The Real Border Fence – Where to Find the Videos?

The New Double Border Fence in San Diego

These videos show the real state of the current border fence in California and some also so far in Arizona. Progress on building a new fence is also reported. It seems the videos were just getting too popular for the censors. So, without warning, YouTube deleted my channel where I was posting about the state of the current border fence as well as progress in building the new β€œTrump Wall”. Now I post on Bitchute, a free speech alternative. Fight censorship by sharing.

NOTE: Today (11/21/2019), Bitschute has been experiencing a denial of service attack. You can go to the Facebook page linked below, if the videos aren’t loading here.

This is just a sample. To see all of videos, go to the following two playlist:

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

I have also started to post the individually on this blog, under the category “The Real Border Fence“, seen in the right margin.

You can also find these videos if you go to the Facebook page here and scroll down.


Sand Dragon – Imperial Dunes Border Fence, Ca

Rapid Construction of 31-Mile Border Fence Near Yuma, Az

Otay Mountain – Smugglers Paradise To Be Secured, Ca

Border Fence Construction Started in Tecate, Ca

Border Fence Skips Reservation On Colorado River In AZ

To help share the cost of travel and lodging expenses for production of more videos like this, please donate at this link:

Support Production of More Videos – The Real Border Fence

$20 will buy about half a tank of gas and get me nearly 200 miles further down the freeway.

Start of construction in Yuha desert

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