‘American Girl’ Doll Book Indoctrinates Transgender Lunacy

The company that sells the very popular “American Girl” line of dolls is also selling “American Girl” literature that indoctrinates young girls into neo-Marxist, radical progressive transgender ideology. Many parents will not appreciate a company developing a mass emotional attachment for their dolls among young girls and then using that emotional attachment to indoctrinate their little girls into transgenderism and general “woke-ness”.

Mattel owns the “American Girl” line of dolls. You can find various ways of contacting them by clicking Mattel Customer Service.

Mattel has been having problems with lagging sales in recent years and one of the clearest messages would be to boycott, especially the American Girl dolls and other Mattel products until they stop the political indoctrination of children into alternative sexual lifestyles.

The three pages below, pages 36-38 in the book tells impressionable young girls that they can choose their own gender, anatomy and genetics does not matter at all and neither do hundreds of thousands of years of human history. Only in recent decades have radical progressives learned that gender agility is their “truth”.

What kind of sexual organs you have does not matter and you can choose your own pronouns, too.

Below they explain that a doctor can give a child medicine (hormones) to delay puberty so that the child can choose his/her gender at an age where he/she is not mature enough to make such decisions. In some places they may be able to do this without informing the parents.

Accepting “women” with a penis and proselytizing

The section “Toilet transformations” on Page 88 teaches young girls that they should accept transgenders in the bathroom. If a grown man with a penis, who identifies lately as a woman, should want to use the restroom with them they should have no problem with it. I mean, what could go wrong with this idea? (sarcasm)

It’s the law in California that men who identify as women cannot be denied access to women’s restrooms and other such facilities, as long and the person is not listed as a sex offender. A number of other states have similar laws.

In the section “Imagining a different world”, girls are encouraged to change the world by going out an proselytizing the ideas contained in this book. Not shown here, but they suggest promoting it at schools to other kids by various activities, writing letters to businesses, posting on social media, etc.

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