Patriot Fire Voters Guide for San Diego County – 2018 Primary

This year there is a concerted effort by progressive, Islamic and pro-Mexico, open border forces to takeover key political positions in San Diego County and promote Islam in the schools. Some have even purchased their endorsement from the local Republican Central Committee, who under Chair, Tony Krvaric, auctions endorsements to the highest bidder.

For this reason we felt the need to produce this voters guide for the San Diego County primary, to be held on June 5, 2018. This guide was produced from the comments of activists and concerned citizens, not by a political party or special interest group. Post comments/suggestions below or send them to

View and download the draft voters guide at this link below. Come back to this page for updates.

Click here: San Diego County Voters Guide – Draft

DO-NOT-VOTE RECOMMENDATIONS: NO ONE should vote for the following candidates:

● John Renison (R), Congress, District 51, a Mexican citizen and Mexican politico with divided loyalty and a huge conflict of interest financially. Renison stood previously for office for the Mexican Senate as member of far-left Green Party and for the Baja Assembly as a member of the Baja State Party. He has “mucho lana” (money), though, so the local Republican Party happily endorsed him.

● Omar Qudrat (R), Congress, District 52, a carpetbagger from LA and Washington DC with no significant ties to San Diego. He is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamic dinars bought Qudrat Republican endorsement, also.

● Genevieve Jones-Wright (D) for DA. George Soros is spending 100’s of thousands of dollars in ad time in an attempt to buy the election for her, as part of his nationwide campaign to buy several DA’s in major cities to serve his anti-American, political agenda.

● Ammar Campa-Najjar (D), Congress, District 50, well-funded grandson of a famous Palestinian terrorist.

● Kevin Beiser and Michael McQuary, SDUSD Board Members. The San Diego School Board approved a program for promoting Islam in the schools last year. They are now being sued over it. Kevin Beiser, Board President, was the mastermind of it, but the entire Board was complicit in this CAIR-backed scheme.


For more info regarding Omar Qudrat and John Renison, follow these links

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