Chicano Explains “La Raza” Racial Doctrine

Lucky Morales is talks about the idea of Chicano supremacy, which is promoted in the murals in Chicano Park in San Diego.

The concept was developed by a well-known, Mexican politician and philosopher, named Jose Vasconcelos. The concept is described in his book “La Raza Cosmica”. It is a racial supremacy doctrine for the mestizo race, that is, the Hispanic mixed race.

The La Raza concept is similar to Nazi racial theory, adapted to the mestizo racial environment in Latin America. Vasconcelos was actually the most important pro-Nazi propagandist in Mexico, during WWII. In this photo from that time in Life magazine you see Vasconcelos next to Hitler’s propaganda chief in Mexico, Arthur Dietrich. Vasconcelos published the pro-Nazi propaganda magazine Timon (the Rudder).

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