Impeach Obama NOW Protest in Columbia, South Carolina

Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho

Dictator Obama will visit Columbia, South Carolina on Friday to address his followers at Benedict College.

This protest is part of a nationwide campaign. Please click here for more info.

Local patriot groups and even individuals are requested to join this protest. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest. The turnout is expected to be pretty good in this conservative state.

If you don’t have time to make a sign, bring a US or Gadsden flag or just bring yourself/friends and stand with us. An organizer is expected to be on site. However, if you are the first one there get out and and show some sign of a protest starting. Some are shy and won’t stop unless they see someone on site already waving a flag or a sign.

President Obama coming to Columbia – The State

Keep checking this webpage for updates. Details are tentative.

Where:      Columbia Metropolitan Airport
            2306 Airport Blvd map
            Cayce, South Carolina (near West Columbia)
Time:       9:00 am 
            The talk is expected in the mid-morning to
            early-afternoon. Be there early 
            due to street closings, parking 
            and other logistical issues.  
            Keep checking this page for updates.            
Date:       Friday, March 6, 2015
Parking:    In nearby side street

Be there plenty early. Take photos and video for posting. Give ’em hell, South Carolinians!

This is reportedly Obama’s schedule, but don’t take it too seriously. He has been known to be a couple hours early or late. You should still try to be at the protest site very early.

10:15 am || Departs White House
11:50 am || Arrives Columbia, South Carolina
2:15 pm || Participates in a town hall event; Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina
4:00 pm || Departs Columbia, South Carolina
5:30 pm || Arrives White House

If you don’t have a sign, bring a flag to wave, a noisemaker, a bullhorn, or just bring your lungs and stand with the other protesters. Every single person counts.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy. Consider making more than one sign to share with any of your other co-patriots, who may come without one.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

Take photos and video. Let me know via the contact tab above, if you have an image or video to share.

Recent protest of Obama’s visit to Palm Springs, Ca.

Impeach Obama NOW protest in La Jolla, Ca in May, 2014.

This was a visit to SC during the 2008 campaign. What Oprah is doing here is just mass brainwashing technique, alluding to Obama as a messianic figure.

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10 Responses to Impeach Obama NOW Protest in Columbia, South Carolina

  1. Lori Severo says:

    Get Obama out of office before he does more damage than he already has to the United States. We do not live need somebody like that in office. We need somebody this going to do something for the United States. All he wants is to help the rich people. He doesn’t think about the poor people but he is not done anything for anybody except bankrupt the United States. Get his ass out of there, now!

  2. Lee says:

    I hear you, Lori, and we all need to have our voices heard. We need many voices to make our point. So please join us out there and bring some friends.

  3. Tracy Lawrence says:

    There are 3 of us driving around near the airport and don’t see anyone.

    • Admin says:

      Get out and start the protest. Others are doing the same as you, driving around and not stopping, because they are too shy. I am not expecting a huge crowd, but there are people on their way. Lee is driving in from North Carolina, who is acting as the organizer. He may be late, because it is a two-hour plus drive from where he is in North Carolina.

  4. Tracy Lawrence says:

    Why are we here 2 hrs early? It would have made more sense to be waiting at the college.

    • Admin says:

      No, you would not want to be at the college. It’s an inner city neighborhood down there. You would be much outnumbered by his followers. Just be patient and get out where others will see you are a protester.

      They will not tell you exactly when he will come and you should be there early to build a crowd, to avoid street closures and to be sure not to miss the motorcade.

  5. Cathi Theodore says:

    I drove almost two hours to get here. Where is the protest?

  6. Cathi Theodore says:

    Who is the organizer from NC? Can I get his contact info?

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