Why People Fear Protesting For Obama’s Impeachment/Removal

Obama dictates.

Obama dictates.

Humans have been living with megalomaniac tyrants for hundreds and thousands of generations. When an extreme case appears on the scene who has many fanatical followers hell-bent on world transformation, there is is a natural survival instinct that causes opponents to keep their collective heads down and not directly challenge the messianic leader. At least in the beginning, you will find very few people, who are willing to take a public stand against the tyrant.

In the last 100-150 years the mass psychology involved has become very well understood and propagandists — now called public relations experts — have learned how to manipulate the public by means of the media. Obama has many supporters in the entertainment industry, who understood very well how to make him a celebrity, loved and even, in effect, worshiped by millions.

Just as Obama’s advertising people understood how to instill an irrational love of Obama in his followers, they understood how to promote in subtle ways an irrational fear in his opponents. Those who might protest for Obama’s removal fear social consequences, employment problems, verbal abuse and even that thugs may show up to batter them physically. No one likes to admit that they are fearful and many give other reasons for their non-involvement, too busy, what’s the use, I don’t care, etc.

When it becomes obvious, though, that the tyrant is failing and vulnerable, the tide of public opinion can turn massively against him, from awe to ire, and he can be brought down rather suddenly. Obama is starting to obviously fail and even many Democrats have turned on him.

This same story has happened repeatedly in history. Megalomaniacs normally fail miserably. Rudyard Kipling wrote a story, the Man Who Would be King, about two British soldiers, who traveled to Afghanistan in the 1800’s. The then isolated villagers mistook one of them (Sean Connery) for the return of Alexander the Great and began to worship him as a god, as they had Alexander. When it became obvious that he is just an ordinary human, the entire population turned on him and quickly dispatched him. This is the final scene, when the villagers find out the King is not omnipotent.

I like to think that something similar is in store for our false Messiah, Obama, and those Quislings in both parties, who are supporting his anti-American agenda. A few brave people are needed to start the process of Obama’s collapse.

The goal of the “Impeach Obama NOW” group is to break through this irrational fear that has been instilled in us by design and help mobilize public opinion against Obama and his cohorts in a massive way. This has to be done in public in sight of everyone and in a non-partisan way.

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3 Responses to Why People Fear Protesting For Obama’s Impeachment/Removal

  1. rhodag4 says:

    This article is definitively revealing. The focus needs to be on what is ‘real’ in reference to Obama – he is only a man with inner worries and insecurities, which he will not show and or admit. These traits and characteristics will become quite revealing and will affect Americans with how they looked away from the truth and in fact, how Obama has affected their children and the educational system. When we allow ‘fear’ to affect us, we pave the way to indifference and silence in society. Rhoda Gelman

  2. rhodag4 says:

    Writing and Expressing ourselves is aligned with our ‘own inner vessel.’ We must nurture this vessel and expose what is ‘not true – lies and evil.’ Rhoda Gelman

  3. Tiani says:

    So true. We have become mice, quiet and unnoticed while he enforces his anti-American agenda. We sit back, brush it off, and believe we have no say in the way America is run. Without us, there would be no Obama. We have the ability to make or break him. So instead of looking at him as an untouchable, unstoppable king, let’s look at him as an anti-American lunatic who obviously wants to see America fail. Let’s stand up.!!!!

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