Can Obama Be Arrested?

Obama-Jail1The short answer is “no.” Obama cannot be legally arrested just for his policies, no matter how wrong (even treasonous) we may think they are, until he is impeached by the House of Representatives and convicted/removed by the Senate. The constitutional process for removing a president, who has not been incapacitated in some way, is via the impeachment process. Arresting Obama for his political decisions would be an illegal coup. No one is empowered to do that and they would be committing a serious crime, if they tried to do it. There is no constitutionally legal substitute for Congress removing a president from office for his political acts.

Don_Knotts_Barney_and_the_bullet_Andy_Griffith_ShowSome say the Sargent of Arms of the House of Representatives (or Senate) can arrest Obama. However, it would not be practical to expect the largely ceremonial Sargent at Arms to arrest the commander of the armed forces and national police. It is not clear that the Sargeant of Arms even has a gun. It would be like ordering Barney Fife to arrest the President.

Nonprofit organizations are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Many are unwilling to campaign for Obama’s removal via impeachment, because that is a political process and could cause problems with the IRS, endangering their tax exempt status and making it difficult to collect contributions. Calling for Obama’s arrest or resignation is not a political process and apparently is not covered by IRS nonprofit regulations. For this reason it seems that some nonprofits express opposition to Obama by calling for his arrest, even though it is not feasible from a practical and legal point of view. The president is one of the three independent branches of government. The Constitutional way to permanently remove a president is only via the impeachment process.

Can a Sitting President be Arrested by The Conservative Papers

2 Responses to Can Obama Be Arrested?

  1. hopkinstom12 says:

    The only body legaly autorized to define the Constitutional term “natural born citizen” is the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court has on at least four Occasions defined “natural born citizens” as “born in the country of parents who are citizens. That is the only legal definition. Obamas father was a British subject and never was a U.S. citizen. Obama ll has never been a natural born citizen and has never been eligible to be President. Obama is an impostor and a complete fraud. Obama can be arrested immediatly for impersonating a federal officer.
    How can Obama be a U.S. citizen when his birth documents are proven forgeries.
    His Social Secutity would not pass E-verify. HIs Selective Service application is a forgery.
    He is not a sitting President; he is a sitting imposter and he has taken over the USA without firing a shot.

  2. Doctor Sanders says:

    On the contrary. Although it is probably true that Barry Soetoro WOULD not be arrested, if for no other reason than a brain-washed set of SS Agents, the actual fact is that there is literally Z-E-R-O proof who this man actually is–or even what nationally for that matter. Further, although the ability to effect an arrest vary by jurisdiction it remains a generally accepted legal fact that all that is needed is “reasonable cause,” and many, if not most, Americans have had long ago passed this stage of doubt and for most people (legal “scholars” accepted) there is very little doubt that the American people have been lied to from day one.
    And let me remind those who care that there is a difference between “reasonable” suspicion and the preponderance of evidence necessary to convict.
    Finally, it remains a significant legal point that if Barry is not eligible to run, all those on the left who scream “the people have spoken” (clearly not true) matter little if the basic criteria to run have not been met… And no person can make that claim short of supernatural powers.
    Yes, Barry Soetoro can and should be arrested–and yesterday isn’t soon enough.

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