Why Impeach-Obama Protests Are Important

The purpose of protest is not necessarily to convince others, as many may think. Very few have an epiphany at a protest and completely change their political views. The main purpose of protests is to demonstrate your passion for the cause to the public and to rally other, already like-minded persons to engage in your cause.

Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston

Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston

Conservatives by nature are not very enthusiastic about public protest. Often they say that the Founders did not protest, why should I? However, the American colonialists did engage in very strong public protest for years and at great risk to themselves. Many of them would have been hanged, if caught, contrary to today when there is very little, if any, physical risk to to protesters.

King George was often burned in effigy in the Colonies as a protest. What was the Boston Tea Party, if not a protest? The Colonialists also boycotted British goods in protest of the Stamp Act and engaged in street theater mocking the King as protest. (We should likewise today be boycotting businesses that employ illegal aliens.) The “Sons of Liberty” started as a protest group. The Boston Massacre began as an impromptu public demonstration against the British occupation that turned violent.

The American Revolution: Causes of Conflict

The burning of King George (reenactment)

The colonialists often burned King George in effigy.

Colonialists burned King George in effigy

Protest is a means of bypassing the public media. The King’s henchmen controlled the press during colonial times, also. The purpose of protest is to demonstrate the strength of support from your cause. Due to the reluctance of conservatives to protest as well as poor organization, we are too often demonstrating the weakness of the support for our Cause. Weak protests allows the media to define “reality” to the public, according to their biased narrative.

Some say that protest is useless that the Founders did not protest, but just spontaneously one day decided to start shooting. Not only is that very ignorant of American history, but it is total bluster. Since they know shooting is not going to start, it absolves the one suggesting this of doing anything at all, except sinking back more deeply into his soft couch.

The Colonialists did not just “stick to issues,” as much of the current, Tea Party movement does. They very often went directly after King George. The Tea Party movement has become compliant, submissive and wishy-washy, more interested in fundraising and organization survival than anything else.

King George and his base of power were not within the grasp of the Colonialists, or he would have certainly responded better. For that reason a violent revolution was necessary. Our current, would-be, criminal rulers have to live among us. That gives us a lot more influence over them, if we choose to exercise it. They could end up in jail, or worse, for their treason, if there is a massive shift of public opinion against them, and they well know that.

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