Meet The Fake Hate Crime “Victim” in San Diego Deplorable Case

A week before the election three San Diego men were arrested and charged with a “hate crime.” They made the mistake of getting into a minor scuffle with the son of a member of San Diego’s new Somali Muslim refugee elite. It has been reported that the son of a leader of the Somali refugee community was the “victim.”

Trump Supporters Charged With Fake Hate Crime By Somalian Refugee in San Diego

Help with their defense.

This is a video of Ahmed Sahid, the main leader of the Somali refugees receiving a reward from San Diego Civic leaders. He has a son, who is named Mustafa Sahid. Mustafa filed the hate crime charges. Ahmed Sahid is the President and CEO of Somali Family Service. His son Mustafa is the youth coordinator for the organization. The office is located only about a quarter mile east of Zappy Pizza.

According to his Facebook page, Mustafa Sahid attended Scripps Ranch high school in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in San Diego. He is currently a student at San Diego State University.

Interestingly, another Muslim student at SDSU made a fake hate crime charge at about the same time as this case, ten days apart. She said two Muslim supporters stole her car. She dropped the charges later, after the police had wasted 6 weeks investigating, saying that she had forgotten where she had parked! Is it just coincidence that two Muslim SDSU students fabricated widely publicized hate crimes around the time of the election? Or, have they been encouraged to do that. The Muslim student groups at SDSU are known for their exceptionally virulent America-haters. Anwar Al-Alwaki is an alumnus.

mustafasahid3While there is a huge low-income, housing shortage and thousands of Americans living in the streets in abject poverty and destitution, the government has brought more than 30 thousand east African refugees to San Diego and paid their housing and living expenses.

Our Marxist political elites believe in a global cosmopolitanism, a utopian idea. In order to achieve their utopian dreams they have to destroy America as a nation. Some Global businessmen, the wealthiest men in the world, also believe that it would be in their financial interest to erase our national borders.

Muslims don’t have to plant bombs these days to terrorize Americans. They can use the legal system to do it. If you offend one of them and get in a minor scuffle — no matter who starts it or whether there are any real injuries — they are likely to charge you with a felony hate crime and put you in prison for several years, while your family goes hungry. That is really the reason the Left is so eager to bring them here, because they help oppress those Americans, who still believe in the American national cause.

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