Germans Rising Up Against Political Correctness

Mass demonstration against immigration
in Dresden. Germany

These peaceful demonstrations are shocking the politically-correct elites in Germany. They are occurring in Dresden in the formerly communist eastern part of the country. In spite of their peacefulness and repudiation of any Nazi influence, they are being branded “racist” and “Nazi” in a desperate attempt to marginalize and put a stop to the protests. The movement is called PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans against the islamization of the West.

Many conservative American sheep bleat from the comfort of their soft couches that protests do not have any impact. However, the former East Germans remember that East Germany was liberated from communist dictatorship in 1989-1992 by just such large, peaceful demonstrations when masses of peaceful protesters armed with the truth stood against the military dictatorship. This is scaring the hell out of the current German political elites that the same weapon — mass demonstration of the will of the People — is now being turned on them.

17,500 Germans Gather to Sing Christmas Carols Against Islamisation

The same internationalist forces of cultural Marxism and corporatism that are driving the destruction of the German national identity are driving the destruction of the American national identity. The East Germans were liberated from communism by such mass protests, when they had no representation at all in the East-German dictatorship. The protests in the former Soviet-dominated East Germany revealed the utter lack of support among the People. Even dictatorships cannot survive without some minimal support among brainwashed masses and neither can our corrupt, bipartisan dictatorship in America.

We are finding out the Democrats and the Republicans are basically on the same team being led by the subversive, Obama, down the road to the destruction of America as a nation. Here, also, one of the principal tools for bringing America down is unrestrained immigration. Neither party is representing the will of the American people. Mass protests like these occurring in Dresden can also work here. They put the lie to the propaganda fairy tale that the media and the politicians are trying to spin and impose on the public as the artificial “truth.”

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