Pro-Trump Mob Acting Like Antifa / Fascists / Brown Shirts Gets Bear-Sprayed

When Trump supporters start acting like street-brawling, fascist, Brown Shirts, it’s high time to cut them lose from any support. It doesn’t matter whether Antifa does the same thing, or not. Antifa and the fascist Trump supporters feed off each other. Let the police deal with Antifa. Antifa probably would not even be there, if the Trump fascists were not there. Both sides just like to brawl. If these are the saviors of our country, God help us. I believe this was recently in Washington, D.C. (December 2020)

I call them “Brown Shirts”, because most people know what that term means, but really these Trump supporters more resemble the Bavarian Freikorps, who brawled with communists in the streets of Munich in the 1920’s. The Freikorps were like forerunners of the Brown Shirts. They were not yet as radical as the Brown Shirts.

A pox on both their miserable houses, Pro-Trump fascists and antifa anarcho-communists.

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