Is Speaker John Boehner A Cultural Marxist?

Boehner pushing cultural Marxism to the Republican masses
Boehner preaching cultural Marxism
to the Republican masses
House Speaker, John Boehner, is traveling to San Diego this week to encourage openly-gay Republican candidates. Supporting a candidate and giving him preference because he is gay is a cultural-Marxist concept. The idea of cultural Marxism has permeated American society in recent decades and has spread Ebola-like to the Republican Party and even its leadership. If the spread of this ideological infection is not stopped soon, it will result in a very painful death of the Republican Party as the party of conservatives.

Boehner rakes in cash for openly gay Republican candidate

Traditional Marxism is a revolutionary doctrine about class struggle. After World War I, a group of Professors in Frankfurt, Germany proposed a broader form of Marxism, now called “cultural Marxism.” They started by analyzing why Marxist revolution had not been successful in the western nations. It was decided that the cultural institutions were too strong, such as Christianity, the traditional family, national patriotism, belief in the representative system of government, rule of law, etc. They also found that the media reinforced the institutions. So, they postulated that western societies could be prepared for revolutionary change by attacking the belief in such cultural institutions. They also decided that the media and the educational system were essential in reinforcing these institutions.

This group of professors was called the “Frankfurt School.” The professors of the Frankfurt School decided that Marxism should be generalized and practically any form of conflict in society can be used for subversion, not just class struggle of traditional Marxism. Oppression by society can be based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

The ideas of cultural Marxism and social justice spread among the universities, the media and even the churches. It gave rise to the various racial, ethnic and gender-based study departments in many universities.

Some of mostly Jewish professors of the Frankfurt School moved to the US after the Nazis came to power in the 1930’s and went to work subverting the system in the US. One of the most well-known, Herbert Marcuse, was a professor at the University of California, San Diego. Marcuse is credited with being a founding father of the “New Left” in the 1960’s and the sexual freedom movement.

Some say cultural Marxism is conspiracy theory. However it is an ideology, a set of ideas, not an organized movement. These ideas resonated with many pre-existing and future subversive groups, who have formed a loose, leftist coalition. To spread subversive ideas, it is very helpful to be able to categorize the idea and explain it in that context.

Likewise, to stop this ideological malady, it is necessary to be able to be able to diagnose it and give a name to it. Then the carriers of this infection, like House Speaker Boehner, can be labeled, isolated and quarantined, so to speak. Whether Boehner consciously thinks of himself as a cultural Marxist, or not, he is supporting and spreading the ideas of cultural Marxism and social justice in the Republican Party. He has also voiced support at times for amnesty for illegal aliens, which is also a key issue for cultural Marxists.


Video: The History of Political Correctness

Fox News Owner, Murdock: Illegal Aliens Are Natural Republicans

Foreign-born Rupert Murdock, the globalist owner of Fox News, declared during the 2012 election that illegal aliens are “natural Republicans.” He also said once that, if you discover your town has become majority Spanish speaking, you should just get used to it, because that’s the way globalization works.

Murdock’s business partner and part owner of Fox News, Saudi Prince Alwaleed ben Talal, is one of the half dozen most wealthy men in the world and is the biggest promoter of Islamic culture in the US and the world. Prince Alwaleed once bragged that it took him only one phone call to have the term “Islamic terrorist” banned on Fox News. Alwaleed’s American adviser, Mansour Khalid, mentored Obama as a student, helping him gain entrance to Harvard.

If you wonder sometimes why Fox does not go far enough, these are some of the reasons.

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Saudis influencing Fox News

Obama On Dictating Amnesty: “No Force On Earth Can Stop Us”

At this point, I would say he is correct. Americans do not currently have the will to stand up and stop Obama from what will be the destruction of our sovereignty and constitutional system and he knows it. Whether the Republicans win the Senate, or not, by a small margin will ultimately not make any difference. They are not expected to win the super-majority (66%) necessary for conviction. They will not be able to stop his executive orders unless they are willing and able to remove him. Otherwise, he does not need their approval. It seems pretty clear that the Republican elites are not even interested in impeaching and convicting him. The lawlessness in Washington is really a bipartisan project.

Obama has already dictated amnesty in that most illegal aliens have no fear of being deported, due to Obama’s previous executive orders. The widening of this current amnesty will actually give millions of illegal aliens documentation for work and legal residency. This will encourage millions more to pour across the border, ultimately swamping our political system and making it a one-party, plutocratic system, ultimately controlled by international financial interests.

Call For Arrest of CA Senator Huff (R) For Aiding Illegal Aliens

Aiding and abetting illegal aliens to stay in the United States and obtain employment violates federal law with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. When states like California aid and abet illegal aliens nothing happens. In fact, the Federal Government helps them go against the law. However, when Arizona tries to ENFORCE the law, they are punished and viciously attacked by the Department of (in)Justice. They should all be arrested for conspiracy and treason, not just aiding and abetting illegals. Open borders is the cornerstone of the Progressive plan to gain permanent political control of the U.S. Contact Bob Huff (R) here.

For example, see this section of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act:

§ 274 (8 USC 1324) Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

This gutsy group of California citizens were meeting with an aid to the State Senator when they called for the Senator to be arrested and imprisoned. Our politicians are convinced that they are above the law. The laws are only for the “little people” in their minds. This is most epitomized by the lawless Obama White House.

Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II

Impeach Obama Protest - Austin, Texas
Impeach Obama Protest – Austin, Texas
Find a street corner a government building or an overpass and start making your signs, because National Impeach Obama Week is October 18-25, just before the mid-term elections. The time to stand up and be counted is before the election, not after the election. You can learn more and register your own protest at this link.

National Impeach Obama Week

Large and small protests are encouraged all across the Nation. They all count. We want to enable average Americans to stand up and speak out. Anyone can do this. All you need is a couple of like-minded friends and some signs.

Since we hardly expect the main-stream media to publicize this event beforehand, we plan to repeat these protests every few weeks, gradually attract new participants and snowball the effort. So, have patience and stick with us over the longer term. This is a campaign that will last months, not a single event.

This is an all-volunteer effort, we do not ask for your money, only your participation. Please send photos and video of your event afterwards so that we can show our results and attract new participants for the next event. Act like America is depending on you, because she is!

Impeach Obama Protest - Norwich, NY
Impeach Obama Protest – Norwich, NY