Bundy Ranch: Fed Retreat was Psyop Next Wave Soon

It is a mass, peaceful protest movement that is needed to demand Obama’s impeachment and removal, not the militia movement. A militia movement can just be spun as a Nazi/Klan infiltrated movement by the Obama regime to justify a crackdown. In truth, there is Nazi/KKK influence in the militia movement. Having the militia openly involved just invites disaster. A militia should not be identifying itself to the world and opening itself up to surveillance in any case and for what? To keep a few cows from being rounded up?

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1 Response to Bundy Ranch: Fed Retreat was Psyop Next Wave Soon

  1. John Kloch says:

    American people enjoy the freedom and sure as hell will not drop it at all if it take that we have to kill the democratic party so be it with Obama the none American Barry Soetoro I guess he did not like his name so he change it to this American rebel Obama which hates America and wants to turn it into a Muslin country with the help of the democratic party called today the Assess of Obama. Now tell me would you vote for Politicians like the democrats that have turned into a Muslim party or for those that are voting for an American party and they sure are not Democrats who his the ass of an ass party that looks like a donkey. Are we Americans ? we can stand up for the American way of life or do you want to kiss the ass of an American leader that is a muslim out to kill your constitution and your rights given to us Americans. If so vote for this prick. I am for Impeaching them all who back Obama.I do not know what the hell is Washington waiting for IMPEACH this None AMERICANASS.

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