GOP’s Scott Sherman for Mayor Embraces La Raza

Chicano Park is probably the most anti-American public park in America. City Councilman, Scott Sherman, is running for Mayor of San Diego. He claims to be a “Republican”, but he is an enthusiastic supporter of this radical park. Radical Chicanos claim the Southwest is their national homeland, “Aztlan”, which they are destined to control and that the Park is the first part of Aztlan to be taken. The Park murals refer to that and they also honor communist dictators and terrorists.

One example of the seditious nature of the park is presented. David Rico, one of the original founders, head of the Brown Berets and long-time steering committee member is, himself, a domestic terrorist, who was convicted in the 1970’s of a plot to firebomb San Diego City College. Sherman voted to give the Chicano Park Steering Committee millions of tax dollars to fund a new museum that will be used to promote this radical, political ideology and indoctrinate young children.

The video below shows Sherman’s gushing statement before the vote to fund the Chicano Park museum. The images that have been added to the video are photos of existing murals at Chicano Park.

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