The Three Legs Of Natural Born Citizenship

This was the Framers’ intention (in today’s terms) when they made natural born citizenship a requirement for the presidency. Dual citizenship did not exist when the Constitution was written. The Founders wanted the Commander-in-Chief to be 100% American with no citizenship of any other country at birth.


Even a relatively small fraction of the voters can enforce this requirement by just refusing to vote for an ineligible candidate under any circumstances. Presidential elections often turn on a few percent of the vote. Put loyalty to the Constitution above that of a self-interested political party and they will very quickly learn to stop running ineligible candidates.

Our media and political elites are trying to re-write”on-the-fly” the constitutional requirement, so that any person with at least one American-citizen parent can be born and raised anywhere in the world and still be eligible to come back and become our president. You can imagine the opportunities for fraud that would present. It is almost impossible to check a candidate’s record even when he is born in this country, much less, if he could be born in some place like China or Iran.

It is just a continuation of he ongoing efforts to blur the difference between the rights of US citizens and foreigners. A foreign country could fabricate the paper trail and make a candidate’s records impossible to trace and verify. It really means that it would make it possible for a hostile country to be able to produce a candidate, who does not have any American parents and no loyalty at all to America.

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