A Volunteer, Impeach-Obama Movement is Urgently Needed

Early Tea Party protests were often anti-Obama

Early Tea Party protests were often anti-Obama

The Tea Party started out as a real grassroots protest movement with a large anti-Obama contingent, even though it was triggered to a large extent by the conservative broadcast media. Early polls indicated that a large majority of Tea Partiers wanted to see Obama impeached and removed from office. If he is a subversive, fraud, criminal and traitor, as many people believe, it is important to expose him, before he leaves office. Future criminals are deterred by exposing and punishing criminals, not just passively waiting for them to go away and hoping for the best.

The Tea Party has been given much of the credit for the Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 elections. However, since that time, the Tea Party has been dominated by non-profit 501(c)(4) groups and their accountants and attorneys. With a few exceptions, it is really no longer a grassroots, protest movement. The exceptions to this rule are independent Tea Party groups, who have not become affiliated with any non-profit organization.

An impeach-Obama grassroots movement composed of many locally-led, independent groups would be very difficult to control or buy out. This writer submits that the shift of power in the House was caused more by the aggressive protests of the unorganized early Tea Party protest movement and not by the current conformist bureaucratic national Tea Party umbrella organizations.

Non-profits often do many useful things, but their engagement in politics is very much limited by law and IRS regulations. The IRS does not just collect taxes, but is a powerful agent of governmental social engineering and control. Such non-profit patriot organizations voluntarily surrender much of their collective 1st Amendment rights for tax benefits and to be able to receive unlimited contributions from anonymous donors. For this reason, you really cannot be certain, who is ultimately controlling them. Such organizations cannot effectively organize or support such protest movements as an impeach-Obama campaign.

A potent impeach Obama campaign must be carried out by a real grassroots protest movement and organized by independent local organizers, who largely agree on the goal of exposing, impeaching, convicting and punishing Obama and his cohorts, including some Republicans. It should be leaderless in the sense that no one national leader or organization controls it, though there may be multiple national leaders who provide motivation and support. The Congress will not remove Obama without an overwhelming public display of support for removing Obama from office. The goal of the movement should not be just to become another non-profit organization, raise funds and provide paid employment for the organizers, but must focus over the longer term on removing the Great Usurper from office. If a group cannot demand impeachment and removal that is a clear sign that that group has been hobbled in some way.

An aggressive, enthusiastic sustained protest movement would scare the living hell out of the politicians, because they cannot control it and cannot be sure how far it will go, maybe even going so far as driving them all out of office. That the politicians lack a fear of the citizenry is exactly the core of our problem today. If a good part of the American people become outspoken and united, no mere handful of senators will stand in their way.

Volunteerism and independent action by small, loosely-coordinated local groups is one of the most important aspects of the way America was funded and developed. If we are going to overcome the current grave threat to the constitutional Republic, it has to be revived again. Real patriots have always acted together as volunteers and given freely their own time, effort and wealth for the greater good. Many of the Founders spent much of their own fortunes for the cause.

With a little effort from many citizens across the country, Obama can be fundamentally transformed from a serious threat for the rule of law to the trigger of a great revival of Americanism and the constitutional Republic. Now is the time to act.

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