House Of The People Or House Of Political Whores?

boehner3The House of Representatives is the greatest democratic institution in America. It was designed by the Founders to be most representative of The People and to protect their interests. Recently, we discovered that the election of the Speaker of the House was not at all democratic and resembles more the election of the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet than what we would expect for the greatest representative democracy in the world. If the election of the Speaker has no integrity, how can we believe than any vote in the House has any integrity?

The People’s Representatives can not vote for the Speaker of their choice, due to fear of political retribution. It has been that way since at least World War II, no matter which Party is in power. If the Speaker is not elected by the People’s Representatives, who selects the Speaker, you might ask? Well, it has to be the financial interests that back both of these Parties. These financial interests are global and are not particularly interested in the national sovereignty or well-being of the United States of America.

It is the same global, plutocratic elite that selected Obama to be President. This is why Boehner does not confront him, because they have much the same financial backers. The leadership of neither party feels that they owe much allegiance to the voters or the American People.

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