Boycott The Broadcast News Media

Broadcast media brainwashing for Obama

Broadcast media brainwashing for Obama

For decades the broadcast news media has been brainwashing the American public. The most recent and worst example has been the news coverage of Obama’s presidential campaign and of his term in office.

The viewership of the broadcast news media has been slowly collapsing for years. This is a call to accelerate this collapse by boycotting the broadcast news, especially the so-called mainstream news (MSN) and to get your news from the Internet.

The public is much more susceptible to brainwashing from the broadcast media than from the digital media, due to the mass audience that is reached simultaneously. This is true whatever the supposed political orientation of the supposed newscast is, from the left or right.

In the case of Obama did not adequately vet his eligibility or his radical background. They have also not adequately reported on his abuse of power while in office.

The broadcast news media must die, or at least been greatly reduced in its influence over the public. Whether you think you are vulnerable to being brainwashed or not, everyone can contribute to the decline of the broadcast news media by not watching. Just turn off your TV. They make less money when the audience declines, no matter who turns them off.

If you cannot go cold turkey on your favorite broadcast news shows, limit your viewing time to the minimum.

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3 Responses to Boycott The Broadcast News Media

  1. david w crawford says:

    i agree that hollywood ought to be boycotted for their anti-American beliefs.

  2. rustyevans says:

    Boycott Hollywood and those idiots that call themselves actors I will not see another movie of those liberal elitists jokes. I will NOT give them another dime of my money and will be a champion for the cause!

  3. Sandra Wadley says:

    Aston Kucher and his band of actors, who feel so superior and all mighty, should take down there walls and gated community’s and let all the people who come into our country live in their homes and neighborhoods! My hard earned money will NOT be supporting those hypocritical assholes any longer!!! WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU ALL….TOO MUCH DRUGS??…TOO MUCH MONEY??…TOO MUCH THINKING, WE NEED YOU!! YOU ARE VERY WRONG!!! WE DONT NEED YOU OR YOUR OPINIONS…YOUR ONLY ENTERTAINMENT TO US, SOMETIMES NOT EVEN THAT!! WE CAN TURN YOU ON OR OFF AT OUR WILL!! JUST DO YOUR JOB AND KEEP YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS TO YOURSELF… MAYBE WE WILL PAY TO WATCH YOU ACT!!!

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