Obama’s Black Liberation Theology is ‘Afro-Nazism’

Obama's sect in Chicago -
Part of the broader, Nazi-like
Black Nationalist Identity movement.

This page explains why it is valid to draw parallels between Black Liberation Theology and Nazism. F.A. Hayak wrote in “The Road to Serfdom” that the sheer magnitude of the outrages committed by the Nazi regime has made it difficult to recognize early signs of similar trends in our own society. In his book, “Hating Whitey,” David Horowitz called Black Liberation Theology “Afro-Nazism.” Even James H. Cone, who started Black Liberation Theology writes that many people find it “racist.” He dismisses that charge by implying that white people collectively really are evil.

Barack Obama was a member of a church with a doctrine based on Black Liberation Theology for 20 years and he himself described the minister who is the leading proponent of Black Liberation Theology as his spiritual guide. One must assume that Obama knows what Black Liberation Theology is and is an adherent of the doctrine. For that reason it is appropriate to consider comparisons between Obama and Nazism or Hitler. Remembering history means that this kind of comparison should be made early, not after a historic crime such as the Nazis carried out has been committed. This does not mean that Obama is Hitler, but that there are some similarities in his background and the racism of his belief system that should not be ignored and suppressed, but should be discussed openly in public. Those that try to suppress such discussion are just being very narrow-minded and anti-intellectual. Also, they are possibly putting the country at great risk.

Jeremiah Wright said in a nationally televised, interview by Sean Hannity (see link below) that Black Liberation Theology is the basis of the belief system that he taught at Trinity United Church of Christ.

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To view a webpage with much more extensive qoutes and page numbers from the books on Black Liberation Theology click here.

This is a racist, black supremacist and revolutionary belief system, which sanctions the violent overthrow of constitutional democracy in the United States and world revolution against those countries that are seen as part of the global system of “white oppression.” Black Liberation Theology holds that the all whites are collectively guilty of past crimes against the black race and that the governmental and traditional religious institutions in the US are thoroughly and irreconcilably racist and ‘satanic’ and for this reason must be destroyed, by violence, if necessary. These are some of the basic tenets of Black Liberation Theology, which J. Wright taught Barack Obama. These ideas are canonized in the foundation books written by James H. Cone, which some Black Nationalists consider to be scripture.

Black Liberation Theology holds that there is no spiritual heaven and the black race will receive their reward on earth. So it is really more of a political and social movement with a mystical sense of destiny than a traditional religion based in spiritual beliefs. It is a part of the broader Black Nationalist movement and shares many core beliefs with the rest of the Black Nationalist movement. Strange as it may sound, parallels to Nazism have been noted for many decades, including by the infamous Nazi mystic, Alfred Rosenberg, who alluded to the early Black Nationalist movement in America in the 1930’s as a kindred racist movement in his book, The Myth of the 20th Century.

Black Liberation Theology is a black identity religion and is also similar (in reverse) to a racist theology developed by the Nazis, ironically called “Positives Christentum” (Positive Christianity). A version of Positive Christianity is still used in America by the Nazi “Christian Identity Movement.”

Another tenet of Black Liberation Theology is the belief that a “black messiah,” who is living today, will destroy “white society” and overturn American governmental/religious institutions and thereby create a utopian millennial theocratic “kingdom” on Earth, which will not be a spiritual event, as many Christians think of these concepts, but a historical, political and social event. The “kingdom” is envisioned as a physical government. As a means to this end, any actions by blacks, such as burning, looting and killing of innocents are sanctioned. Few white people will receive reprieve, according to the doctrine, only those willing to give up their lives in the struggle against the white “Antichrist.” Even liberal whites are considered to be no better than George Wallace, the well-known racist and one-time governor of Alabama.

In general, Black Liberation Theology is similar to the belief systems of many historic messianic millennial cults. It is derived in large part from the Black Nationalist theology of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, which is not orthodox Islam, but a black cult religion. Louis Farrakhan, implied at his annual, Saviors’ Day Conference in February of 2008 (see link) that Obama is that black messiah prophesied by various sects of the Black Nationalist movement, which has spawned a number of cults. (Note that “Saviors’ ” is written in plural form.)

It is absurd to assume, as it has been portrayed in the media, that Barack Obama was a leading member of this very peculiar sect for 20 years, but did not have the faintest idea of the fundamental, cult-like, racist beliefs of the group. It is much more reasonable to assume that he is a believer and an adherent of this belief system, who distanced himself from it just for purposes of political expediency. Reasonable people would flee such an organization, as soon as they got a hint of its racist and revolutionary beliefs. Whether he believes it or not, though, this information should have been reported to the public, so that they can have an informed opinion.

The question is really, then, why has this not been fully brought out by the news media and opposition politicians? Why has the public not been completely informed about Obama’s seditious and subversive religious beliefs? Barack Obama was never properly vetted by opposition politicians or the news media. This is an absolutely stunning dereliction of the responsibilities of the media as well as politicians of both parties. It seems clear that many must have been in possession of this information, but simply withheld it for whatever reason, because it is documented in books which are easily available from common retailers. It is unconscionable that the media did not report this in full detail to the American public and that politicians of both parties kept largely silent about the extent of the extremist beliefs of Obama’s church in the presidential campaign of 2008.

The media and politicians of both parties must be held responsible for what amounts to a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the American public. Such racism, anti-American hate and bigotry should not be tolerated in the background of a candidate for the presidency. The news media should report the facts as they are and they should correct this grotesque misrepresentation as soon as possible.

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