Did Farrakhan Influence Removal Of Police Officer In La Mesa?

At a media conference held by Black Lives Matter organizer, Tasha Williamson, one of her speakers credited Louis Farrakhan with having police officer, Matt Dages, removed from his job with the La Mesa Police Department in California. Dages was accused of making an illegal arrest that sparked a lawless Black Lives Matter protest, which then evolved into a riot and arson attack on the City. Dages was separated from the LMPD just a few days before this interview. It is not clear whether he was fired or had to resign under pressure.

Louis Farrakhan is head of the Nation of Islam and is of the most notorious racists of the last half century. Destruction of the white race and America are pillars of the religious doctrine that he preaches. Farrakhan is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a black supremacist and an extreme anti-Semite.

Farrakhan is very popular among many blacks, whether they are members of the Nation of Islam, or not. In 1995, he organized at least a million black men to converge on Washington, DC for a “Million Man March.”

It appears that Tasha Williamson and Antwone Howard may have enlisted the help of Louis Farrakhan in pressuring Mayor Arapostathis and City government to force the separation of Matthew Dages from the La Mesa Police Department. If true this would be extremely ironic, because Tasha Williamson is constantly accusing her critics of being racists and supremacists. NOI leaders have called for America to be burned. La Mesa actually was burned in this riot.

In addition, the Nation of Islam was created in the early 1900’s by a group of black Freemasons and Shriners and Antwon Howard is wearing the symbol of Freemasonry. The NOI is not orthodox Islam, but a black racial nationalist religious sect. The Islamic motif comes from that of the Shriners. The racial supremacy doctrine of the NOI is not unlike a black version of the Christian Identity Movement, a Nazi religious doctrine, though one is cast (falsely) as Islam and the other Christianity.

Louis Farrakhan – Hilter was a great man

Because he can call out a large number of people, Farrakhan’s engagement would be quite intimidating to La Mesa city government. La Mesa citizens ought to be informed, if Mayor Arapostathis has negotiated with an infamous, black supremacist about the fate of police officers in La Mesa.

Elijah Muhammad was the “prophet” of the Nation of Islam. He was Farrakhan’s predecessor and mentor. The sect has an apocalyptic racial theology, in which a race war is predicted for their end times scenario. In this old interview from 1959 he talks about his prophesied race war. Farrakhan still believes in this doctrine established by Elijah Muhammad. The question is whether Tasha Williamson and Antwone Howard have also been influenced by this racist belief? I think they are probably both long-time fans of Louis Farrakhan, often called the “Black Hitler”.

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