Protest Gutierrez/Bush/Huckabee at Pro-Amnesty Conference in Houston

Radical Congressman Luis Gutierrez promoting immigration anarchy

Radical Congressman Luis Gutierrez
Promoting immigration anarchy

Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee will be supporting radical, anti-American congressman, Luis Gutierrez, at a pro-amnesty, pro-La Raza conference in Houston to promote immigration lawlessness. This is a call for patriot groups and individuals in the area to rise up and protest this gaggle of corrupt, lawless politicians at the site of the conference on opening morning.

Gutierrez is a communist, a terrorist sympathizer and Obama’s biggest promoter of dictated amnesty. He calls himself the representative in Congress for all illegal aliens, everywhere. Yet, these two Republicans appear with him to help him promote his malicious agenda for Obama’s illegal amnesty and the communist-inspired destruction of American sovereignty.

Of course, Jeb Bush is also known as an ardent supporter of mass Amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, calling the breaking of immigration law an “act of love.” Bush is married to a Mexican woman, but we will not go into the Freudian implications of his statement.

Jeb Bush, Luis Gutierrez to Keynote Pro-Amnesty Group’s Convention – Breitbart

Luis Gutierrez – Discover the Networks

Mike Huckabee to join Jeb Bush & Luis Gutierrez as Headliners at Convention

Comrade Luis Gutierrez endorses Jeb Bush for President

Samuel Rodriguez, a pentecostal preacher and the chairman of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership conference is a fanatical supporter of amnesty, going on a 40-day fast for amnesty in 2013. He also works closely with the National Council of La Raza. Rodriguez is a charismatic, messianic figure, who preaches in a very bombastic way a doctrine similar to liberation theology.

Evangelical pastor continues 40-day immigration fast as House set to leave

Useful idiot or one-world traitor?

Jeb Bush
Useful idiot or one-world traitor?

F.A. Hayek, in his book, “The Road to Serfdom,” wrote that the Nazi regime was a “moral” regime. That is, not because it was a morally good government, but because they used so-called moral arguments as an excuse to not follow the law and trash their constitution. After the Rule of Law has been destroyed, a dictator has free rein to substitute his own “moral” judgment in place of the law. All dictators claim their lawless actions are a moral necessity.

Mike Huckabee Preaching immigration lawlessness

Mike Huckabee
Preaching immigration lawlessness?

That is exactly what this unholy threesome of corrupt and anti-American politicians are promoting at this pro-amnesty conference. Do not be fooled when they use a false morality under the guise of religion to promote a subversive political agenda against the Constitution, Rule of Law and American national sovereignty. Use of such false “moral” arguments to promote a darker agenda is a long-time, standard tactic of subversives. Saul Alinsky taught radicals to use their opponents’ own values against them, but he did not invent the idea. This subversive tactic has been used for centuries by those, who want to use religion to gain personal power. It is not Christianity, but rather the opposite under the guise of Christianity.

Where:      Crown Plaza Houston
            8686 Kirby Drive 
            Houston, Tx 77054            
Time:       8:00 am  (Tentative)          
            Keep checking this page for updates.            
Date:       Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Parking:    In nearby streets

Take photos and video. Let this blogger know via the contact tab above, if you have photos or video to share.

The information above is provided by a remotely-located blogger with no guarantees of how the protest will turn out. It is a call to patriots in the area for a protest. If you are on the ground in Houston and would like to help coordinate, please contact me.

That the moral judgement of a few, power-mad politicians overrules the law is a standard talking point for those, who favor immigration lawlessness. At a town-hall in 2013, John McCain declared that enforcement of the immigration law is immoral. Many leading Republicans support immigration lawlessness, whether they will all admit it openly or not.

John McCain: Enforcing Immigration Law is Immoral

The immigration law is not broken, just not enforced by greedy, self-interested politicians. That started long before Obama was in office, though Obama has taken the lawlessness to new, much greater heights. Crooked, subversive, radical politicians of both major parties are the problem, not the immigration law. The current immigration law was written back in the days when many politicians still felt some duty to protect and serve the citizens of the US, not go against our national interests.

Report on an Earlier Protest of Luis Gutierrez

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  1. Admin says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Obama Now!!.

  2. noreen says:

    I cannot abide Bush or Huckabee anyway so the RINOs will have to be stopped.

  3. Janis Fedor says:

    There goes my vote for Huckabee! Up until this moment he made sense but no longer.

  4. Ameriborn News says:

    This is why you can’t not get your news from none registered businesses.. Blogs that are registered businesses and have professional reporters will tell you, that Gov. Huckabee is attending this event, but not in support of Amnesty, but rather to lend why it needs to be done legally and fairly. Gov. Huckabee does not support amnesty in any form and is maybe the strongest other than Dennis Lynch against illegal intrusion and mass immigration.

    • Admin says:

      Sure, we should only get our news and opinions from official, government-regulated and approved sources. They only have our best interest at heart, don’t they? It’s not a problem that Huckabee appears at a conference promoting immigration lawlessness with an America-hating communist and terrorist sympathizer, like Gutierrez. Don’t believe your eyes and ears, folks, only believe the official propaganda. You will be safe and well treated on this cattle car bound for the reeducation camps and you will learn there to love your oppression. [/sarcasm]

  5. ML says:

    No Bush, no Huckster, no Clinton. All over the hill and yesterday’s news. Go. Away.

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