Brown Berets Declare Southwest to be “Aztlan” at Chicano Park Day, 2016

The speaker was convicted along with two other Brown Berets of distributing bombs and criminal syndicalism for crimes committed just about three months after Chicano Park was occupied. The leader of the group was convicted of soliciting murder. They were trying to start a violent, revolutionary uprising.

This informative of the real goals of the Chicano / La Raza Movement right from their own mouth. Chicano-ism, aka La Raza, is an ultra nationalist movement a kind of Mexican pinche Nazism , which claims the southwestern US as their homeland (Atzlán) to be united with Mexico. The “Brown Berets of Atzlán” is their paramilitary. The speaker, David Rico, is the national president of the Berets and one of the original radicals, who “occupied” Chicano Park in San Diego on April 22, 1970. Chicano Park was originally slated to become a California Highway Patrol Substation. Chicano Park Day is the annual celebration of the occupation. The park, subversive murals and maintenance are paid for by city, state and federal tax money.

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