The Corona Virus Hysteria Of 2020

The scare about the corona virus is a media-produced, global panic, just another good example of the propagandist, mass media misleading the public. The exponential growth of new cases of the corona virus, represented in the graphs, like the one below, may look very disturbing, but I do not think it represents how contagious the disease is. Or, better said, it does not represent how the virus is not very contagious.

Chinese doctors almost certainly did not discover the illness at the very beginning when there were only a couple of existing cases. There were probably many thousands of existing cases already among the Chinese population when they discovered it. The exponential growth, reflected in the graph below, is more probably the result of the exponentially growing awareness of the virus and the growing effort dedicated to dealing with the illness which was already to some extent, fairly widely distributed in China.

There was exponential growth in people looking for new cases of an illness that probably started some months earlier and had been spreading for some time. The number of new cases found will likely level out soon. We will all breathe a giant collective sigh of relief and the international media will declare the world and humanity saved, once again. Hallelujah!

If the mass media were competent and honest they would put a disclaimer on graphs like this, stating that the graph does not necessarily represent the true rate of spreading of the disease. However, they are neither competent nor honest and reporting the truth is often not in their financial interest.

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