George Floyd, Violent Criminal Thug (Video)

George Floyd was a violent criminal thug with a long record of felony crimes and time in prison. Leftist and anarchists are trying to make him out to be a saint in order to further their perverse political agenda, even by means of nationwide, terroristic fire-bombings and ransacking businesses. Candace Owens reviews his criminal record in much detail in the video below, which is well worth viewing. Scroll down to see it.

His own actions contributed to his death by passing a counterfeit bill, using drugs and resisting arrest. If he had not done any one of those three crimes, he would probably still be alive. No matter what color their skin, people have a legal obligation to cooperate with the police and not resist being arrested, unless it involves some very unusual circumstances. This arrest was justified and routine. Being high on drugs does not justify resisting arrest or any other crime.

The officers had a right to use reasonable force to arrest him. They obviously did not have a right to cause his death, but according to the coroner’s report he had serious health issues and the drugs in his system contributed to his death. These may be the dumbest most uncaring cops in the country. Chauvin may be a psychopath, who does not have any empathy for others. But they do not represent all policemen and their actions do not justify nationwide violence.

However, the policemen are not charged with a pre-meditated malicious intent to kill George Floyd. Nor has any evidence been publicized of a motivation of racial hatred. The point is that to blame all cops, burn neighborhoods, plunder stores and incite killers to murder innocent cops is worse than what these cops did to George Floyd. What the cops did may be criminal — a jury should decide that –, but the response to it has been massively more criminal.

Putting a knee on his neck is legal in Minneapolis and the coroner did not state that it was the direct cause of death. Many conservatives appear to have blindly accepted the anarcho-communist narrative in this case that the police acted in a pre-meditated and malicious way and give credence to the line that all cops and whites are collectively guilty.

The culpability of the police is that apparently they did not react to his going unconscious and giving aid to him quickly enough. George Floyd may have died due to criminal negligence. However, that does not justify demonizing these policemen, much less all police as “racists”. Of the three police holding him down, one was black, one Asian and one white.

People should let a jury decide the case rather than run amok nationwide, killing other, innocent police officers, wantonly destroying neighborhoods, businesses and the livelihoods of so many totally innocent people. The so-called “peaceful” protesters should share the blame, because the violence murder and plundering of businesses grows out of these “peaceful” protests and they do nothing to distance themselves from the violent thuggery. Black Lives Matter is a front group and a recruiting tool for the violent anarchists.

Candace Owens: “I DO NOT support George Floyd!” & Here’s Why!

I disagree with Candice Owens about it being due to black culture and unique to black people. Some radical, Hispanic groups currently also make martyrs out of criminal degenerates.

It is not about one culture. It is about certain collectivist, subversive groups — anarchists, communists and their fellow associates — trying to use the historical resentment of disadvantaged blacks to promote revolutionary change.

In a broader sense, it is about class warfare. Any resentful lower class of people can potentially be targeted, propagandized and exploited in this way, Caucasians too when the conditions are right. The Nazis and the KKK arose in that same manner. They made martyrs and heroes out of criminals, too. The resentment of the Germans and southern whites both arose out of defeat in war and subsequent oppression by the victors after the war. I am not trying to be politically correct, just trying to be factual.

The black population has been targeted in this way for political exploitation for at least 100 years. To give the devil his due, sometimes good has come out of it. We live in a dualistic society, where progress is made by contending groups and classes of people, who may demonize each other. However, the propaganda from the Left and the senseless violence is way out of bounds in this case. The wanton violence, murders of innocent police officers and destruction needs to stop.

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  1. Terri says:

    My father’s side is from Poland and THEY were the bottom of the barrel in this country at one time. My grandmother told me stories of the people spitting on them. One cultural group in one point and time, another group, it goes on and on. The Asians suffered. The blacks, The whites. I can go down the list.

  2. Ernie says:

    It isn’t racism, it’s crime statistics in the various racial cultures. Commit a crime, expect police to show up.
    Resist arrest expect police to do what they are trained to do to protect the public from crime.
    You should have stayed home with your fiancée and kids and watched tv.
    Or at least drove away before police arrived. You had plenty of time to get out of there.

    • Admin says:

      His judgment had been impaired, because he had been taking meth and fentanyl and was high as a kite, according to the 911 call, yet he was still driving. However, judges tell juries that being intoxicated is not an excuse for committing crimes. The policeman may be at fault, but if Floyd had cooperated with the police, as required by law, none of this would have happened. Those who claim to care about black lives are not recommending, though, that blacks cooperate more with police, because they are really more interested in revolutionary change than saving black lives.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Leftist and anarchists are trying to make him out to be a saint” just goes to show that you know nothing about anarchy. The foundation of anarchy is the non aggression principal. We do not believe in aggression or violent force against anyone. Anarchy is about peace and voluntary relationships. It is not about violence.

    • Admin says:

      LOL!! Right, I can see that when they and their accomplices burn down businesses, shoot innocent cops and threaten people with violence and murder. I was spit on and attacked, myself, with a cutting board a few months ago by a fervent anarchist, Mitch Verter, because I was taking video in public in Tijuana. His anarchist friend also broke my camera. Really, very tolerant and peaceful people. Hahaha. Had to spray him and his friend with anarchist repellent. Anarchists have also explicitly threatened to kill me for no good reason, except they don’t like what I post about them. Thanks for letting me know it’s really a peaceful and tolerant ideology. I would never have guessed that from my own personal experience. 🙂

    • Y'ev been telt. says:

      You state that anarchists don’t believe in aggression or force against anyone? You obviously know absolutely nothing about the history of anarchism. Nice to display your ignorance here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe you could do a search for “anarchy” and “NAP”. Then we will see who the ignorant one is.

      • Admin says:

        @Anon – Maybe you should concentrate on educating those people into your “ideology of peace” that call themselves “anarchist”, but who assault and batter me and threaten to kill me?

  4. Anonymous says:

    these protests are bullshit,the 14 mil+the 2 mil from go fund me should be returned.or used to help the business`s burned down.not on 1,000.00 nikes.he was not a saint at all nor was the brother was a drug addict,spent multiple times in jail for drugs,theft.they thought he was a saint too.guess what died with a needle in his neck,hope he burns in hell.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Calling yourself an anarchist doesn’t make you one any more than dressing up in robes makes you the Pope.

  6. stephan says:

    thank you for the useful information, I suspected such just from the video

  7. Anonymous says:

    George Floyd was nothing more than a cowardly black man who his in Martyrdom and tried to play the Martyr when confronted about ONE of the 17 crimes he committed… I hope he burns in Hell!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for my poor grammar, but that Animal pisses me off

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