mexico. Mayorkas even makes a Freudian slip and says he is “working with the ACLU” to stop the lateral expulsion flights. Mayorkas is not just working with the ACLU, but also working in conjunction with the smuggling cartels to get these illegal aliens released into the US.

Friendly litigation is when one party colludes with another just to obtain a court settlement that achieves a result that both parties want, causing the settlement of have the impact of law, though it was never approved by Congress. According to the Wiki, friendly litigation, where there is no adversarial relationship between the two parties, is unconstitutional. It is abuse of the court system.

As an aside, this may be also be how the “Flores Settlement Agreement of 1997” was done, which was used to create the Catch-And-Release procedure. The Flores Settlement has been exploited as a loophole in the law to release hundreds of thousands, if not millions of illegal aliens posing as refugees into the U.S. interior. Yet, Congress never approved it. It is only an agreement between Bill Clinton’s Justice Department and certain activist groups.

Now getting back to the immediate situation in San Diego, the Ambassadors of Jesus (Embajadores de Jesús) run a shelter in a place with the uninviting name of “Scorpion Canyon” aka “Little Haiti”, which now serves those expelled via these lateral flights. Many of them are just waiting for Biden to change the policy to allow them to cross the border and be released.

The English-translated article below from a Tijuana news website, El Imparcial, describes the predicament of the fake refugees, saying that one person was caught illegally crossing the border in Texas five times. The coyotes have been lying to recruit them and cheat them out of their money, saying they can cross and be released if they bring a child or minor with them, but this has not been true under Covid restrictions. Only when Biden lifts the restrictions, will the full catch-and-release policy will be back in effect again. This may happen soon, however.

They say the number of people at the shelter is 750, but this article was written a month earlier. I believe the number grew to about 2,000, before the lateral flights were terminated by the ACLU legal swindle. On the more positive side, if they are trying to cross multiple times, the number of people actually gaining entry into the US has been, so far, considerably lower than the approximately 170k apprehensions per month of reported by the Border Patrol, because many are being apprehended 2-3 times.


(Activist points out that human traffickers have them cross with adults.)

TIJUANA, B.C.- Currently the modus operandi of human traffickers or ‘coyotes’ is to use children as a shield to cross into the United States in an irregular manner, lamented the director of the Embajadores de Jesús A.C.

Gustavo Banda explained that the “coyotes” deceive women and men into crossing the border with minors so that the American immigration authorities will give them the protection of humanitarian asylum.

He also said that they are made to believe that the state of Texas allows migrants to enter the United States, which motivates other families to leave their countries.

“They told them that Texas is completely open, so the coyotes, through social media, are making their ‘harvest’. They take them to the United States, telling them that Texas is open,” he said.

The director of the CA commented that this problem has caused 100 people a day to be returned to Mexico under Title 42. (just in San Diego)

One of them is Senora Ritzi and her daughters, who are Honduran and twice tried to reach the United States to obtain humanitarian asylum.

“It is difficult because they come to dump you here. I was not expecting it, because according to what I heard, they were letting children pass,” she said.

Currently, the AC and the Embajadores de Jesus church serve 750 people, some of whom have been returned up to five times for trying to cross the border irregularly.