Contact Congress and Demand Obama’s Impeachment

usamap.newNow is a great time to contact Congress and demand the impeachment and removal of the traitor-in-chief. Interest is picking up among the public, due to the recent terrorist attacks and Obama’s plan to colonize America with Islamist refugees from Syria. Find the name and info for your congressman at the link below.

Contact Congress – Find contact info here.

The House has to start the impeachment process, so concentrate on your representative first. Phone calls are good. Letters are better. If you can organize a group to visit your congressman or his staff, that is best of all. Call their office and make an appointment.

Send us photos of your visit and we will use it to encourage others. We need to provide the public with feedback to let people know that they are not acting alone and there is a broader effort. Here are some potential talking points. Many of you will, of course, have your own.

„● Obama appears to be sympathetic to radical Islam by his actions while in office.

„● It is insane to resettle large numbers of “refugees” here from the war-zone, who will have a high percentage of those who sympathize with ISIS terrorists.

„● The House Armed services Committee is reportedly about to release a report that states Obama broke federal law prohibiting dealings with terrorist groups in the exchange of Bergdahl, a deserter, for five top Taliban terrorist chiefs.

„● Obama’s actions (or lack of action gave rise to ISIS). Many think that was his intention in coordination with Islamist-supporting states such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

„● Question the motivations of Congress for going along with Obama’s treasonous actions. Is the Republican leadership being paid off? Why do they no longer act in our interest and protect Americans? They need to know that the public is losing all confidence in them.

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4 Responses to Contact Congress and Demand Obama’s Impeachment

  1. LITA Z. BIEJO says:


  2. Raymond Comer says:

    It about time

  3. Chiaki Momoi says:

    Please get this cancerous man out of office and out of this country!

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