Email Campaign Against Drag Queen Story Hour in Chula Vista

A Drag Queen Story Hour is scheduled for the Civic Center Library on F Street in Chula Vista on on September 10th, 2019 at 4pm. Requesting email campaign against it. See contacts at end of this post. Fill up their email boxes this weekend.

Stock photo of Drag Queen Story Hour,
not actual person doing this event.

The 10News article below actually provides a phone number to RSVP for the event, 619-397-5740, which is a number for the library. When I called, they said they are already full and can take no more reservations. If anyone can identify him, I will publish the name of this Drag Queen when available. (The man in the above photo is not the person doing this event.) You can contact me with the name at the “contact” link at the top of this page.

Drag Queen Story Time moved out of Otay Ranch library

Drag Queens, by nature, take perverse pleasure from shocking average citizens. For that reason, I don’t think hysterical protests at the library is such a good idea in this case. The Drag Queen enjoys that kind of response and it actually helps them. That is most probably the main purpose of this event, to make average citizens go berserk in public and thereby get publicity, which will helps with recruitment and fundraising to make possible more such events to indoctrinate more children. The last protest caused the event to have to move to a much larger library in order to accommodate an expected much larger attendance. Don’t help the Drag Queen by participating in hysterical public protests.

Protests of these Story Hour shock events remind me of the public protests years ago of Marilyn Manson, an avowed satanic, shock-rock performer, at his concerts. Those protests did not stop Manson, it only got him much more publicity and helped him make much more money than he otherwise would have. Some of his young fans were convinced Manson was God and actually killed people, as he sometimes suggested in his performances. Perverse persons, especially shock entertainers, know how to use provocation to their advantage, which depends on average citizens reacting emotionally without thinking. Some average citizens allow themselves to be manipulated in that way.

Think before you act. I believe it would be much more effective to complain to the the politicians, who set policy for the library and to complain to the library administration. Suggest you be civil when you contact them. Threats and offensive language will only be used to discredit the opposition. It is also recommended to go to the City Council meeting on September 10 to speak during public commentary.

It is not discrimination to prohibit events that promote sexual attitudes to children at a taxpayer-funded library as long as the rule applies to everyone and not just cross dressers. Would they allow otherwise straight, older, white men to promote the idea of sex with children at the libraries? I don’t think so! Prohibit all such events that promote a sexual agenda at public libraries and I don’t believe it can legally be considered to be discrimination.

Contact the Mayor, City Council and Library below. Most important are the politicians, because they can decide. An email/phone campaign will not generate the publicity in the media that the Drag Queen craves so much. Suggest that you ask them to prohibit all events that promote a sexual agenda, not just for transvestites. Also request that they postpone this coming event to provide a cooling off period and to consider the legal consequences of holding such events and prohibiting such events. Suggest they can be voted out for allowing these events and they are risking potential lawsuits. Even if you don’t live in the area, there is no reason at all not to state your outrage to these politicians. Please help. For that reason I am distributing this email nationwide, not just in the SoCal area.

Here are the relevant contacts.

Mayor Mary Casillas Salas
(619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax

John McCann – District 1
(619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax

Jill Galvez – District 2
(619) 691-5177 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax

Stephen C. Padilla – District 3
(619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax
NOTE: Padilla is openly gay and has denounced those in opposition as white supremacists.

Mike Diaz – District 4
619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax
NOTE: Diaz is the most conservative member of the liberal council

Civic Center Library
Address: 365 F St, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Phone: (619) 691-5069

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